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PostSubject: COMPENDIUM   Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:39 pm

The Funeral That Never Was

R.I.P. Herman 'Babyface' Young

This Funeral apparently has unable to be held and would be approximately 1 month prior
to the failed rescue attempt of DiVine from the Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in New York.

The world has changed greatly in the few years since most "Heroes" have retired, quit or been forced to quietly return to their regular civilian lives. An arrogant and corrupt government has all but outlawed the existence of Super-Heroes. Terrorism and acts of urban violence are on the rise, our major cities are in the grips of chaos, gangs are well organized and have many high profile leaders and their influence is felt everywhere.

At the funeral of a beloved Hero and mutual friend a small group of crime fighters gathers for the first time in many years and begin to discuss a way that they can perhaps make a small difference in this dark and dangerous world.

John McManus was just finishing up a transmission rebuild at his new Auto shop in Bayonne, New Jersey, it was a sunny day and life was good. Work was steady and his customers where happy. For the ex-hero life at the shop was great, no threats of death, no government red tape, no unending work hours. John worked Monday through Saturday at his beloved shop 8 to 5. Although the locals never let him forget his time as a government sponsored super hero, John was doing his best to put those times behind him.

John had kept up his friendship with Tim, the ex hero known as Cowboy over time and The Bug had dropped in on him a few times over the last few years but Mcmanus had not really spoken to the rest of the group in a good while.

John was closing up shop on this Monday afternoon when he read the headline in the paper: Famed Super Hero Succumbs After Long Battle With Cancer. John's jaw dropped open, his old friend and ex-team member Herman Young AKA Babyface had passed away. Babyface was the oldest of the former heroes, but he looked to be a teenager, his powers kept him young and may have helped to kill him. Babyface had the ability to absorb the ambient radiation in the atmosphere and release it in focused waves of energy. John continued to read the article, the funeral would be in New York City in 5 days. He would attend, he would call the others and let them know if they didn't know already. He picked up the phone to call Tim.
Over the last five years, the pain of the loss of his wife and son had diminished some, but never did go away. There was not a day that went by, he didn't think of them. In fact there were times when he swore he could hear his Abby calling him and Samuel in for dinner, or the sound of his Sam's laughter, as they palyed and rode horses. The nightmares of the call on the police radio and the helplessness he felt as he held them both as they died were less frequent, but they still came from time to time.

Tim had just finished, brushing and feeding the horses on another hot humid day on the family ranch outside Arnet, Texas, when the phone in the stable rang. Wiping his hands off, he walked over and picked up the reciever: "Howdy, this is Tim." he said in the strong Texas draw.

The voice on the other end of the line said "Tim, this is John McMa..."

Tim instantly cut him off, as he recognized the the New Jersey accent of his friend John McManus " Hey man, when yacoming down fur some cold beer, good Texas Bar-B-Que an' clean air? Ya cud use a few days outa that thar big city life ya know."

John told him of the death of Herman and Tim stood shocked and silent for a moment, then said "When an' Whar's the Burryin'l John.?"

John told him "In five days in New York, will you..."

Again Tim cut him off "I'll book a flight ta Newark tanight. Will git ta Newark on Thursday Mornin', I'll call ya with my schedel, in the mornin'. Can ya pick me up, ur should I rent a car?" He asked

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PostSubject: Re: COMPENDIUM   Thu Jul 23, 2009 6:58 pm


While the two terms are used interchangeably they are in fact different. Meta-human's share several common physical traits, while Mutants do not. This is why the meta-human mutation is viewed as a syndrome and they are considered a new species. Mutants may simply have one strange ability or trait that separates them but still are in every respect, Human.


In this story we will for simplicity-sake accept the fact that Meta=humans are, for whatever reason, unique. They are anomalies that cannot be duplicated, nor can simple mutations be replicated as well. In reality, messing with an organism's genetic code will often have disastrous effects and so in this story it is best to leave a definite line between Humans, Meta-humans and Mutants. The reason for this is mainly to prevent the story line from degrading down that road where Mutants and Meta-Humans are made. Once that technology is at hand, what is stop the entire world from being populated with Meta-Humans? Not much, and the end result would not be very fun story-wise.


