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 Ever... Playable Classes

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PostSubject: Ever... Playable Classes   Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:40 pm

These might be changing a little, but for now so you can start wrapping your head around it here they are.

Factions of “good”
The Arbiters
The Keepers are the ancient order of Wizards who wield magic for the purpose of good. Their primary motivation is to see justice done to victims of evil and to serve as the mind of justice. They are among the most intellectual of the factions and the source of their magic is light and the sun. Their magic is most powerful during the day however they can store solar energy in specially created crystals so their powers can be wielded at night.

The Sentinels
The Sentinels are the ancient order of Knights who were once the elite and most highly trained warriors. Most of their deeds have fallen to fairytales and legend but their code of honor and their vision to see justice prevail over all things is stronger than it has ever been.

The Binders
The Binders weave the power of nature to bring justice to those who do evil. Binders will most commonly study one type of natural magic and become affluent in it rather than study multiple natural energies. Binders are more prone to use weapons enhanced with elemental magic than outright attacks of elemental force.

Factions of “evil”
The Eclipse
The Eclipse are the ancient Wizards who use magic for their own gain and their own pursuits. They are not evil in the traditional sense of the word, though they are capable of evil and wicked things their pursuit is for deeper magical power and knowledge for themselves. Their power and magic comes from the moon, their powers are strongest at night but is the most intense during the lunar eclipse when they are capable of magic so powerful only their fear of reprisal afterwards keeps them in check. The Eclipse are also able to store lunar energy in specially designed crystals so they can cast during the day.

The Shade
The Shade are a faction of warriors from the most ancient of times who began as mercenaries and thugs for hire. Their prowess and aptitude in the ways of combat are so ferocious and deadly that only the Sentinels dare face them in one on one combat. Because the Shade only follow what code of laws pays the most they are considered “evil”.

The Druids
Tradition and legend has humanity believing that Druids were protectors of nature and earth but the truth is Druids were responsible for many of the calamities and seemingly natural disasters in earth’s history. Their lust for greater power is what sparked events such as the eruption of Vesuvius and the Black Plauge. Druids are among the most destructive and evil of the dark factions. Druids draw upon the natural elements of earth to wield their magic and tend to concentrate on one element. Druids are more prone to pursue their magical side than their physical fighting side when engaged in combat.

Factions of Neutrality
The Gray
The most ancient order of Wizards, the Gray draw their power from a natural ribbon of energy that flows across the planet. Much like the winds their power moves through the air and surrounds everything. The Gray are the most powerful of the wizards but the magic takes a heavier toll on which makes it so they can strike hard and fast but then must withdraw quickly or have other measures of protection in place. The Gray have no need for energy storage as they can tap into magic at will.

The Hand
The Hand is an ancient warrior clan that have been present at every significant event in human history. As is the case with all of the neutral factions they were present more to oversee that good or evil did not win and that balance was maintained. All members of the Hand are naturally ambidextrous and duel wield their weapons with incredible precision and accuracy. They believe that the best shield is an offense of maximum force.

The Stormborn
Like the Druids and the Binders, the Stormborn are elemental magic users. Their purpose and goal truly is the protection of the world humanity lives upon and they will attack any faction that tries to disrupt the order of nature. Because of their love for the earth they tend to focus on earthen magic and can wield an “off magic” with some proficiency as well. The drawback to their slightly elevated power is that the very earth they protect can also reclaim them if they wield magic too powerful, so just like their alignment they are forced to constantly find balance in their methods. As a result Stormborn lean towards physical fighting with magical enhancements instead of outright casting.

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Ever... Playable Classes
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