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PostSubject: • MAGIC   Fri May 22, 2009 10:19 am


In the story of No More Dreams the power of magic has awoken with the Dragons. Once more Humans have been touched by it but as yet they can harness it's pure form, they can only utilize specific disciplines. Why this is, people cannot readily say. Perhaps it is simply because they approach magic from a scientific perspective and lack the belief of its mystical properties. It is a monotheistic world and this belief has narrowed the scope of their potential, but times are changing.

There has always been magic. It was used by the Tiann people (Most like the Chinese culture of our world). Their lore and legend prior to the cataclysmic arrival of the Dragon were thought of as a fables; only now do people suspect otherwise. The lives of these people were entwined in magic, and currently they now live amongst a benign weyr of Dragons, one that does not agree with the ways of those who have devastated the Western World.

Those Humans that are blessed or cursed with the gift of magic possess one of the following classes:


MIND encompasses a wide variety of abilities but you character will at first only touch upon one of these skills, such as telekinises, telepathy or clairvoyance.

BODY is the power to manipulate just that - the body. This ability usual manifests itself as healing, but one may be creative and find other avenues for the class if the choose.

ELEMENTAL is self explanatory but in the beginning the budding magic-user will only specialize in one of the elements and it may be that they will never develop any power over the others.

SHADOW is the ability to manipulate darkness. The darkness of the nature and of the spirit. It is an evil power and one that can quickly corrupt a person if they let it.

ILLUSION is basically the power to deceive. These people can generate illusions and master invisibility among other skills that are all based on concealment and misdirection.

ENCHANTMENT a rare ability possessed by few. It allows one to infuse items with their power and over time that power will be able to tap into the other classes.

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Posts : 2902
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PostSubject: Re: • MAGIC   Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:53 pm

Magical Lore of Korradanth

Long ago the Tiann people learned a secret that was lost in time. They learned that Dragons and the magical essence of the world were connected.

Draconian is Magic. Magic is Draconian.

The Dragon's Tongue or Draconian, is a telepathic language that only their kind can speak and now only the oldest know it's pure form. Less mature Dragons now use a more rudimentary from of the speech, one that hardly touches upon the 'Prana of the World'.

Pure Draconian is the language of magic, derived from the Song of Creation, the mystical words that dwell within the fabric of reality itself. The same very language, that those gifted with magical talents can learn and manipulate to alter the world around them.

The cycles of magic ebb and flow with the slumbers of the Dragons. When they are dormant, the mystical world is seen as if through half closed eyes. Once powerful spells and abilities are that once flowed like a raging river are reduced to trickling streams. Thus is the way of magic. So long as Dragons are awake in the world, magic is at it's height of power.

When the Dragon's sleep the magic that is yet dormant in beings remains hidden. Perhaps their time shall come and go, without ever knowing of their gifts but once the Dragon's are awake the power radiates within them and remains so until the end of their days, even if the Dragons return to their deep dens and once more drift off to their deathly dormancy.

Human's are born with a gift within a specific realm of magic, while the Mermadon and even some Ta'kun can have a range of mystical talents. Over time, however, due to their increased life spans, magical Human's can began to learn (but not master) other orders of magic. They utilize their magical abilities by studying the ancient incantations and manuals written through the ages by other magical beings. These writings, allow magic-users to tap into their own 'magical-tongue', which is a translation of the 'Song of Creation', which when thought or spoken produces an effect that defies the natural physical order of the world set by nature.

Pure Draconian is not spoken, it is a telepathic language that generates sound and by combining the words with which a Dragon can magically alter the world around them. Only the old Dragons can do this at will, while the younger ones who no longer know the pure tongue tap into the essence of the world like any other being in order to produce and use magic. Younger Dragons, speak Draconish, which is now the common speech of their kind, a telepathic language that touches upon minds at great distances without losing it's volume. While an old Dragon can kill with a word of the pure language, they have lost that ability and thus far none have ever regained it.

Should a non-Dragon, ever learn and master Pure Draconian they would not only be able to understand the Dragons, but they would in time also be able to manipulate the Song of Creation itself, a power that would challenge the most ancient of Dragon-kind.
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