Meta's are commonly stronger and faster than your average Human. This is due to an increased muscle density that produces more power without making a person overly brawny, however, with training and exercising they will build muscle at surprisingly fast rate. To illustrate the dexterity and power most Meta's would be equal to a chimpanzee, this would be an average. So, the physiology of Meta's is really no different than that early man, who commonly possessed the athleticism of today's most prominent olympians. For example, scientists measured the gate of an ancient-man's foot prints, found preserved in the steppes of Europe and found that this average hunter nearly matched the speed of sprinter Usain Bolt (and it could be theorized that the hunter might have been conserving his energy).

They also have enhanced senses. They may have an increased hearing range but more often Meta's possess a heightened visual acuity that allow them to see the same amount frames as a cat's eye. Where a human will not be able to see all the movements of a darting house fly, the Meta's eye, like a cat's will see every motion. This highly developed vision and heightened hearing combined with their increased speed make meta-humans natural fighters. They are able to react to situations faster than most and their movements are naturally more precise.

Meta's are not only stronger, but heal quicker as well. They naturally recover from fatigue and mend wounds at a faster rate. Basically they are more durable.

Not all, Meta's are gifted with what are referred to as common, 'meta-ablities', but the majority possess these heightened attributes at some level. These traits can greatly vary and they must be honed through physical training to become effective in combat. Obviously a meta who has never relied on their heightened abilities may not even be aware that they are stronger or faster than your average human. Unless their strength or speed is anomalous or they possess some strange mutant power they could very well go through life and be none the wiser of what they are.


Meta-humans naturally covet their anonymity, but not all can hide so easily. Some are born with physical traits that readily distinguish them from a crowd. The majority of the population, however, can blend in but most do possess certain markers.

Markers are traits that also exist within the Human populace; features that 'tell' others in a species that something is different about them (a marker of incompatibility). They are rare traits and when they show up in quantity generally point to a 'syndrome'. The scientific community leans toward designating a Meta-human's 'condition' as a syndrome, that is, they do not believe their is one 'magic' gene that has produced what they are.

The most common marker of Meta-humans appear in the eyes, since they are one of the most prominent features of the Human race. Most have 'odd' eye colours which could occur in the population, thus one cannot go calling anyone with unusually bright green eyes as 'meta' but the trait when combined with other markers could betray what they are. Many meta's thus have a natural tendency to possess a 'chameleon' like ability as a defense, where their eyes have two states, one 'human-like' and the other appearing quite bizarre when using a meta-ability. Basically, if they stay acting normal, they appear normal.


It has been established that some Human's have a greater propensity for longevity, a trait that can be narrowed down to genetics. Meta's too possess a gene or gene's producing the same effect only in their case the anti-aging is far more prolific. Some meta's may very well live far beyond a century, and some will hardly suffer the ravishes of time. This explains how some super-hero's seem to linger on for decades, never seeming to succumb to age. Eventually most hero's will pass on the torch to a younger prodigy thus perpetuating the legend of their persona and what the idea of that character represents, but for some that may extend well beyond a normal Human life span.

Should a writer choose to adopt this beneficial trait, it is most wisely used to make their character older while retaining a youthful physique. Thus one can allot more experience without creating a venerable super-hero.

Hopefully this has helped to define the basic differences between Meta's and Humans. As previously stated not all Meta-humans will have these heightened abilities but they are the minority. Naturally if they are not distinguished from a Human by their physiology they will have other traits and powers that set them apart.

The Relationship between Flight, Invulnerability and Super Strength

Battalion was known for his invulnerability, great strength, flight and his ability to generate a force that could push, pull and suspend objects of incredible weight. The following helps to explain these ability in a scientific fashion.


An actual scientific concept as to how super-heroes can fly is described by the ability to manipulate gravitons. The graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravity in the framework of quantum field theory and by embracing this theory as truth in a science fiction setting it allows for a believable explanation.

A meta-human with the power of flight actually possesses the power to manipulate gravitons and this can be done in two ways:

Type 1. The most common form of this power is actually the power to repel gravitons. The meta-human can generate a field around their body that pushes away gravity, allowing them to slide through Earth's gravitational field propelling their levitation with a wave of kinetic force generated by their wake. Some can only enshroud their own bodies, others can extend the anti-graviton aura to others by touching them.

