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 The Avalon Project OOC

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PostSubject: The Avalon Project OOC   Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:19 pm

We can discuss the story line that we began in Ramblings here.
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PostSubject: Re: The Avalon Project OOC   Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:21 am

Okay, here we go. This is my amalgamation of all the ideas presented so far.

The Avalon Project

It is the 33rd century and off-world colonists descended of the original Earthling Human species are returning to the planet of their origin. Since their exodus in the 23rd century, much has changed and many new kinds of Humanoids have evolved. Due to genetic manipulation, which has sped up the process of adaptive-mutation, what would normally take thousands of years now occurs in hundreds and many new races now exist. Some are the product of environmental adaption and others are descended from experimentation or enhanced beings used for military operations, but all are still inherently Human, though for many cross breeding is no longer possible.

We have to develop a small list of known races to choose from. These races will be based with the Solar System and Outer Colonies which exist in the system called '51 Pegasi'.

The Off-World Colonies

I won't go into detail write now, but I suggest we go with the descriptions I created in the Off-World write up. There should also be Outer Colonies as well, and the one I suggest is '51 Pegasi'

We can assume that once colonized people would begin to refer to 51 Pegasi as simply the Pegasus System and it offers a whole new environment for deep space travel beyond the Solar System.

So, back to the story line...

Back in the 23rd century, Humans gave up the ghost. Despite environmentalists crying for hundreds of years, pleading with industrial super powers to protect the planet, Earth is dying. With the establishment of Off-World colonies on the The Jupiter Worlds (Formerly the Galiliean Moons) write up: the Human race just continued to abuse the planet until everyone was forced to leave.

BUT.... the Human race was not just forced to leave because of they poisoned the world, a small group of scientists also started an experiment which was designed to fold space. Based upon the creation of a controllable 'Black Hole'. This was accomplished and the product was called a White Hole.

White Holes - Folding Space

In 2179 a scientist creates and harnesses the power of a 'Black Hole' in order to fold space. This is a revolutionary break through allowing deep space expeditions to reach further into the galaxy than ever before. A single ship can be projected through what is referred to as 'White Hole' (named for the scientist, Gerald White and not because the hole has a neutron star within it.) Utilizing the Pauli Exclusion Principle, White modified the formula to create the Pauli-White Principle allowing him to use the gravity of a black hole to regulate the energy of the neutron star to produce a gateway that can project a primed vessel to a specific coordinate of known space.

A white hole is created by collapsing a specific type of star to produce a neutron star. Above and below it are the space stations that are able generate a field not only able to collapse a star but contain the neutron and produce around it a black hole that draws it's energy in order to fold space. This allows a vessel to be instantly moved to any known coordinates within 56.6 Light Years, unfortunately they cannot be brought back.

It is still a decade after this break though that the technology is used. The entire process requires a ship that built to a specific code and it must be primed by orbiting the 'white hole' for several hours. Before the priming people are placed into stasis, because the human mind cannot tolerate the shock of the travel without developing dangerous cognitive side effects then when the ship is ready it is allowed to drift into the middle of the 'white hole'. Coordinates are entered and once the vessel in the middle, space is folded and the ship and it's occupants are stretched across the galaxy to their destination, where they are reconstituted as they are re-aligned with time and space.

The second attempt at creating a White Hole, something goes terribly wrong. They attempt to create one too near the home world and Earth's atmosphere is comprised by the hole. A mass evacuation ensues and androids are left as caretakers for the planet working to rebuild it so that one day the Humans can return.

PROJECT AVALON is the repair of Earth by Androids. Parameters are set while the Humans are away and this becomes the prime directive of all synthetic beings. The one main directive is that no android is allowed to stray from the perimeter of their city. This is too keep biological diseases from spreading from one area to another and so this maintains isolation between the colonies.

In time, the Androids are able to nullify the White Hole, and they began to heal the planet and during the course of this process develop their own societies which develop in seven great cities around the world.

The Seven Cities are in constant contact with one another and the Off-World colonies but several years after they eliminated the White Hole they learn that the gravitational disturbances it caused has pulled a comet into a direct collision course with Earth. The Androids work to protect the planet and develop a way to destroy the comet, unfortunately it's disintegration encapsulates Earth in an ION CLOUD, plunging the planet into another ice age and preventing all communication with the Human colonies and also city to city.

The cloud exists for nearly a thousand years and during that time, within it's cocoon a miracle happens. After a hundred years the gas cloud becomes a shield, raising the planets temperature, yet still preventing any communication from occurring. The androids employ their advanced terra-forming technology to speed up the process and within the next nine hundred years or so, the Earth is rejuvenated — restored to the Eden it once was.

In the 33rd century communications can once again exist but the Androids are not answering. They have developed their own society, their own mythology and their own view of the Human race. Some Cities praise the Humans, some fear them, and still others see them as a threat to them and the planet that they tend so lovingly, but the Humans are coming. They are returning to their place of their origin, their birth right.

So that's it in a nut shell.

We have to set the standards on the androids as well. There are Seven Cities and each has developed their own unique society. One of which I envision as adapting, Greek Mythology as their truth, the ruling androids resembling Titans and so forth.

We have also to determine the different types of androids. Naturally there would be several different models. Some would be 100% mechanical and thus more machine like and then there would be those that would be Synthetic which I like to refer to as Synthecans. They would strive to be Human, have emotions and consequently the same hedonistic tendencies of their creators.
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The Avalon Project OOC
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