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PostSubject: SHADOW WORLD - THIS IS THE SHADOW WORLD   Fri May 15, 2009 3:45 pm


Set in the modern day world, where information can be as strong a weapon as a nuclear bomb. Where international arms dealers seek to profit by the selling and trading of weapons, technology and information. The drug cartels flourish in international trade, kidnappings are on the rise and the sex and slavery trade is growing. Piracy is rampant, counterfeiting, sabotage and suicide bombings have become common place. This is a world of Super Powers like the United States and Communist China. Nations with nuclear capabilities like France, Great Britain, India, Israel and Pakistan and rogue nations led by dictators that seek weapons of mass destruction. Nations like Pautbelli Kimjongil's North Korea and Ubet Iamajihadist’s Iran, along with countless fanatical terrorist organization led by fanatics like international terrorist leaders Osama Bin Anarchist and Iwana Bringchaos.

In this world of global politics, rouge nations, mercinaries, international paid assassins, international criminal syndicates, global terrorism and the constant threat of nuclear blackmail and destruction. There are, "THE SHADOW WARRIORS", those that fight to keep the world safe and free, and those that want to destroy freedom and profit from chaos. It is a world where people and things are not always as they appear. This is the shadowy world where freedom loving people like International Formula 1 Racing Champion and United State’s Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Agent Michael Degarrio work. Him and people like him strive to rid the world of evil.
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