Type 2. Others can actually manipulate gravitons, generating their own gravity field and using it to push their way through the air. This power, allows a meta-human to utilize the ability to move objects, usually through touch but some can produce a wave that can be used at a distance. Superman is an example of this type of flight and he is able to transfer his great strength to his manipulation of gravitons so that he can lift just as much in the air as he can when his feet are planted on the ground.


Flying at high speeds requires the skin of the meta-human to have some protection and the aura that they produce be it anti-graviton or graviton generation is like an invisible shield that protects their eyes and their skin from minor scrapes and bruises.

Some meta-humans can, however, be gifted with powerful graviton fields and may not necessarily be able to fly. The invisible barrier can vary strength from a body shield able to ward minor concussion damage to deflecting bullets. Others may also develop the ability to produce force fields and be able to project them in various forms away from their body.

Super Strength

Once in a while there are meta-humans with average builds that are able to lift weights that greatly exceed their build. This could be explained by a form of telekinises or also a type of Invulnerability generated by 'graviton manipulation'.

Not all force field, super strength and flying abilities are going to work on the principle of graviton manipulation but it allows us to put these typical powers into perspective and use them in a realistic manner. This is of course a comic book world and people are welcome to develop whatever theories they choose, but in the absence of explanation the science of the world can defer to the information above.


Quote from Toril Njordhagen (Wraith) speaking with Dominic Cassius.
"Kid, when you were nothing but a twinkle in your father's eye I fought against the original 'Meta-human Registration'. I was there with, Battalion the strongest meta this world had ever, or ever will see when the super-heros made their appeal to the President. That was a great day for our kind, but none of us ever realized that behind the guise of the Treaty they were already planning to take us all down." Toril's chin than sank into his chest as he remembered the fall of Battalion and many other meta-humans that would happen years later.


In May of 1973, Malcolm Wilson, the 50th Governor of New York set a bill in motion to force all meta-humans to submit their names to a registry that would give the federal government the power to deem what ever necessary to regulate their powers and protect the American public. All super-heroes would be bound by law to reveal their true identities and even submit to surveillance if the National Security Agency felt it necessary in order to uphold the regulation.

Super-heroes naturally thought the idea was ludicrous. How could they ensure the safety of their loved ones if their true identities were made public? Many who used their powers and risked their lives to uphold truth and justice by combating super-human criminals spoke against the passing of such a law but their words fell on deaf ears. It was not until Battalion the strongest of the meta-humans made his stand. On a scorching August day a formal address was held on the White House lawn and there amidst a colourful sea of costumed super-heroes he pledged on behalf of all his kind their allegiance to the United States. President Nixon then spoke and together they signed the Rescindency Treaty that granted sanctuary on US soil for all crime fighting super heroes who pledged allegiance to the American government and registered under their alias.

In the year 1974, Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. became the new President of the United States and during his reign the Rescindency Treaty became a tool used against the very meta-humans it was designed to protect. To the meta-humans, President Ford, the man who pardoned Nixon and betrayed their kind was always referred to by his birth name, Leslie Lynch King, Jr. During the time of the 'Lynch King', many meta-humans were murdered and unjustly and in some states publicly hung. The stronger super-heroes would not act, knowing that their involvement would only start a war, and many innocent meta-humans would suffer and so they waited for a new President that the could appeal to and in 1977 one came to power that might have been able to re-instate the treaty but by then their had been too much violence.

In the Fall of 1978, the greatest of all super heroes, Battalion the Invincible Man intervened in the mass murders of ten vigilantes who had for years fought to preserve the law and keep peace on the streets. A child had been struck down by the stray bullet of a thug and a super-hero had been accused as the murderer. The arrival of his nine masked colleagues who had come to talk on his behalf had been seen as an act of aggression and what started as a peaceful protest quickly escalated into a stand between the meta-humans and the NYPD with the National Guard. Trying to keep the peace, Batallion attempted quell the hatred of both sides but when he was fired upon and the bullets that ricocheted off his body hit innocent civilians he could no longer remain impartial. Battalion killed several police officers and guards that day, and went from the symbol of American to public enemy number one in a few short hours. In the Summer of 1979 the powerful super-hero made his final stand against the US military in the Arizona desert. The battle went on for days until finally the mighty Battalion fell against the power of a nuclear warhead that also claimed the lives of 146 American soldiers who bravely sacrificed their lives to defeat the dangerous super-villain. The story is seen differently by meta-humans and other countries of the world, but the American public saw their military as heroes. When radiation levels were safe, a monument was constructed in their honor, but not even a head stone was allowed to offer any remembrance of the fallen Battalion.

