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 Shards of Krynn Play Book

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PostSubject: Shards of Krynn Play Book   Shards of Krynn Play Book Icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2009 12:56 pm

Shards of Krynn is based on the Dragonlance books of the fictional world of Krynn. The world of Krynn has many fantasy characters: Elves, Dwarves, Mages, Wizards, Orcs, Trolls and many other such characters.

The adventures of this room will be set in the Time of Dragons during the Age of Despair.

The story will be centralized around a region of Solamnia known as Gryphonledge (not from the books, made for this room). The once proud port city built by a collaboration of Dwarves and Men has become a diverse, multi-cultural city etched into the rocks of a massive ridge known as the Span of Thortaus (not from the books, made for this room). This ridge of rocks runs along the western edge of the Vingaard Mountains at the foot of the Tanith Peninsula. Because this massive city runs along the border of Coastland and Tanith it is a bustling center of commerce, trade, wealth, and corruption. Takhisis, the goddess of chaos has begun her assault on Krynn and heros are needed. Young adventurers, those loyal to the old gods have begun to rally and face the Draconians and other forces of evil that have begun to creep across the land. Thus begins the time for heros to be made, and martyrs to die for the cause…

The moderator for this forum is Zinsk.

If you are interested in playing in this thread but are unfamiliar with the World of Krynn, here are some very good reference sites to get you familiar with it:

Dragonlance Reference

The site rules specified in Tyr's Laws of the Bridge apply in this thread as well as the following:

No major characters from the series of books is allowed. You may refer to them in your posts or you can base your character on them, but a character created from your imagination will only be accepted.

None of the Gods or Goddesses from the books will be permitted as characters. You cannot base your character on them either. They are far too powerful and would hold an unequal hand in playing.

NO Dragons, No Dragon Lords.

While Krynn is a world with dragons, due to their extremely powerful nature, they are not permitted to be used as characters in the story.

The deities and dragons from the books may be used as minor NPC's in posts written by RPMistress, Zinsk or Seredeth. If you want to write a post and either the deities or dragons must communicate with your character somehow, you MUST request permission from RPMistress, Seredeth or Zinsk BEFORE you post it in the story.

These rules have been placed here to preserve the integrity of the story. While the story is based on the Dragonlance Books, it's important you let your imagination lead you.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact RPMistress, Seredeth or Zinsk via PM.
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Posts : 3803
Join date : 2009-04-24
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Shards of Krynn Play Book Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shards of Krynn Play Book   Shards of Krynn Play Book Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2012 1:44 pm

The Netherman are a mixture of four races, Troll, Irda, Goblin, and Human. Their appearance depends on the highest amount of blood by species. For example a Netherman who is mostly Irda will be extremely large, averaging eight feet tall, be extremely muscular and among the physically strongest of the Netherman and typically have a blue tint to their skin. A Netherman who is mostly Goblin will be smaller (though no Netherman has ever stood less than six feet tall), very agile, and more clever. It is not uncommon for siblings to have completely different make-ups and sometimes might not even look alike as the oddities of these blood mixtures will reveal itself in very strange ways. Netherman with predominantly human blood are among the rarest and tend to have more emotion than their kin. This is often seen as a weakness among Netherman so those who feel emotion typically repress it to better fit in. The ‘emotions’ of a human leaning Netherman are still scant at best when compared to a full blooded human.

Netherman of all types are strong jawed and typically have large canines protruding from their mouths. Their skin is as strong as Elven leather armor and their finger nails are as strong as iron. Almost all Netherman have arms the size of tree trunks and can crush an unarmored human with their bare hands. Netherman use over sized weapons commensurate with their size and are typically swords, hammers, pikes, and shields, however being opportunistic fighters they can turn many common items into weapons with deadly efficiency. Netherman are not natural magic users but in very rare occasion one has managed to learn to control a magical item or found a way to tap into the natural magic of Krynn.

Netherman have a natural urge to kill as a first resort and this is no more clearly seen than when invaders cross their borders, especially those that aren’t Netherman. Typically the only time this doesn’t happen is if a Chieftain commands that prisoners are to be brought to him for specific reasons.

The Netherman are a fairly ‘primitive’ species having locked themselves away from the rest of the world for a variety of reasons. Most of the world only knows the rumors of them rather than having seen them as they rarely venture from their own borders. When one does leave the borders of their land however they are usually ostracized from their clan and referred to as one of “The Lost”. Netherman who are Lost will work as mercenaries and bodyguards as their intimidating appearance is only superseded by their fighting skills. For their size all Netherman are deceptively fast and agile, though those of Goblin nature are the fastest.

The clans of the Netherman are named after the region they inhabit;

Those of the Stones
Those of the Hills
Those of the Trees
Those of the Swamp
Those of the Sea
Those of the Plain
Those of the Snow

Every clan is governed by seven Elders and one Chieftain. The Chieftain is the Netherman who has achieved this position by defeating the former Chieftain. This of course can cause chaotic vacuums of power and sometimes can result in random and frequent shifts in power and leadership. Any Chieftain rules with the knowledge that a challenge from within the clan by a branded member can occur at any time so a balance in content and fear must be achieved. Some Chieftains will rule by brute force, others by wisdom, depending on the make-up of the Chieftain.

Those of the Swamp are the largest clan with Those of the Snow being second largest. The laws of The Seven maintain that there shall always be seven clans, so though they might ebb and flow in size the clans are constantly at war with one another in some form or another, the Nethermen will never intentionally wipe each other out.

The elders of any given clan are universally referred to as “The Seven” and often their clan region will be added to this title (i.e., “The Seven of the Snow”). Despite the shifts in power most often the seven elders will remain in their positions if they swear fealty to the new Chieftain. The Seven cannot be harmed in any way unless they provoke a physical confrontation, even then violence is used as a last resort due to the fact an all out civil war could erupt if a member of The Seven is killed without provocation. To this end it is a more volatile lifestyle to be Chieftain than it is to be an Elder.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.
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Shards of Krynn Play Book
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