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 Everlasting Night - The GRIMOIRE

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PostSubject: Everlasting Night - The GRIMOIRE   Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:58 am

This story may very well develop many spells, components, wards and charms that will become consistent realities of the magical world. Anything significant that other incantors could employ or historic facts should be documented here, for easy reference.

No OOC discussion, please.


An order of Pentacalium Incantors that existed to ensure that the those of the other world never broke the covenant that existed between the two peoples. They prowled the night, using their magic to remain unseen, until they struck and destroyed any person or creature that crossed into the world of those who wielded iron.

A society of law abiding incantors that have existed for hundreds of years. It was formed five hundred years ago and had remain true to its conviction for all that time, working to keep the magic world unseen and separate from those who would only destroy what they could not understand. All things magical that they were forced to destroy, they did for the greater good of their kind which is why it pained them so, that those incantors still existed that would sacrifice all that they had worked to build for a brief moment of freedom.

These radicals have always existed in some form or another, and they believe that those who repress the use of magic are at fault and forever struggle to over turn the very society in which they live if only to just to perform their magic out in the open, free of consequences. Unfortunately, their are always consequences to the use of magic and the Pentacalium will never allow the barriers that the have worked so hard to build, crumble to serve the needs of the few.

Greylon is the term that Incantors use to describe those people who do not embrace magic. Many people in the world actually employ simple spells every day, but it is not as socially acceptable for some as it is for others.

Witch Hunter
Witch Hunters are rogue incantors that have sided with the Greylon world but use their powers to hunt down and dispatch of fugitive incantors. They are viewed with disdain by some of the magic community but most accept them since they are a benefit more than they are a hindrance. The laws of the Greylons and Incantors are often the same, and so the actions of the Witch Hunters can serve both, but sometimes their rules conflict, especially when they are called to apprehend those who have used their magic benevolently. Witch Hunters, however, are not allowed to pick and choose which laws they will uphold. They are bound by Greylon society to enforce their rules and if they do not will be reduced to criminals in their eyes and imprisoned, for most Witch Hunters began the career by being blackmailed into service.
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Everlasting Night - The GRIMOIRE
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