The demise of Battalion set in motion the necessary steps for the Riggs Act and between the years of 1979 and 2004 some superheroes gave up and faded into obscurity while others remained to fight super-human criminals, risking their lives to uphold a government that was slowly turning against them. Their time eventually came to an end when the new Act came into effect and many of them chose the registry as opposed to living as outlaws. The registry provided most with security and a chance for a fresh new start in society, at least that's what the American public believed for little did they realize or dare to know that the Riggs Act stripped meta-humans of their basic rights and liberties.

1858? - 1979

To this day the true identity of Battalion is unknown. Through the years, Mutants and Humans alike have come forward to reveal what might be perceived as facts of the Invincible Man that was also known as the 'Battle Lion'. Details such as his age at the time of his death which was supposedly 121 years, and thus it has been surmised that he might have been everlasting as well as invulnerable to damage. It has also been discovered that he was not American born but in fact was German, fleeing from the father land before Hitler came in to power.

It seemed that his great strength and invulnerability increased with his age and he did not become 'super-human' until he was close to 50 years of age, but it seemed that he reached 30 years and stopped aging.

No one knows how Battalion who could not easily suffer damage, succumbed to the power of a nuclear weapon. Some say it was too much for him, and others believe that the military employed the help of one of his arch enemies who had discovered his weakness. Perhaps no one will ever know. There are some who also believe that Battalion never died, but was forced to leave Earth since only a handful of people ever claimed to see the body and all of them were high ranking government officials and military personal. Many Meta-humans still await his return, clinging to the dream that he will once again rise and lead them all in revolution against the oppressive Riggs Act.

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PostSubject: Re: COMPENDIUM   Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:08 pm

Riggs Act Investigation and Detention.



As the world adapted to the appearance of meta humans it became all too clear the conventional systems were quickly being outdated by the staggering pace at which meta humans developed. Even before the people turned against the meta humans it was blatantly apparent how ineffective the government’s ability to deal with these people was. Whether they liked it or not the people depended on meta humans to deal with each other while the government played catch-up.

RAID, like many of agencies concerning themselves with meta humans, has gone through several developments before they ultimately transformed into RAID. Originally the organization was known as the Agency for Specialized Detention. It was their duty to build and maintain detention centers in order to keep dangerous meta humans from endangering the people at large, though at the time these people could still count on many civil rights. Despite ASD’s enormous budget, manpower and great names which had been attracted to work for them, their ability to keep meta humans locked up for very long was limited.

Time progressed and the inability for the world’s governments to deal with the meta human threats began to bring down governments and in some cases almost entire countries. The United States, though vast and powerful, still had only a limited amount of resources and though they had drastically increased funding to agencies like the ASD none of them preformed as promised. In the end the government saw no other possibility but to begin limiting meta human rights instead of increasing funding even further. ASD and others quickly began developing and using a variety of weapons and using techniques to keep meta humans from breaking out as they were allowed to ignore more and more civil rights. Soon the tide began to turn and the United States Government could start to take meta human matters into its own hands.

As the government established its power on the meta human scene and the public’s opinion of meta humans reached an all time low the time was right for laws such as the Riggs Act. When finally the Riggs Act went into law the ASD was transformed into RAID and they were given a practical carte blanche regarding their methods for detaining meta humans. Whereas previously rules and regulations made it hard for the ASD to understand or test meta human powers, they now had the means to create truly specialized cells while learning a great deal about meta humans.

RAID’s success was a shining example and quickly its sphere of influence grew. Having recently made a commitment towards even more fundamental and far reaching research into meta humans they have added a great deal of research capabilities which are beginning to bring forward all sorts of new weapons against meta humans.

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PostSubject: Re: COMPENDIUM   Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:10 pm

R.A.I.D. Enforcers

R.A.I.D. Agents

Hank Stanfield bears the title of Overseer and is the director for all of R.A.I.D.'s world wide operations.
Some people say that he may be the most powerful man in the world.



Agent Henkel got in his car and headed up Broadway. He drove for a little over ten minutes before he hung a right then made a left onto a one way street called North Kenmore Avenue, a nice residential street lined with grand old homes most of which had been transformed into rental properties or condos. He slowed down when he came to a renovated three story brick building that had been divided into single family dwellings and pressed the garage door opener remote lying on the passenger seat. A single garage door slid open and he pulled into into it.

