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 The day the sky fell - Description and Rules

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The day the sky fell - Description and Rules Empty
PostSubject: The day the sky fell - Description and Rules   The day the sky fell - Description and Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2012 5:44 pm

Anyone that survived that day will never forget the sheer horror of it all. 2048 started out like any other election year. Presidential candidates were battling it out for the key states that would put them into office. Only three years prior Mexico had become a province of the United States and it seemed that terrorism was finally becoming a thing of the past. Both sides of the Congressional Aisle were attempting to take credit so their candidate would rise above the other. It was only the second time in American history that two women were running against each other for office, and Stacey Hillary Clinton was challenging the incumbent with the same tactics of elegant speech her Great Great Grandfather Bill Clinton had used in the early 1990’s to defeat his opponent and take the White House.

Most of the nation was watching the final debate that September night before the invasion began. They had managed to approach undetected despite our sky shield. We were told that any exterior threat would be detected, but they were of course referring to asteroids or meteors, not aliens with advanced technology. It is ironic that the launching of Voyager 1 almost a hundred years ago to peacefully reveal our existence to the universe would be the very thing which brought them here.

It wasn’t like in the movies, not by a long shot. It took years, not days, but their methods of invasion weren’t simply blasting our major cities to ash in a few hours. They landed in waves hitting the military bases first and converting them to their own centers of operation using our own establishments against us. They fanned out and began taking captives to ‘convert’ with implants and brain splicing, it turned out in the end that the most valuable raw material or resource Earth had to offer was humanity itself.

Earth, 2055, roughly 80% of Humanity is enslaved or dead in only seven years. Those who survive are the last remnants of free humans on the planet and they are being hunted by the invaders. The alien invaders fight through several methods, humans that were physically strong enough have been implanted with sentient devices that control their actions, causing them to think and act like the invaders themselves. These are the most common enemy the free humans face. The aliens also have several different types of sentient robots which patrol and are programmed to destroy anything human. Robots are typically used for scouting as they can go much further, carry much more, and quickly radio back the locations of anything they find.

Some who were the victims of experimentation are mutated and twisted remnants of what they were, ironically however they are still self-aware and capable of reproduction and there are many pockets of them spread out across the landscape.

The rarest encounters are with the aliens themselves. Enclosed behind massive walls and battlements the alien invaders utilize the captured humans as their primary means of fighting the remaining free humans. When aliens are encountered however they are very powerful, very fast, and have vastly superior energy weapons. Some humans have managed to kill the actual aliens and are figuring out ways to kill them more efficiently by studying the corpses.

Most of humanity now lives underground due to the skies being ruled by the aliens. Any structure that even looks remotely human is systematically bombarded and leveled, with a follow up invasion to ensure all inhabitants are dead. The larger cities have become underground dwellings with meticulously hidden entrances to ensure they won’t be detected.

Playable Characters
Unenhanced and Enhanced Humans are allowed. Enhanced Humans are most likely, but not limited to, ex-military due to the practice of implants and cybernetics being used to make soldiers more advanced. A typical enhanced human can have a maximum of two implants without causing their body an incredible amount of stress, a very strong human can have up to three but this is extremely rare. Enhancements are usually among the following;
• Increased vision for scouting.
• Increased steadiness for accuracy in using weapons.
• Increased hearing for espionage.
• Increased speed for movement.
• Increased strength for combat.
• Increased endurance for longevity in combat.
Other enhancements can be used, please just post and ask if it is acceptable.

Due to the advancement of humanity at the time of the attack weaponry is much more advanced than current day weapons, however finding or manufacturing ammunition can be tricky. If a character manages to acquire an alien weapon they will be limited to the availability of the ammunition in the weapon at the time of acquisition and once that ammunition is expired they will need to find more before it can be used again. Be creative when coming up with alien weaponry but please keep it realistic enough that the game is balanced.

Human weaponry will consist of projectile weaponry and energy weaponry. Energy weaponry can be either sound wave or plasma/light energy. Again be creative as I don’t want to just have a list, but again use some tact and be realistic enough that we don’t have strange imbalances. For the sake of the game we will say that most ammunition for human made weapons is relatively easy to come by unless the weapon is exotic or foreign.

Ground vehicles are allowed but must be used with caution. Humanity has little to no flying vehicles as the aliens have complete air superiority. Ground vehicles are typically hover type vehicles, move very fast and are extremely agile. There are still vehicles with wheels or treads but they are less common.

Moderators hold the right to reject or request modification of any weaponry or vehicle you want to use, but we will work with you to allow your character to be unique and personalized.

The game is centralized in New York and New Jersey for now. A massive collective of free humans has managed to build a massive underground network beneath the Hudson river and well out into the harbors that once surrounded the coastlines of the two states. Though the alien equipment is very sophisticated it does not work as well with Earth’s unique salt water and building underneath it allows for less possibility of detection.

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The day the sky fell - Description and Rules
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