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 SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here

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PostSubject: SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here   Fri May 08, 2009 9:51 am


Michael Anthony Degarrio, was born on May 22nd Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-three on Long Island, New York to a naturalized American / French mother & Sicilian father. A graduate of Yale University School of Law, where he graduated in the top five percentile of his class. Michael’s passions include Grand Prix Racing, Indy Car Racing, Scuba Diving, Offshore Power Boat Racing, Hydroplane Racing, Flying, Skydiving and Sailing.

Michael’s Father, Don Vito Degarrio, taught him at an early age to respect God, women, those of authority, those of greater age, honesty and integrity. To receive respect it first had to be earned. That his word, once given, was the ultimate contract. That women and children were to be protected at all times.

His father often times told him “I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can be careless. But not men. And remember son a man that does not spend time with his family, can never be a true man.”

Michael’s father guided with a loving yet firm hand. The use of language always preceded the use of the hand. That hand was firm when the language failed to be heard.

Friendship and alliances were things to be honored. He would say “A true friend is one that walks in when the rest of the world walks out. .... Friends are God’s way of taking care of us."


While Michael was away at law school, his father was assassinated, along with his brother and his father's two body guards, outside his New York City office building. A full New York City Police and FBI investigation was conducted, the assassin’s were never found. There were rumors of corrupt police and gangland ties, no evidence was ever found to substantiate these rumors. However, a series of unsolved homicides of three New York City Patrolmen, a New York City Police Captain and four Mafia bosses followed shortly after the investigation ended. ....... Michael was investigated and cleared of all involvement.

After his father’s death, Michael’s mother insisted that he finish law school. Which he did and graduated with honors in the top five percentile of his class. Shortly after graduation, Michael was recruited by the CIA.


Michael’s mother still lives in the Degarrio Mansion on the family estate in upstate New York, where Michael visits and stays often. As well as the Villas in Italy, Sicily, Spain, southern France, the hacienda in Brazil and the home in Tahiti. Michael has an apartment at The Dakota in New York City, overlooking Central Park and a beach house in Key Largo, Florida

In a garage, on the estate in New York, is where Michael's extensive collection of classic sports and racing cars are housed. After his first Grand Prix victory, his mother had a trophy room constructed off his fathers library. Where she displays the trophies he has won and a large collection of photographs. She insists on embarrassing him often, when guest are at the estate, by taking them on a tour there.

Often telling them how he, at the age of nine, was caught racing the family Bentley around the estate’s lake. He swerved to miss the estate’s gardener, Michael and the Bentley ended up in the lake.


While recovering in Switzerland, from a Grand Prix Racing accident, Michael’s fiances, her father, two brothers and their wives vanished without a trace. there were rumors of an explosion at sea aboard Don Michael Cosicconi, her father’s, yacht. After his recovery, he investigated the rumors using all the resources at his disposal with no results.


The British Grand Prix 2001
The Grand Prix of Belgium 2001
The Grand Prix of Germany 2002
The Grand Prix of Australia 2002
The Grand Prix of Hungary 2002
The Grand Prix of France 2003
La Mas 2003
Italian Grand Prix 2003
The British Grand Prix 2003
The Grand Prix of France 2003
The Grand Prix of Canada 2004
The Grand Prix of Mexico 2004
La Mas 2004
Italian Grand Prix 2004
The Grand Prix of the USA 2004
The Grand Prix of Monaco 2005
The Grand Prix of Belgium 2005
The Grand Prix of Germany 2005
The Grand Prix of Australia 2005
The Grand Prix of Hungary 2005
The Grand Prix of France 2005
Italian Grand Prix 2005
The Grand Prix of Monaco 2006
The Grand Prix of Belgium 2006
The Grand Prix of Germany 2006
The Grand Prix of France 2006

A glorious fourth win in France for Michael, made sweeter by the fact that his mother was there to witness it, and his twenty-third win. Michael pulled into pit row.....stood up in the car......removed his helmet.....smiled to the crew and said... " Good job guys this win is yours as well...... Now on to Brazil and number twenty-four.” Little does he know things were about to change. He has been living on the edge of a cliff and the rocks are beginning to crumble.


