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 Risus - Character Creation Thread

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PostSubject: Risus - Character Creation Thread   Tue May 12, 2009 1:34 pm

Please post ideas, questions about creating a characters and actual characters here.

Character Creation:

Characters will be 8 dice plus one for the hook (a weakness or plot point an evil dm can exploit, for example, you character is allergic to bees, or in trouble with the law, or will never hit a woman wearing glasses, etc.) and one for the tale (a typical back story of how the character got to where they are today).

So with 10 dice total, what does that mean? Well in Risus a character is defined by their clichés. A cliché has two parts, the title and a number in parentheses. The title tells one what the cliché is good for and the number in the brackets represents how many dice are in the cliché (the more dice the better one is at that cliché)

For example, a cliché could be as vanilla as Fighter (3) (and armed with the knowledge that this is a fantasy setting, that means sword/axe/spear wielding character) or better (and funner) yet- Master Swordsman of the Broad-blade Academy (3). Now on paper each of these would be the same effectiveness, but the second one is much more descriptive, and better defines the character.

So a 10 dice character would look something like this:

Humbolt the Warrior
Humbolt is a man in his early twenties, stands about 6’8” tall and is dressed in fine furs and chain mail. He has a backpack and massive sword strapped to his back.

Barbarian of the Frozen Wastes (4), Master Swordsman of the Broad-blade Academy (3), Trade Negotiator (2), Wine Coinsure (1)

Tale + Hook (this is an outline, and actual background should be fleshed out a bit more):
He lived in the frozen wastes for most of his life. Father was the Chieftain. Went on trade missions where he met a lady who liked fine wines. Accidentally killed neighboring tribes mascot do to fear of dogs (hook), was banished to the Broad-blade Academy by his father until things cooled off at home.

Any questions please let me know!
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Risus - Character Creation Thread
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