Henkel had decided to take advantage of R.A.I.D.'s expense account. Since he was officially in collaboration with them, he tapped into their housing budget which greatly exceeded the Bureau's and leased a condo in a popular area of the city. He thought, 'what the hell'. If R.A.I.D. was willing to shell out for 80% of the expenses he might as well get himself a nice place, and maybe after everything was over he might even consider staying. It was a big dream maybe of course, but a guy had to have dreams, Henkel considered.

When he was settled in, Henkel climbed the stairs to the second level, walked down the hallway and unlocked the door to an out-of-the-way room. The spare room had been converted into an office, and sensitive material was strewn across the desk and tacked up on the walls, completely covering one. He took a sip of his beer then held it above the desk while he searched for a small island of clear area to set it down, then he struck his keyboard and woke up his computer. A familiar face flashed up on the monitor, one distinctly recognizable as one, Tim Rutherford.


RAID Weaponry

One of the standard weapons that RAID agents carry is a PLASMA GUN.

The plasma gun discharges a pale blue coloured stream of electrical plasma, the force of which can be adjusted. The more powerful the blast, the more of a drain it will have on the weapon and therefor limit the amount times it can be used before a new battery is required.

The weapon's intensity can range from a very light stun to a single burst powerful enough to blast through steel. The Plasma carries with it an impact, that damages it's target with heat, electrical shock and kinetic force.

Specialized Batteries and Plasma Tubes are used to supply the power and ammunition for the weapon. They are combined in a single 'Plasma Cartridge'. Once they are spent there are only a few 'Production Plants', regulated by the Government that can re-infuse the cartridges with plasma through a very complex process. Should someone acquire a plasma weapon they would have a very limited supply of ammunition.

A Plasma weapon can be set for burst, stream or spray.

Burst: Drains the least amount of energy and blasts a single shot of plasma electricity.

Stream: Shoots a continuous ray of electricity

Pulse: Multiple Bursts.

Spray: Is a burst that covers a wide range. Multiple targets can be hit but they take less damage.

A Plasma weapon is Law Enforcement's equalizer against meta-human's with Molecular and Elemental powers. While the may seem to be the ultimate weapon, plasma electricity has many draw backs:

- A Plasma Hand Gun has an effective burst range of 100 yards. The Rifle - 200 yards.

- A Spray is reduced to half of the burst or stream range.

- Plasma Electricity, while still able to effect grounded materials is dispersed by those metals which are good at conducting electricity. Copper and Aluminum while they will carry the charge of a plasma blast will actually weaken the damage because it will be spread out. People receiving a conducted blast will still suffer shock damage but nothing else.

- Using a plasma weapon at it's highest level, drains the battery extremely fast. In order to get at least twenty shots out of a single battery, the weapons power must be set a level that is not lethal. The blasts will stun an average person with a direct hit and any burn damage is minimal.

Weaker versions of this weapon (with stunning power only) is fast becoming the weapon of choice for law enforcement, but they are strictly regulated. Every plasma has coded chip in it that require a code to activate the gun. The chip is not designed to respond to a signal, only physical contact on the key pad will unlock or lock the chip. A major draw back is it's limited range and battery life span. They are also very expensive weapons to produce and it is due to this cost that still makes them unpopular world wide.

So far RAID is the only agency to commonly utilize the more lethal version of Plasma Weaponry.


The Psyonic Scrambler is a device that weighs roughly a hundred pounds and supports a large dish, with a diameter roughly one meter. They produce a signal that countermands telepathic brain waves and can cover an area roughly the size a baseball diamond. The signal makes all entities and objects not naturally part of the area invisible to clairvoyants, they will see the area as it usually is but see nothing else that has changed, thus they do not suspect that they are being blocked. The device also disrupts telepathic attacks and abilities and may even have an effect on other meta-abilities reliant on waves.

One does not pick these things up at Walmart but the technology is available and so these devices can be constructed if one is able to obtain all the parts necessary.


