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PostSubject: STORY SYNOPSIS   Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:27 am

Please find summaries of past chapters here. As posts build up please take it upon yourself (once enough information has built up) to write a brief sketch and add it to the summary. Please post your intention in the OOC topic before posting just to give other writers a heads up in case someone has a summary on the go.

When you post your summaries please title them with the Chapter and the pages that they encapsulate. You may even want to make references to specific posts that are critical turning points in the story for new participants.

Thank you.

Summary of Chapter 1

The ‘heroes’ left New York city and found refuge in a safe house in Troy. Zoe, or KillSwitch, as she was known, along with her boyfriend, Cassius, guided the meta’s to a house in the country so they could regroup and lick their wounds. While there, Zoe was able to get some vital information about Roberto DiVine for the others. Discovering he was being held at Our Lady of Mercy hospital in New York on the burn unit word, the heroes decided to try and rescue their fallen comrade.

Obtaining a couple of other met-human’s along the way, they devised a plan with Killswitch’s help. Of course this meant returning to New York City and possibly being spotted and detained. Of course this didn’t deter the determined group from trying to do what they thought was best for Robert.

As they were making preparations for Roberts rescue they intercepted a transmission that let them know Robert was going to be moved to a maximum security detention center for meta-humans. Upon hearing this, the group decided to attempt the rescue, even though they knew it was risky.

When they arrived in New York, Tim and Takashi waited in the armored vehicle while Yelena, disguised as an intern for the burn unit went into the hospital with Cassius pretending to be a burn victim. It was while Yelena and Cassius were in the burn unit, getting ready to make a play for Robert that Robert suffered a heart attack. Or so they thought. In reality, it was a ploy by R.A.I.D. to draw the meta’s out of hiding and capture them while they transported Robert to the maximum security facility. Yelena caught on to what was happening when she saw a weapon sticking out of a ‘nurses’ uniform. Realizing they had walked into a hornets nest, she called for an abort of the mission. While trying to think f a way out of the mess they were in, Yelena and Cassius met Toril Njordhagen, known as Wraith, another meta.

With Toril’s help, Yelena and Cassius barely escaped by the skin of their teeth. When they met up with the ambulance they were going to use to transport Robert to the safe house with, Yelena discovered Shawn badly wounded and in the back of the rig but Fay, also known as Seige, had been captured. With Takashi behind the wheel now, they quickly left Our Lady of Mercy hospital with Toril with them.

As the ambulance carrying Yelena, Cassius, Shawn and Toril quicly left the area and started making is way out of the city, Toril told Yelena and Cassius about himself and his connection to Beacon. Yelena was able to put the pieces of a widely scattered puzzle together enough o realize Toril was sent to intercept the group on behalf of Beacon to get to Killswitch. Unbeknownst to Toril.

When the group pulled off the road to get a new game plan, Yelena and Cassius decided to go to a different place to protect Zoe. Takashi decided to go his own way, convinced his meta ability was more of a liability than an asset. Now, as Cassius, Shawn, Toril and Yelena head to Lake Canadaigua and an old lake house Cassius’ uncle owns, Beacon is tracking their every move from a covert helicopter thanks to a location transmitter located in Toril’s hand that was implanted without his knowledge.

In the meantime, Tim was able to draw attention away from the ambulance, but at the cost of destroying his own vehicle. All of his communication to Killswitch has been severed and he’s roaming the streets of New York unaware his friends have gone to another location. And his friends think the worst since his vehicle was destroyed and all communication was lost. Even as they hope for the best, they are certain he has fallen victim to R.A.I.D. as well.

What will become of Robert and Fay now that they have been secured at the Eastern R.A.I.D. Detention Center? Will Beacon get a hold of Zoe? Or will the others be able to protect her from Beacon’s clutches? Or will the hero’s be able to band together once more and make things right?