No doubt distracted and his concentration not at its peak, Michael's uncanny luck ran out in Brazil. Michael would not walk away from this one, he would have to be carried.

Although alive, he is severely injured and unconscious. Cut from his mangled race car, the rescue workers placed him on a backboard, placed him into a helicopter and he is flown to the hospital.

After twenty seven hours of surgery, his eighty year old mother walking with her cane at his side, Michael was taken to a private room, he had paid the price for his inattention and lack of concentration. ....... As his life hangs in the balance Michael remembered his fathers words:
"Woman and children can be careless but not men." .... And his mother's fears.

Latter in the hospital, after three days, he regained consciousness, in a body cast, with his aging and concerned mother sitting at his bedside. The doctors told him he would never walk or race again. ...... Michael looks at them with a set determined face, his eyes cold as stones.

His mother holding his bandaged hand, looked at the doctors, smiled proudly and said " You not know my son. He just like his papa. ..... You look that face. then you say he not do something."

Incapacitated with near fatal injuries Michael returned to the family’s estate in upstate New York. There under the care of his aging mother, he learned to walk again and has fully recovered. Michael has returned to racing, despite his mother’s fears.


2008 AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX (Melbourne) Race Time = 1:34:50.515
FORMULA 1 PETRONAS MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX (Kuala Lumpur) Race Time = 1:31:08.443
2008 GRAND PRIX OF BAHRAIN ( Shikar ) Race Time = 1:31:06.696

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PostSubject: Re: SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here   Fri May 15, 2009 3:21 pm

Jessica “Jessie” Bishop

Height: 5’8” Weight 160 lbs Eyes: Hazel Hair: Dark Brown
Age: 37 Birthplace: Telaviv, Israel

Mossad Agent

Jessie’s parents went to Israel on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and loved it so much, they decided to stay. Becoming missionary’s in a volatile land, they were murdered one night by zealous radicals leaving their infant daughter to die. With no other family to take her in, she was raised by the family of one of the soldiers that found her parents bodies.

Jessie became a daughter to the man and his wife, who already had five sons. The boys took to her as much as their parents did and before long, Jessie was seen running after them around every corner of the street they lived on.

As Jessie grew up, she studied with her brothers and when they got old enough to join the military, she would practice fighting with them when they came home for visits. Her mother worried she was too masculine and would not attract a good husband but her father saw the determination in Jessie’s eyes and saw how quickly she caught on.

When Jessie graduated high school, she wanted to join the military just like all her high school friends were doing, but she was prohibited in doing so since she wasn’t Israeli. Crushed, she didn’t leave her room for almost three days. On the third day her father came to her room with a strange man she’d never seen before. The man was very interested in her and when he was done talking to her, he left the room with her father. A few minutes later, Jessie was asked to come out of her room. Reluctantly doing as her father asked, she walked out to find the man standing there as well. Handing her a backpack, he tossed it at her and told her to get only the bare necessities and come with him. Confused, she looked to her mother and father for answers, but they were as tight lipped as the man. Grudgingly she went to get the things she knew she couldn’t go without and left her home.

Little did Jessie know that she had just been recruited by the Massod. The Israeli Intelligence Institute. After a grueling training she was broken down only to be built back up as only a true Massod agent could be. Learning hand to hand combat, sharp shooting and being taught investigative procedures, Jessie was finally given her first assignment.

Completing her assignment in almost record time, The Massod realized the asset they had in her. She wasn’t the typical ‘looking’ Massod agent and could slip easily into almost any area of the world. With each assignment she was given, Jessie proved she was indeed the asset they thought her to be.

Now, as she helps against the global war on terrorism and tries to help the Israeli’s stay one step ahead of their enemies, she finds she’s doing more and more work with the CIA. Not that she minds, but when one is used to working alone all the time, it cramps her style when she has to work with one or two other agents from another country.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.
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PostSubject: Re: SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here   Fri May 15, 2009 4:03 pm

Welcome Jessie. Jessica "Jessie" Bishop is gratefully approved.