R.A.I.D. Agent Lance Garret - REGMET Unit

Birkshire stood before his windowed wall his hands in his pockets, looking out over the office area, focusing on one man in particular. He turned, to the agents both wondering or not to sit down then turned back to the window. "Do you see that enforcer?" he asked them, and the two men approached the window and studied him. A young man, who face reflected much more than his years could contain. A handsome face, weathered and scarred stared blankly ahead, anticipating nothing, but the intensity of his eyes told a different story.

"Agent Lance Garret of the REG-MET Division, codename, Hangman." Birkshire informed them.

"REG-MET?" Questioned, Henkel not understanding the term.

"Registered Meta-human Division." Explained Birkshire, his eyes flashing toward the older FBI agent, anticipating his criticizing glare, knowing too well that, Henkel would be the first to accuse him of being a hypocrite, "He's a registered meta-human and an Enforcer, one of the best."

Henkel was confused. "You mean, this guy hunts his own kind? And you trust him?"

"Implicitly." Answered Birkshire, "He alone has captured more meta's single handedly than the combined efforts of any task force. Agent Garret is a patriot. He lives to serve his country and believes in what we do. He has sworn to uphold the law and capture or even kill any meta-human that opposes the registry. In return for his service he receives special privileges, but he asks nothing more than any other registered meta receives."

Henkel and Jameson both shared a look then stared back out at the focused man who was apparently waiting for Birkshire to summon him.

"So what makes this guy so good? What powers does he have?" Inquired Jameson.

"The most powerful one of all. He's an inhibitor." Birkshire informed them.

Henkel screwed up his face. "So what, he cancels out super powers?" he questioned in disbelief.

"Yes." Birkshire simply replied, "Mind you he can't rob a meta-human of their physical attributes, but he prevents any extraordinary powers from working. He himself is stronger and faster than normal and so by eliminating a meta-human's special abilities he is often more than a match for them."

Birkshire turned and sat down at his desk, gesturing for Henkel and Jameson to take their seats. He pressed the intercom button on his phone and requested that Agent Garret be shown into his office.

Agent Garret entered the room and stood before Birkshire's desk like a soldier awaiting command. He had been participating in tactical exercises prior to his summons and hadn't had time to change, not that he would of if given the chance, he spent more time in his uniform than out and preferred it.

"Agent Garret, this Special Agent Henkel and Special Agent Jameson." Birkshire introduced.

The men stood and exchanged handshakes then resumed their places. Birkshire then motioned for Garret to sit and with a, "Thank you, sir." he joined the two FBI agents.

Birkshire then proceeded to brief the men on why he wanted them to meet. "I want you three to work together starting this minute. I believe we have an incredible opportunity not only to pool our resources but to unite our expertise as we work together for the common goal of apprehending these rebellious meta-humans." he told them, then paused to access the computer on his desk and a large wall mounted monitor to the men's left came alive with a picture of the meta-human, Apex Fusion.

"Apex is our foremost concern, but I would like you to concentrate on the capture of the following unregistered metas." he began, and picture of the mutant Amazon flashed up on the screen. "This is an artistic rendering of the thief, since she has some kind of ability that inhibits her image from being captured. I believe that Amazon is a bigger fish than anyone suspects. She has ties with Apex that might be able to be exploited."

The image changed to another artistic rendering. "This is a depiction of the criminal known as Cowboy to us and Wrangler to the general public. He has been encountered in Chicago and I WANT him caught and brought to justice once and for all." Birkshire ordered, then he changed the screen again and went over the profile of the meta known as Sigma Slayer or Sigma Seventeen, briefly then concentrated on the final outlaw known as Wraith. "This guys been kicking around since the seventies," Birkshire began, "He's always been crime fighter, but it looks likes he's taken a turn for the worst after the destruction he caused to the city by producing a tornado in the warehouse district. Several RAID operatives would killed, not to mention civilians and damages estimated to be in the millions."

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PostSubject: Re: COMPENDIUM   Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:11 pm


In the 1950's a group of powerful meta-humans founded the secret organization in order to preserve the rights of their kind. They joined their brothers and sisters in costume, fighting to preserve peace around the world, but never divulged their true identities, realizing that although they risked their lives for Humans and Mutants alike that they may one day be persecuted for their vigilantism.

Many of Beacon's controllers who can blend into the Human world, hold positions of power in the United States and Canadian governments. This influence allows Beacon to operate above the law, and gain otherwise unobtainable knowledge of other agencies.