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PostSubject: Re: STORY SYNOPSIS   Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:28 am

Summary of Chapter 2 - Divided We Fall

Fleeing from New York, Toril, Cassius, Yelena and Shawn headed back to the safe house in their phony ambulance but little did they realize that Colonel Vacily Petrovsky, utilizing his military resources pursued them from afar. They followed a minute tracking device embedded under Toril's skin in the hopes that Vacily would be able to capture Killswitch whose mutant ability, cyberkinises was vital to his plans to destroy all meta-human records across the world.

Under the advisement of Killswitch, Cassius decided not to return to the safe-house and instead headed up to a remote family cabin. There they could rest and Shawn, who was still unconscious from his confrontation with R.A.I.D. enforcers could recuperate from his injuries. In the middle of the night, just when all had fallen asleep the marines struck and after a brief struggle the heroes succumbed to the well trained soldiers (and a little help from Surge, utilizing his electrical powers to once and for all render Wraith unconscious).

Back in New York City, still being pursued by the FBI agents, Henkel and Jameson, Tim Rutherford made his way to the 'Monte Moving and Storage Company' where he collected a black 1967 Ford Mustang GT that had been kept in storage for several years. Once again the lone wolf was behind the wheel of another muscle car, but this time it seemed that he was destined to have a passenger to share his adventures. A young woman, named Morgan Shepherd, bent on protecting a local dog from being struck by Tim would become entwined in his life and bring along her own pursuer.

Tim learns quicky that Morgan is a meta-human and immediately feels a connection with her. It has been five long years since the murder of his wife and child and for the first time since feels something when he is with the beautiful young lady. He also finds out she possesses the power to manipulate and utilize animals through a form of animal telepathy. An ability he will discover caused the death of a family member and brought upon her the scorn of a vengeful father.

While Tim and Morgan continued to evade the NYPD and the FBI, the rest of the group were imprisoned in an unused section of Marine Corps Base Oneida, a virtually unknown military installation controlled by Colonel Petrovsky. It was there that Yelena learned that the one responsible for their capture was also a man from her past whom she had known as Aleksandr Ruskov. Vacily will recall his masquerade fondly, while Yelena will only possess memories of pain and torture and yet he will offer her a chance to prove herself to Beacon and earn a place at his side. After Yelena learns that Zoe's life will be sacrificed in order to carry out his plans she will betray him and assume Killswitch's identity in order to protect her. Her ruse, however, is quickly discovered and she and Toril end up in a cell with Cassius who is being kept as leverage against Zoe.

A villain, known as Grey Pyre joins the hunt for the infamous Wrangler, the name that the police and FBI are using to describe Tim Rutherford. His boss for reasons yet unknown wants, Wrangler and has hired Grey, a highly dextrous meta-human, hit-man with tourette's syndrome and an uncanny ability to make devices go awry, to get him. Tim is now being pursued not only by the law but by a relentless meta-human. As they make their way further north and Tim and Morgan's fondness for one another grows stronger he learns that they have another man tracking them. Frank Shepherd, Morgan's father joins the chase, driven by vengeance and his intense hatred of meta-humans. At the same time as well, Tim and Morgan also meet up with another meta-human who is a living shadow, named Sean Miller and known as the Shadow. With his aid, Frank Shepherd's relentless pursuit is put on hold and it also inadvertently leads to his capture by the FBI when he catches up with Morgan once more in Troy.

As we now enter chapter three...

Frank Shepherd has been imprisoned in Troy, New York and is awaiting his psychiatric evaluation. He is biding his time until he sees an opportunity to escape and continue his pursuit of his daughter so that he can make her pay for the death of her innocent cousin.

Tim and Morgan, while being chased by R.A.I.D., decided to lure them away from Troy and the safe-house.

Sean 'the Shadow' resides at the safe-house with the anti-social Zoe, awaiting the return of Tim and Morgan.

Shawn 'the Demon' is being kept unconscious on the base and awaits transport to the Eastern RAID Meta-Detention Centre.

Cassius, Toril and a yet unconscious Yelena are attempting to escape the military base but little do they know that even if they do elude the marines that pursue them, an even greater threat awaits them in the forests beyond. Their only hope resides in the other heroes arriving in time to assist them.

