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 The Avalon Project - CHARACTERS

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PostSubject: The Avalon Project - CHARACTERS   Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:32 am

Name: Miles D. McGuire
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 220
Complexion: Dark Tan
Hair: Dark Brown, wavy med length
Eyes: Green
Markings: Missing smallest digit on left hand, shrapnel scars on left wrist and forearm; knife scar on left shoulder; torture scars stripe across his back;

Tattoo on left upper arm of an old alpha class, Andromeda Battle Cruiser, tattoo on right bicep of some majestic mountain he climbed on Calypsos III; Birthmark of 3 dots on his right hand between his thumb and index finger that forms a triangular symbol; tattoo on his lower right calf of a galaxy special ops insignia, hidden from view and a tattoo of a black scorpion w/stinger on his manhood.

Race: Human/Humanoid Hybrid. His father was a human miner on Calypsos V and was bite by a Phylum Cycliophora, in a deep sub-surfaced lake prior to being married to his human mom on Earth.

Home World: Earth
Religion: none
Sexual Orientation: No preference in alien or human female species
Class: private civilian
Occupation: unemployed
Military: none
Personal Dress: civilian work clothes.
Personal Weapons: Small Arms and a survivor's knife.
Special Skills: small propulsion systems, elevators, hand to hand combat.

Talents: body builder, musician & composer, plays a various music instruments in spare time. Plays the odds in Poker. Collects all kinds of gadgets; Likes to take things apart to see how they work and then modifies the vehicles to perform better than before.

Upgrades: None at this time. These would be genetic alterations, cybatronic implants, etc., and would usually be done in a lab or medical facility.

Licenses: Elevator repair and inspection license.

Certifications: Special Airworthiness certification in experimental design and flight of special-purpose unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

Degrees: Masters in Scientific Design Technologies

1) Experimental Low-Orbit Hover Craft, unarmed.
2) Single-seat, ATS-1 All-Terrain Spyder craft.

History: Before Miles D. McGuire became part of this world, his parents, were scientists from two different universities working together trying to solve the age of the latest find of lunar moon rock found on an asteroid.

His father a grad student eight years before this time, left the college life in search of Truth, found his way to Calypsos IV and hired on a miner. Then a year later while mining on Calypsos V, he was bite by a Phylum Cycliophora, in a deep sub-surfaced lake in the mine.

Upon leaving the mine that day, he collapsed and was in a coma for 128 days while his collegues on earth sent for his body and doctors back on Earth monitored his condition until he reawoke.

After his nightmarish hell with death, his father, wised up and returned to grad school to become a Geophysics scientist.

Five years later, he met the woman of his dreams, Jillian Hutchins, a brilliant Lunar Geologist at a conference in Paris, France, where the two became close and earned the right in history books for the discovery of metamorphic rocks collected on the asteroid from its origin, the earths moon.

Miles Davis McGuire loved music, boxing and girls. He never had trouble making friends when he played his mean sax at school parties. Smart and strong, he loved challenges and took up rock climbing.

By his eighteenth year, he had climbed the largest mountain on earth and began his college journey for success.

Miles graduated top ten in his class. At age 30, he had high hopes in designing and building new vehicles for Deep Space Technologies INC., a subsidiary of Lockheed. His ideas were more advanced, to carry military transports and Delta class, Andromeda battle cruisers across galaxies in a matter of minutes to rescue stranded transports and carriers hit by space pirates and alien forces.

Upon graduation, he became sidetracked while playing cards between sets at a bar he wins a weeks' pass on a space station when he spotted a cargo transport docked.
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The Avalon Project - CHARACTERS
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