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 Ever... Playable Races and NPC Creatures

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PostSubject: Ever... Playable Races and NPC Creatures   Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:17 pm

Again, we are in the early stages so these might change a little, but here is where we are at as of right now.

There are three playable races in Ever..., they are as follows (with their descriptions):

The Fara
The Fara are the Elves of planet Earth. The Fara make incredible assassins and their instincts for survival are unmatched among the humanoids. All Fara are red headed and pale skinned. Not all red heads necessarily know they are Fara, and there are half-breeds out there who are rarely if ever accepted by Fara houses. Fara are the fastest and most agile of all humanoid creatures and the second most intelligent.

The Elar'uma are human of higher purpose. To be a part of any of the Elar'uma houses one must be able to trace their lineage back 10 generations and prove their blood hasn't been "tainted" by human interaction. Elar'uma are the most abundant and dominant species of the factions. Elar'uma are a balance of strength and agility with heightened intelligence.

Punkies are the shortest of the humanoid races. Seen walking among normal humanity as "little people" they are in fact the most ancient of the races. They are exceptionally strong but that doesn’t mean they lack agility. Punkies are capable of taking more physical punishment than either of the other two races and are extremely flexible. Unlike Elar'uma and Fara half-breeds, Punkie's are incapable of having half blood. If a Punkie breeds with a Fara, Elar'uma or human their blood will either flow in the veins of the child or it will not. With their blood comes the memories of their entire family history. They are the most intelligent of the Races and they are the holders of some of Earth's most ancient secrets.

Beyond the playable races, creatures are the standard AD&D monsters. Trolls, Goblins, Orcs, even Dragons are fair game as NPCs. Before taking on a major NPC encounter idea please run it by Zinsk or Seraphim. The story is 100% original and a constant evolution in ideas so just let us know and as long as it isn't too outlandish we will most likely allow it.

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Ever... Playable Races and NPC Creatures
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