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PostSubject: THE STORY BOARD   Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:44 pm

Chapter 8 - Texas

(extraneous details have been left out)

From the perspective of the characters, Tim and Yelena have come to Texas in search of solitude and were close to finding in Arnett, Texas when their past caught up with them in the form of Wraith.

Wraith has come to Texas in search of Doctor Ephriam Jacobson, the creator of the serum that is being administered to the citizens of Chicago to combat the 'plague' which has been generated by UMBRA. He is unable to make heads or tails of the serum and is hoping that Jacobson will have some answers.

Fearing that Jacobson is being watched, Devon seeks out Tim for back up and while in Arnett he runs in Morgan who is also searching for the elusive, Cowboy. An altercation at the local pit stop with some bikers starts a chain reaction of events and they end up at Tim's line shack looking for payback.

One of the reasons they also went in search of Cowboy is that they believed he had something to do with their missing shipment of drugs which was earlier stopped by Wraith and Henry Timble; Agent Mitchell came later, after Wraith's departure, and together he and Timble took care of the drug runners. (Timble hid the blue pick up truck carrying the drugs).

The drugs belong to Harley DeCamp who was actually taking them into Lubbock to trade with some undercover RAID agents who are providing the cocaine to Doctor Jacobson. It has not yet been revealed, but the cocaine is used to feed his mutant mushrooms which are a prime ingredient in the production of the serum.

It is now coming into light, that the serum is most likely being manufactured at the Eden Foundation outside of Lake Placid — an independent corporation and front for the Eastern RAID detention centre beneath it.


The Vengeance of Harley DeCamp: His little brother was killed by Morgan during the scuffle in Jack Rabbit Restaurant and he is targeting Cowboy as the cause.

The Jacobson Code:
Trying to figure out how to remedy the 'serums' addictive effects before it enslaves the population of Chicago.

Is there a relationship between UMBRA and RAID? In truth they are working together to perpetuate society's need for RAID and in turn give Apex Fusion the power he desires. But try and prove it.

The Hunt for Chameleon:
A Russian agent is in pursuit of Yelena. He seems to have the same ability.

Henkel's Quest:
The FBI agent along with his partner, Jameson, are closer than they have ever been to capturing the infamous Cowboy, Chameleon and Wraith, and he wants ALL the glory... RAID can kiss his ass.
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