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PostSubject: PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING THIS SITE   Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:55 pm

The Writing Style of Bifrost Bridge - A must read prior to posting

Bifrost Bridge mainly caters to a Collaborative Writing Style, where members take turns in adding to the story by either manipulating the setting or writing from one or more of their character's perspectives. Unless otherwise stated all stories of Bifrost Bridge are Free Form, meaning that all writers equally control the story and everyone works together to develop new directions for the story line.

This site also allows Play & Post style scenarios, which are hosted by a Game Keeper, who will completely direct the story. Those who are familiar with this kind of Role Playing will be used to providing short descriptive posts that only state the actions of their character.

The majority of our stories, however, require members to post in a Story Telling format providing enough information that other writers can build upon. A Play & Post style response will not offer any continuity to a Collaborative Writing Style Story, so we urge all those who wish to participate in the various scenarios to please not post in such a manner. Please be sure to review Collaborative Storytelling 101 should you have any doubts on how to participate in one of our stories.

We have tried to design this site in such a fashion that is intuitive and simplistic. Nothing is more frustrating then when a story writer can't even figure out where the actual story is located. Here all stories are contained within their own forums and you will see that all 'story-topics' are Titled and designated as either Chapters, Books, or Episodes. The structure is entirely up to the creator(s) and/or the participants of the story. All information and OOC discussion surrounding a story is contained within its own forum so one does not have look too far to toggle between discussions and pertinent information.

You will also notice that we LOVE graphics. Hot link to your heart's content (just try and keep the picture sizes down, please) because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.


This forum does not support HTML and uses BB Code. Please use the link below to review how to use this source code:

Thank you,

Bifrost Bridge Administration

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