Since the Riggs Act, however, the strength of the organization has dwindled as the ideals of R.A.I.D., now sway the minds of the public. Resources that were once plentiful have been stifled by the re-organization of the government and the controllers now find it necessary to risk exposure by personally entering the field once more. It now seems that Beacon's end is drawing near and even the oldest members are preparing to abandon what was once the bastion for meta-human rights. Too many times has the organization exploited their own people for the greater good, and now in their final days turmoil exists in the company, two factions have formed, those who are struggling to continue and those who are ready to succumb to R.A.I.D. and live out the rest of their lives in detention.

Some of Beacons Controllers:

General Sloan Torrance - a.k.a. PATRIOT

He might just be one of, if not the oldest meta-human in the world.
The Patriot was a 'Captain America' style super-hero.

Colonel Vacily Serge Petrovsky - a.k.a. SURGE

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PostSubject: Re: COMPENDIUM   Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:13 pm

The Eden Foundation is a bio-tech research facility whose mission is to re-forest the world and develop hardier vegetables and crops to feed third world countries.

The building itself was first constructed in 1953, and operated as a government controlled research facility until 1968. The facility turned commercial in the 1970's and has since then undergone many name changes, the most recent being 'The Eden Foundation' founded nine years ago.

The Eden Foundation is just one of the many cover operations used to conceal the meta-human prison below it. After the passing of the Riggs Act, it became known as the Eastern R.A.I.D. Meta-Detention Centre.

Doctor Michael Eden, a covert R.A.I.D. operative is the figure head for the foundation. He actually uses the facility to conduct his own research and experimentation on plants and animals, while the labs that are visible to the public are all staged to maintain the illusion of the wholesome research foundation.

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The Eastern R.A.I.D. Meta-Detention Centre

Location: undisclosed (Lake Placid, New York. At the end of Botoulas Way down an unmarked road)

Even prior to the passing of the Riggs Act, the Eastern Meta-Detention Centre had existed to incarcerate the most dangerous of meta-humans. Now the prison, is used to detain all the non-humans captured by R.A.I.D.

The prison is overseen by Warden Harrison Tomes, a fastidious man who demands that the entire centre meets his high standards at all times.

Captain Jacob Rathbone, an enormous man who delights in the punishment of meta-humans is the Warden's right hand man.

All prisoners entering the detention centre will be immediately taken to a holding area designed to contain any kind of mutant that R.A.I.D. has on record. They will remain there while they are processed for placement, which first entails them to divulge everything they know about their meta-abilities, then whether they are truthful or not are sent to the 'lab'. The Processing Area, or 'Lab', contains a variety of equipment designed to specifically test what I meta-human is capable of by forcing an involuntary defensive reaction, or in other words they are tortured.

After processing they are dumped in cell modified to hold their specific powers and medication may be prescribed to inhibit their powers.

Prisoners are contained in a Polyhedron, a ten sided uni-sex, pod that holds nine cells, the tenth wall being the portal. At one time only two of the pod, are allowed to leave their cells and access the courtyard if the behaviour warrants it.

Each cell offers the prisoner an enclosed bathroom (changing room) with a small shower, which is also designed to be a death trap for those who abuse the privilege of the privacy. They have been given the luxury as many of the meta-human will never leave their cells, and so basic human rights have afforded them some sense of a normal life.

The cells vary in design, but all are open to reveal what the prisoner is doing at all times and when ever a guard so chooses they can seal a cell with a heavy, non-magnetic poly-alloy that descends from the ceiling.

Meal times are purposely unscheduled as are many other events and inspections in the centre, never allowing the prisoners to get used to a routine.

Polyhedron example:

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Over the years there has been a growing number of meta-humans and humans alike who have taken up arms against the militant control of R.A.I.D. and the mutant registry. They are simply referred to as the Resistance. Anyone who resists R.A.I.D. or harbors those wanted by them is considered part of the Resistance.



UMBRA is a meta-human organization started in Chicago. It defies R.A.I.D. but they also believe that their kind should not only be free, but that they should be in control. They preach that meta-humankind is superior and they should naturally be elevated in status.

Naturally it is more than often the criminal-minded that are attracted by UMBRA. These individuals seek refuge in the syndicate and use it to form allegiances with other like-minded meta's.

The leader of UMBRA is a powerful meta-human called Apex Fusion.

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