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PostSubject: Re: SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here   Sat May 16, 2009 6:20 pm

Wayland Forest
Height: 6'2”
Weight: 220lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Pale Blonde
Age: 33
Birthplace: Oxford, England

C. I. A. Operative
Wayland Forest is a very precise individual, a perfectionist. Since he was a child he had the habit of studying the entire contents of a room when he first entered it and later could recount every detail, right down to the order of a movie library or the level of the salt shaker. This combined with a calculating mind afforded him success in life but so often such gifts are not accompanied by the desire to succeed, at least not in the conventional fashion accepted by society.

His obsessions were manic, once Wayland began something he could focus on nothing else and through his life this quirk drove away friends and family, leading him down a shady path of deception. Should he have been born with a trusting nature he would have like so many who walked that road been swallowed up by it, but, Wayland questioned everything. He was always aware of people's ulterior motives and was convinced that everyone had them.

In his youth, Wayland had become engrossed in the study of legerdemain. He practiced everyday until his moves were perfect, until his tricks appeared to be 'magic' and perhaps for a brief time in his life he was content to become something. Wayland's, sleight of hand, however, would never lead him to the stage but instead it allowed him to relieve people of their possessions. With a few simple moves he could acquire what it would take several performances to earn, and so the road before him was set.

Handsome and debonair, Wayland could charm his way into the wealthiest pockets but he didn't stop there. He craved greater challenges, and the money soon became secondary to the thrill of removing something without anyone aware of it's ever leaving, just like magic. In fact as his infamy grew, the international thief began to leave his calling card in the most obscure places but as time passed, none were found. Until one day, in a Budapest newspaper article, there was a small write up of an overseas agent assisting in the investigation of a theft that occurred in a local gallery. Intrigued he read on and the government agents was quoted as saying, "Who ever this thief is. He has to be some sort of magician.", and it was then that he had found a worthy opponent. The agent's choice of his descriptive word was not random, and Wayland knew that they had found his card, a major arcana of the tarot, the magician.

By hacking into several databases, Wayland finally found his opponent's name to be, Lee Darius, an agent of a specialized C. I. A. . department created specifically to quell the every growing problem of illegal smuggling, fraud and international theft. The man was highly decorated and had assisted in several investigations that had lead to the capture of several of Wayland's direct competitors on the market.

The years that followed the birth of the 'Magician' were happy ones for Wayland, and he looked forward to each of he and agent Darius' encounters. The world had become their chess board, and he was always several moves ahead of the MI VI., but of course he couldn't take all the credit, after the all, the world, especially the United States of America, harbored even condoned criminal acts. Agent Darius was fighting a losing battle, and at times he almost felt sorry for him, and in an attempt to keep his spirits up, Wayland even began sending him Christmas cards, and even presents on his birthday, but they were never to taunt the man. Quite to the contrary, Wayland enjoyed writing to, Lee who had become what he felt was his only true friend. His own personal life was a hollow shell of failed relationships and tasteless food and he longed to meet the own constant in his life face to face, but knew that could never happen. Then it seemed that never came, in the form of an intercepted to email from Darius' office, and when Wayland read it his heart sunk as he learned that his only friend was sick. The message was a confirmation that agent Darius had a very rare liver disorder and that the outcome was inevitably grim.

Wayland was beside himself. He began to experience feelings he never realized before and when he looked into a mirror to discover that the sensation on his cheek was a tear, his world turned upside down. What would he do after Darius was gone? it was that revelation that lead him to realize that despite this illness Darius would not chase him forever. It had been six years, and he knew that the agents department had just about given up pursuing the Magician. Was this all he wanted out of life? Was there more? Reading over the email one more time, he realized then that there was only one person in this world that could give him the answers he so desperately needed.

