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 Scattering the Shards - the story so far

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Scattering the Shards - the story so far Empty
PostSubject: Scattering the Shards - the story so far   Scattering the Shards - the story so far Icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2009 2:22 pm

Rorie and Rayann, twin mages, set out on an adventure to seek out a dark force growing in Krynn and somehow put an end to it. While they don’t know what this force is, they both had ominous visions and dreams warning them of its growing strength. These warnings became even more ominous when they met up with a knight, Pax Van Eyre, who spoke of “the one with different colored eyes”. Pax, thinking it was he for a long time, was certain he was cursed to a life of hard drinking and even harder self pity until he cast his multicolored gaze on Rayann’s lavender eyes.

Seeing the twin mages and Rayann’s strangely colored eyes, he felt compelled to relay the story that set things in motion for the twins.

”My story begins the day I was born, as you've already seen, I've got quite the unique set of eyes. Unless Astinus is keeping secrets at the Palanthas Library, no one in recorded history has ever been born with eyes like mine. And there's only one reference to them anywhere in the pages of time. A long lost Solamnic prophesy, now more myth than anything, originally predicted that Tahkisis would make an attempt to conquer Ansalon, and shortly thereafter, all of Krynn. And to aid her in this endeavor, she would search out and find her emissary, the one with different colored eyes".

"The original meaning of that prophesy has been lost over time, but the Solamnics, with their stiff-minded ideals and codes, have adopted their own understanding of the prophesy, namely that anyone with two different colored eyes would be Tahkisis' emissary, bent on aiding the Dark Queen in conquering once again."

"I come from a family whose membership and participation within the Knights of Solamnia dates back almost to the Order's beginnings. My family has always had a presence in the Order, with the eldest son of each generation joining, and eventually attaining high status and rank. My own father, until recently, was Lord of the Rose, Commander of the Rose Brigade, a position he earned and held for over 15 years. Then I was born, his first-born son, destined to follow in my ancestors' footsteps. But my father also knew the now mythified prophesy regarding my unique eyes. Torn between his devotion and love for his family's honor, and torn between his duty as a Knight, my father made a fateful decision. He sought out a Red Robed mage who specialized in Illusion, and paid him a hefty sum to cast an enchantment on me, so that whomever I would encounter would see me as a man with 2 brown eyes. Under this guise, I became a Squire of the Crown, where I excelled in any and all training and tasks beset me."

"Then came that fateful day five months ago. I was about to partake in my Knighting Ceremony, and be granted the tile of Knight of the Crown, when the crazed illusionist suddenly appeared. Cackling hysterically, the mage lifted the enchantment in front of the entire assemblage of knights and squires. Those stiff-necked Solamnics! You can only guess what their reaction was. I was immediately outcast and shunned, with the exception of my 'nannies', no one in the Order will even glance at me on the street anymore. Yes, when I say 'nannies', I mean they've assigned a constant guard on me, I cannot go anywhere without their watchful eyes over me. With the exception of this fine place, where no self-respecting Knight would ever enter."

"And my poor father! Had it not been for his reputation, his proven loyalty to the Order, he would have been ostracized as well. Instead, he was stripped of his rank, demoted to Knight of the Crown once again, and assigned to an administrative job here in the city, in order to 'hide his shame from the Order'. He was crushed, but like any faithful Knight, he took his punishment quietly, not wishing to bring any further shame upon his family."

"Four months ago, after one failed attempt after another to re-establish myself with the Order, I let myself slip into this drunken condition, pouring my troubles away with every drink I took. Just last week, it dawned on me that I was doing, and I've been struggling since to climb back out of that abyss. It hasn't been easy, trust me. And then, today, who should walk into this tavern, but this lovely young woman. As soon as I saw her I knew that the gods had something in mind for me, if not all of us here at this table, so I had to come over and tell my story. I have to somehow find the lost Solamnic prophesies, so that they can be understood properly in their original context, and try to resolve this issue that has devastated me and my family."

The twins agreed to partake in trying to help Pax. Joining them was a woodsman named Smythe, a gnome named Spanner and a Kendermaid named Raspberry Fiddlebow. The group of adventurers set out on the path of good intentions but when they entered the haunted forest of Witch Wood, things changed drastically and terribly for the group.

The spirits of the woods was evil and after throwing several traps and attacks at the trespassers within its dark trees, the group began to find out how vulnerable they really were. During one of these trials they came across a rather large, red haired elf defending himself against three soldiers of the Dark Queen. Over and over he defended himself against them but it was clear to Rayann his energy was spent and if she didn’t intervene on his behalf, he would surely fall to them.

Casting a protection spell around the Elf and banishing the soldiers to a distant place, Rayann saved the warrior. After talking with it over with Rorie, the twins agreed to let the strange Elf, Myth as they discovered his name to be, travel with them until they reached the next town. Unfortunately, they faced off against a rather nasty group of goblins that gave the group a run for their money.

The only way the twins could see to defeat the goblins was to bring a swatch of light to that area of the woods. In a powerful spell conjured by Rorie and aided by Rayann, the canopy of trees was dispatched and the goblins forced back into the darkness they emerged from. Unfortunately, Rorie and the others suffered significant injuries. The only ones that didn’t suffer too badly were Rayann and the strange warrior Elf, Myth.

With the blessing of the Gods, Rayann and Myth were able to get everyone to the next small village and seek aid for them. All of them would need time to heal, but Rorie’s wounds would take the most time to heal. Rayann knew they couldn’t wait if they were to stop this darkness from taking over Krynn entirely.

After talking with Myth, Rayann made the most painful decision she had ever made in her adult life. She left Rorie, her beloved twin, behind to continue the journey to try and save Krynn from utter despair. Leaving her White Robe draped over Rorie’s unconscious body as he laid resting and healing, she set out with Myth, alone.

Wearing a gray traveling cloak to disguise her identity on sight, she walks with Myth on the less traveled paths, making sure they have little to no contact with any other travelers. What will happen to Rayann without her twin to aid her? And is Myth really looking out for the lavender eyed mages’ best interest or does he have his own agenda?
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Scattering the Shards - the story so far
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