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 4. Mythos of the Bridge

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PostSubject: 4. Mythos of the Bridge   Sat May 09, 2009 4:04 pm

The category & forum names are taken from the Norse and for those of you who are unfamiliar with the mythology you can find the reasoning behind the titles here.

The Bifrost Bridge (also known as the Rainbow Bridge) was the old Norse depiction of the aurora borealis, or otherwise known as the northern lights, which they believed to be the bridge to the realm of the gods connecting Asgard to Midgard.

Heimdall is a Norse god, an Aesir and guardian of the Bifrost Bridge. He can hear grass growing and single leaves falling, see to the end of the world, and is so alert that he requires no sleep at all. It is fitting that it is within his forum that introductions are made and discussions held.

Tyr the one handed god known for his great honesty and courage is the keeper of the laws, which is why the site rules exist within this forum.

Mímir's Well
It is the Well of Wisdom, that Odin the All father, sacrificed is eye to drink from. That's why advice and information about the site can be found in this forum.

Grimnir is one of Odin's many guises and was known for his many sayings, and so his inn is a place for sharing and discussing stories.

The Norse referred to realm in which Earth resided in as Midgard, or Middle World. It has been named so because all the adventures it holds reside within Earth based settings.

Portals of Asgard
Asgard was the home of the Aesir, the gods that existed within the pantheon of Odin the All father. All the stories under this category have fantasy settings.

Trembling Roadway
Bifrost can be translated 'tremulous way' or 'trembling roadway'.
This category is the host of table top style role play in the form of Play & Post adventures. If you are seeking a more controlled environment where a Game Master calls the shots this is your place.

It is also known as the 'Mist World' and located at the roots of Yggdrasill the World Tree. All the forums under this category have to do with site development and archival, and so the name was fitting.

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4. Mythos of the Bridge
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