For the first time in his life, Wayland put his genius and resources to work for someone other than himself. He studied medical journals, contacted physicians and traveled across Europe until he found a specialist that could save his friend. Then he arranged by anonymous donation for agent Darius to be transferred to Switzerland where he underwent a procedure that reversed his condition. Wayland was so delighted when he heard the news, that he picked up his coat, grabbed his keys and drove across three countries to visit his old friend, at least that's what he wanted to do. He never got further than his front door, and standing their in the threshold, between his world and next, Wayland knew it was time to get his answers.

It was Autumn, and agent Lee Darius sat back in his hospital bed and marveled over a spectacular view of Zürich. To know that he would be able to see much more of the beauty of the world was something that he had never thought he would contemplate, but second chances will do that a person he figured. When a tall, fair haired man in an immaculately tailored suit walked into his room, the agent just knew who he was. He couldn't explain it, but he had been expecting him. There was no animosity in the agents expression as the visitor sat down beside his bed, only a mutual respect that went far beyond what words could describe. For a long time they just stared at one another, as if both were replaying the last six years of their lives and imagining what if over all that time they had been friends. Then Wayland spoke two words that would end a chapter of his life, and a new one would begin.

"What now?"

Agent Lee Darius' department was being shut down, but he was being placed as the head of a whole new division designed to battle international terrorism. He would be working in direct conjunction with Interpol, and was granted the power to use any means necessary to ensure the peace and safety of the world. His first recruit, was Wayland Forest, who accepted the offer and met the challenge head on. He excelled in basic training, and his performances in all areas of his training were exemplary. Now under the supervision of Lee Darius, Wayland matches his wits against those trying to accomplish what he had, and infiltrate organizations that undermine the very governments he once exploited. Lee told him, 'that to sometimes you need to be a shadow to see in the dark', and so he continues to live under the guise of an international thief, working under cover to bring terrorists to justice or bring justice to them.

Aptitudes and Skills

Highly Perceptive, Eidetic Memory, Language Talent (Speaks several languages and can pick on new ones very quickly), Programming (Hacking), Electronics and knowledge of security systems & communications, Lock Picking, Art forgery, Sleight of Hand, Hand to hand combat training, Marksmanship, Pilot (Fixed Wing and Rotor), Wine & Beer connoisseur. He also has several connections on the black market, as he has to maintain his cover.
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PostSubject: Re: SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here   Sat May 16, 2009 7:25 pm

Welcome Wayland Forest and thank you for joining us.
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PostSubject: Re: SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here   Wed May 20, 2009 4:15 pm

Lee Darius

Age: 45 Hgt: 6'0" Wgt: 185 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Birth Place: Wichita, Kansas
Nationality: American

C.I.A. Director

Information to come as story progresses.
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PostSubject: Re: SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here   Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:59 pm

French DGSE Agent

Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (The General Directorate for External Security) or D. G. S. E. is France's external Intelligence agency. Operating under the direction of the French Minister of Defence, the agency works alongside the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence - Direction Centrale du renseignement or D. C.R. I. in providing intelligence and national security, notably by performing Paramilitary and Counterintelligence operations abroad.

The D. G. S. E. includes the following services:
· Directorate of Administration
· Directorate of Strategy
· Directorate of Intelligence
· Political intelligence service
· Security intelligence service
· Technical Directorate Responsible for electronic intelligence and devices
· Directorate of Operations
· Action Division Responsible for clandestine operations

Action Division

Division Action is responsible for planning and performing clandestine operations. It also fulfills other security-related operations such as testing the security of Nuclear power plant and military facilities such as the Submarine base" of the Ele Longue, Bretagne. The division's headquarters are located at the fort of Noisy-le-Sec.

The D. G. S. E. headquarters, codenamed CAT - Centre Administratif des Tourelles, are located at 141 Boulevard Mortier in the arrondissement in Paris, approximately 1 km northeast of the Lachaise Cemetery. The building is often referred to as La piscine - the swimming pool because of the nearby Piscine des Tourelles of the French Swimming Federation.
A project named "Fort 2000" was supposed to allow the D. G. S. E. headquarters to be moved to the fort of Noisy-le-Sec", where the Action Division was already stationed. However, the project was often disturbed and interrupted due to lacking funds, which were not granted until the 1994 and 1995 defense budgets. The allowed budget passed from 2 billion francs to one billion, and as the local workers and inhabitants started opposing the project, it was eventually canceled in 1996. The D. G. S. E. instead received additional premises located in front of the Piscine des Tourelles.

