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 Mists of Krynn

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PostSubject: Mists of Krynn   Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:08 pm

Stories that have drifted through the veiled aether of Krynn telling far fetched tales of other realities.

(A place to put things of randomness that have no place in the core story lines we are running.)
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Posts : 826
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PostSubject: Re: Mists of Krynn   Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:18 pm

Through the mists emerges this tale of a fae mage turned minor goddess in a far off reality of Krynn

((Probably one of my favorite solo pieces I did at the end of this epic story before it faded to the mists of time. Some have seen it before but I know others have not so I decided to put it up once more. I'm not the best writer but every so often I put out something adequate ^_^ *hides from RPM*))

As she stood staring upon the burning wreckage of the city she decimated weeks before Piramay took a deep breath, only to catch a trace of scent in the tainted air. As always, the fires burned just as strong as the day they were lit. There was a place in her heart somewhere that held a tinge of regret for the act but she was resolute in her decision. She had to show the people of Krynn what she was capable of, and it appeared that it was time to do it once more.

Walking around in the burning city with an air of grace and determination, her red eyes scanned the area around her as she followed the new scent. Not one soul existed in this burning desolate place as she had expected, which was not surprising due to her thoroughness in killing. There was, however, something that had drawn her here. For all intents and purposes there should be nothing and no-one here but Piramay could smell and feel the presence, which only strengthened her determination to find out who or what dared to enter her newest domain.

As she drew near the center of the flaming town she paused. Here the presence made itself known the strongest. Suddenly, two gleaming white chromatic dragons rose from the earth, one in front of and the other behind her. Eyes locked on the mage as they sneered at her. The goddess of the heavenly flame simply raised an eyebrow looking at the beast before her ignoring the other. At her looked of disdain, the dragon took the initiative and spoke.

"Her majesty would like to congratulate you on your ascension into the heavens Piramay. Indeed it was a feat she considered to be quite beyond both your talents and Fifth's..."

Piramay simply looked up the beast and smiled, "How nice of her to take her attention from the mortal realm long enough to notice such a thing..." Crossing her arms Piramay's flaming gaze hardened "Now what do you want? ..."

If one could tell what disdain looked like on a dragon's face they would see it now, while his tone was casually humorous. "While she congratulates you she also had this to say, She does not like competition and she would appreciate it if you died..."

With that both beasts breathed, using simultaneous ice attacks upon Piramay. The intensity of the attacked was strong enough to put out the fires that burned around them. Ice coalesced around Piramay's form as she was frozen into a block of ice. Satisfied, the attack subsided as the two dragons looked upon the frozen mage and then at each other. "That was too easy brother... perhaps she was overly confi...." With his words, the ice block exploded into steam and boiling water, evaporating in moments. Piramay stood there with arms folded and one eyebrow raised. Part of her divinity had been a resistance to the cold that was at one time her bane. Now, she was only uncomfortable and just one step below annoyed.

"Her majesty has obviously not done enough research..." Piramay uncrossed her arms extending them out with palms pointed down she lowered them slowly. Then flipping the palms upwards she lifed her arms abruptly. Flames erupted from the earth enveloping the two dragons. Moments later steam blasted out as snow began to fall. Both dragons still stood before her and seemed to be smirking at her in the process. "She has done more than you think oh Goddess of Flame..."

With that, the dragon struck! Lunging at Piramay he tried the direct destructive approach. Piramay’s fiery wings burst forth as she leapt skyward to avoid his threat. Only she forgot about the one behind her. As the female’s tail connected with her back, Piramay was sent spiraling to the ground. Rising from the now buckled ground, she turned to see a massive claw descending towards her. She quickly raised her hands and set a barrier around herself as the claws struck. The earth beneath her buckled but the shield held strong. Both beasts now circled and struck at the barrier. The earth quaked and moved with each massive blow and Piramay felt the pressure in her knees as she fought to keep her balance. Taking a deep breath, she quickly shifted the barrier’s thickness and let forth a blast of hot air and energy, sending both attackers back a few steps.

Tongues of flame wrapped around her body to form wings, snapping in the wind before letting loose a volley of molten heat at the twins. Striking their bodies, the attack caused nothing more than a small amount of steam to rise from their scales. Now, together they chose to speak as one, “Foolish mage, our Queen has gifted us with protection from your feeble attacks…. Now, feel our wrath as you DIE!!!”