DiVine and Siege are still being held at the Easter RAID Meta-Detention Centre, hidden beneath the Eden Foundation in northern New York State.
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PostSubject: Re: STORY SYNOPSIS   Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:31 am

Summary of Chapter 3 - Nothing is Forgotten

In this chapter more of the character Colonel Petrovsky was established, and we also learned that his and Yelena's pasts had crossed at one time. The Heroes escaped from the Lake Oneida base, and Surge's plot to throw the world into chaos by erasing data with a new machine of his was averted.

In this chapter on page 11, the Heroes follow Toril Njordhagen (who changes his name to Devon Gale) to Chicago and meet at the Devil's Grin Comedy club.

Morgan is still being pursued by her father and she ends up at the Green Street Base with Tim where they finally get some rest.

A whole new array of Chicago characters are introduced here.

Summary of Chapter 4 - Nothing is Forgotten

The Heroes get settled in Chicago and Grey Pyre is introduced. There is an underlying plot of discovering who murdered Silicone Surfer, who is actually the daughter of Surge (Colonel Petrovsky)

more to come...
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PostSubject: Re: STORY SYNOPSIS   Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:27 pm

A break down of recent events that have occurred in Chapters 6 and 7.

The 'plague' idea has been designed to reinforce the need for RAID and to bring more meta-humans to UMBRA's cause.

Basically the 'plague' is a signal that causes a condition similar to neurofibromatosis in humans. An incredible amount of energy is required to create the signal, but once established it requires little power to maintain.

An antidote exists, that can stop the deformities that plague the humans, but it has been designed to be highly addictive. In truth, it is the addiction to the antidote that provides UMBRA control. The signal will eventually cease to exist but by then it will no longer be required.


The Eden Foundation which is a cover for the Eastern RAID Detention Centre below it is, and has always been its own entity. Their facade is that of a new age environmental bio-tech company, but in truth they perform much of the meta-human experimentation that RAID has always been rumored to be illegally performing. Some of their research is also legit... but its all for profit.

Eden is actually working under the direction of RAID's Overseer, who may well be the most powerful man in the world right now.

Hank Stanfield is the puppet master but none of the strings will ever show. It will just be Eden and once in a while he'll get some covert message from someone who is obviously his superior.

I have established that the world is starting to sympathize with meta-humans. People are beginning to once more appreciate them as crime-fighters and this simply will not do in the eyes of RAID. There very presence is reliant upon the MUTANT THREAT.

Basically, if there is no RAID there will be no Eden Foundation, but Michael Eden just isn't sticking his neck out to perpetuate his own little world, he's getting paid quite well for his efforts. It's also quite beneficial for a man like Michael Eden to have the Overseer of RAID as a friend.


Apex Fusion, the leader of UMBRA only cares about increasing its numbers. UMBRA is nothing but crime syndicate masquerading as a haven for meta-humans. The more meta's that UMBRA can turn into feared criminals, the better for Apex since he gets kick-backs from RAID for keeping the mutant threat alive.

Umbra has access to the antidote and will distribute it as the 'new street drug' long after the plague has ended. The bright green coloured serum is more addictive than heroine, but has only a very slight euphoric effect.


One thing to keep in mind is that R.A.I.D. is really not going
to let, UMBRA become TOO dominant. The mutant organization
is just a tool and they do NOT want it becoming too powerful and
uncontrollable. Eventually they will put them in their place.


This is a BIG challenge for any crime-fighter and the most that our characters can hope for is to keep taking 'little bites out the apple until we get to the core'. This will end up being an underlying story line that gives a little more substance to the threat of RAID.

What is also developing now is a struggle between the current 'Resistance' and 'UMBRA', which is on the street level of this war. Many meta's are going to be corrupted by UMBRA and it going to be up to the Resistance to clean up the mess.

This would be the universal logo for the mutant resistance fighters
who are taking a stand against RAID and the meta-human registry.

The symbol for UMBRA. The organization lead by Apex Fusion.
Their goal is bring as many meta's as possible over to their cause
and maintain the fear that Humans have of their kind.
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PostSubject: Re: STORY SYNOPSIS   

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