( To be developed as story unfold )
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PostSubject: Re: SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here   Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:28 pm

Picture pending

How could I not make a nice Jewish boy, huh? alien

Name: Yehudah Shimyon

Age: 32

Birthplace: Jerusalem, Israel

Personality: Yehudah is serious, tough, and thoroughly and completely devoted to HaShem. He has little time to petty things such as drinking or parties like many of his peers did in the military. While perfectly willing and able to work alone, he works well in a team and will show his comrades undying loyalty, willing to put his own body on the line, especially if he feels the other person will be more valuable than he. The only thing above the Mossad's authority in his book is God's. He prays frequently, wraps tefillin daily, and refuses to violate the rules of Shabbat. This has caused some trouble with his superiors when he refuses to get into a car past 8pm on a Friday, but unfortunately, he has proven himself a worthy enough asset to Mossad to override other, more secular superiors' frustrations.

Occupation: Mossad Agent

Bio.: Yehudah, named after the leader of the great Maccabee Warriors, is the child of a pair of very religious Mossad agents: Y'hoshu'a and Chava Shimyon. Their values were strong and they seemed to train both of their children since the moment they could sit up. Although they attended public school with other children, the Shimyons provided rigorous religious and military education in the home. The children were trained in combat, firearms, tactics, etc. as well as well-versed in the TaNaKh, Mishna, and a wide variety of philosophical writings from ancient to modern Jewish thinkers. Encouraged to make educated decisions as well as "know their enemies," the children were also educated in other religions and their philosophies.

The Shimyons are traditional Jews in the way Tent Revivalists are traditional Christians. They reject most modern movements in Judaism and follow only what the ancient writings say, not what people are told they say. They look at the ancient Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Aramaic (and made sure to educate their children in all of these). They see Mossad as a means to following one of God's most important mitzvot (commandments): To be a light unto the nations. They revere the old warriors of the Israelites and often expressed dismay at how they have fallen. Through Mossad, they seek to revive the Israelites to what they were before the Egyptians enslaved them and "beat their swords into plowshares." To the Shimyons, Jews are meant to be a nation of warrior priests and it is their God-given duty to save Judaism from the modern world's influences.

By the time Yehudah entered the military at age 18 (as is mandated in Israel), he blew through the training and was ready, by his own request, to take on dangerous missions. Yehudah thrived in the military, taking on dangerous missions, putting himself on the front lines, and several times saving the lives of his fellow comrades. During one of these heroic rescues, a bomb went off nearby spraying him with shrapnel. The left side of his face is now lined with rain-like scars and his peripheral vision on that side his damaged. He was awarded a medal for bravery shortly before his mandatory 3 years of service were up. As soon as his status was changed to reserves, Yehudah enlisted in HaMossad. There, training was a bit more eye-opening. While he had become used to respect among agents around his parents, his lineage meant nothing once he entered training. He was put through the same rigorous tests, if not more difficult ones simply to teach him and test him.

Still, he persevered and went into the field specializing in defense of Jewish settlements as well as offensive attacks on terrorist cells all over the world. In helping defend Jewish refugees and settlements, Yehudah also serves as a kind of rabbi, educating those he considers lost to the modern world, filling in the gaps left by failed Jewish educations. His younger sister, Devorah (27) is currently training to join her brother in Mossad now that she has completed her college degree in anthropology.

Spoken Languages: Hebrew, English
Written Languages: Ancient Greek, Aramaic, Ancient Hebrew, Latin
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PostSubject: Re: SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here   Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:17 pm

Yehudah Shimyon

cheers machine gun

Welcome to The Shadow World, Kas
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PostSubject: Re: SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here   

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SHADOW WORLD-"Modern Espionage" Post Your Charcter Discription Here
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