Once more they let forth their collective breath weapon. This time, the cold was infinitely more intense. Only on the deepest frozen reaches of the elemental planes had Piramay felt cold this strong. Steam fogged over her body as she fought to defend herself. The dragons only pressed the attack harder and within moments Piramay was overwhelmed. Her blood-curdling scream filled the skies of Krynn before being abruptly cut off. As the steam cleared and the attack ceased, Piramay could be seen in the center of a ice block with her mouth wide open and the look of torturous pain on her face.

The twin dragons chuckled together as they looked upon their latest victim. Raising their tails to deliver the shattering blow that would rid the world of this thorn in the Mistress’s side, they hesitated. The ground beneath their feet began to rumble and shake. Suddenly plumes of hot magma erupted from the earth encircling the frozen form before them. As the ice began to melt rapidly from the heat, the two dragons looked at each other before opening their jaws to loose another attack. They never got the chance as a wave of air and fire erupted from Piramay’s position. Where seconds before had stood a frozen and dead mage of fire, there now stood a very much alive Piramay! She stood in silence, looking at the earth, waiting as the dragons regained their footing and composure. They had been certain that she could not have survived the attack. Their Queen had assured them that Piramay would not be able to withstand their ice attacks. Now, they were to find out this enemy’s true rage.

As they watched, flames began to rise from Piramay’s body, engulfing her body. Even her hair began to flow upwards like a flame itself. Slowly her head began to raise and the twin dragons were able to now see the pure white flame that had replaced Piramay’s once red orbs. There was nothing of the casual energy that they had faced only a few moments ago in the female form before them. Now, only pure, unadulterated, raw rage emanated from her form. The ground beneath her feet was liquefying in to molten lava as she began to float upwards. The two dragons did the only thing they knew to do. Letting loose their strongest and deadliest ice attack, they watched as it turned to steam before ever coming near the enraged goddess.

Upon seeing this, they ceased and with a nod, their wings snapped outward. Knowing it was time to go, they sought to leave with hides still intact. Unfortunately for them, Piramay had another plan for them. Raising her arms in a grasping motion, she pinned the beasts to the ground with flaming bonds brought forth from the growing lake of lava beneath her floating form. Motioning with her finger as she spoke in a tone that was as throaty and seductive as it was chilling, “Tsk, tsk,… no running away now, things are just warming up.

For the first time in their existence, the twin dragons knew true fear. Thankful and yet regretful of the protection given by their queen, they could only watch as Piramay’s wings of flame fanned out. Now, instead of the two wings she had shown before, six wings glowed with white-hot intensity. Piramay reached towards the heavens as magical energies and fire swirled around it, collecting power as it grew. The pull of power was felt in every corner of Krynn. The moon of flame that followed its path in the sky was dimmed as the even its flames seemed to lose come of their luster. Unknown to both, Fifth and the Queen simultaneously stepped onto their respective balconies, looking into the direction of the energy disruption, not only sensing the pull but also seeing a bright point of light in the distance.

The dragons had longs since closed their eyes forever, blinded as the ball of flame and energy glowed with the intensity of the sun. Piramay simply looked up on them with disdain as she continued to use the same throaty seductive tone that filled the air with pure malice “Know my wrath harlot... let the world see what I can do... let them know fear like never before... witness what will happen should if another crosses me once more."

Her hand clasped the ball of energy as she rose into the heavens. Even the moon of flame was eclipsed by her form as her wings continued to spread wider. Drawing back her arm, she threw the energy ball earthward. The ground beneath her form shook for miles from the savageness of her power. The mid-day light seemed dark compared to the bright flash of light that illuminated the sky. Debris and ash rose to the sky twice as first the force of the energy shook the ground, followed by the sonic boom rupturing the barrier of sound.

Silence sang its strongest song as the light died down and the debris settled. The flaming city was nowhere to be found as it was now at the bottom of a lake formed by molten rock. At its center lay a small island. Rising from the ground, a tower made of dark obsidian now stood, still glowing at the seams. With a closer look, one could see the molten rock still flowed beneath the now crusted over sides of the tower. High atop the tower, the blazing form of Piramay descended, landing on the highest balcony. Her glow had faded and her wings vanished as she appeared to collapse unconscious on the new tower. The last detail to note were the two draconic skeletons that were wrapped around the tower, poised as if they had been calling out.

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Mists of Krynn
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