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 Typical Enemy Units

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PostSubject: Typical Enemy Units   Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:12 pm

Vashar'in Alien
Height: 5' 8" - 6'6"
Weight (unarmored): 100 - 130 lbs
Weight (armored): 200 - 230lbs.
Armament: Light projectile, light plasma, four blades on hands, can be fired as projectile
Speed: Very fast

Vashar'in Standard Infantry Droid
Height: 6'5"
Weight (armored): 200lbs.
Armament: Light projectile, light plasma, two explosive devices
Speed: Fast

Vashar'in Heavy Infantry Droid
Height: 7'5"
Weight (armored): 450lbs.
Armament: heavy projectile, medium plasma, multiple large explosive projectiles
Speed: Medium

Vashar'in Mantis Droid
Height: 4'5"
Weight (armored): 140lbs.
Armament: light plasma, razor sharp blades (two)
Speed: Fast

Vashar'in Scorpion Droid
Height: 18'
Weight (armored): 28 Tons
Armament: Heavy plasma, heavy projectile, net launcher, heavy projectile explosives, flame thrower, sonic emitter (incapacitater)
Speed: Slow

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Typical Enemy Units
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