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 1: Journey into the Unknown

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PostSubject: Re: 1: Journey into the Unknown   Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:02 am

As Rayann stood watching and listening to Myth, her face remained unreadable. Knowing there were things he had to say to clear his own conscience, she let him speak. The elation she felt at seeing him up and walking around was heart felt but she didn’t want to get her hopes up too high for anything else. There was no doubt he was treading in waters he’d never swam in and she knew she needed to give him time to cope with the emotions he was feeling.

True to his warrior nature, he was going to treat this as any other moment in a warrior’s life and try to restore his honor with her the only way he knew how. For some reason, she felt sorely disappointed he was going to do things this way. But when he stopped himself and began speaking from his heart, Rayann felt such a rush of relief and love that she was struck speechless.

He regretted everything he’d done to deceive her. That was the truth. And now, as he stood humbly before her and tried to find the words he needed to say to her, Rayann felt tears begin to burn the back of her eyes. Forcing herself to hold them back, she swallowed hard and barely breathed as she listened to him.

There was no doubt he knew what she had done to save his soul from eternal torture and suffering. What she did, she would never tell him, and even right now, she wasn’t sure she could explain it in terms he would understand. Rayann herself was having trouble trying to find words the described it. All she knew was that she won this round, but she also knew that was just the beginning.

Rayann had slipped deeper into his mind than she had any ones and because of that, she had left a permanent imprint of herself deep within him. One she doubted would ever go away. Fortunately it was one that was not riddled and infused with pain and for that, she was eternally grateful.

When he held his sword before her then set it on the ground before going to one knee and once more professing his love for her, Rayann once more felt a profound sorrow fill her very being knowing it was from him she felt such an emotion. The seconds seemed to tick by like hours before she finally began to move. Her foot steps were as quiet as a church mouse but his hearing was so acute he could hear her shallow breathing.

As his eyes remained fixed on the floor he saw her feet now and knew she was right there before him. Again the seconds seemed to tick by slowly before he heard her voice once more speak audibly to him. While it was as soft as it ever has been, there was a slight tremor to it as well.

”Any punishment I could ever think appropriate for you is noting compared to the punishment you’ve already inflicted upon yourself, Mythalas. You were willing to allow yourself eternal suffering at the hands of something that knows nothing about love and sacrifice because of your feelings for me.”

Rayann watched as Myth slowly raised his head to look upon her. Her lavender eyes shimmered with moisture she was barely able to keep at bay.

”That was something I couldn’t allow you to do. Especially knowing how you truly felt about me.”

Looking up for a moment and taking a deep breath, she regained her composure then looked back down at him.

”What I saw in your mind was a man who knew what his duty was and performed his tasks with perfection. I cannot fault you for that. You made the choice to become what you are. Just as I did. But there was one thing neither of us had a choice in. We have no control over our hearts. As you and I both discovered these past couple of months. And because of the way we feel about each other, we both knew it wasn’t going to be easy for either of us.”

Her hands reached out and tenderly cupped his face as she took the last step closer to him. Her eyes misted once more with unshed tears as she let her lavender depths look deep into his piercing green gaze. Her voice now floated tenderly through his mind and now, along with her voice, he could feel the love she felt for him as much as she could feel his love for her.

You are no longer just a warrior I saved from brigands in Witch Wood, Mythalas. What happened between us in the past was regrettable, but we can’t change it. The path laid out before us is uncharted and I don’t know what will happen, but I do know one thing. To make you leave would be the one thing I could never forgive myself for doing. Stay with me for as long as you wish. The only hold upon you is the one you place there yourself but I shall not now nor shall I ever tell you stay with me for I cannot control your heart.

Her tears could no longer be contained as they began to slowly slide down her flushed cheeks. Once more her voice filled the quiet room they occupied.

“Words so many times are over used, but there are words that need to be heard. And these words you need to hear. Not just in your mind, but from my lips to your ears. I love you, Myth.”

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.
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PostSubject: Re: 1: Journey into the Unknown   Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:29 am

The silence after he had finished speaking seemed to last forever. It was as if time itself had decided to slow in an effort to torment him. There was a tightness in his chest and his heart was pounding. His mind was a random mess of thought and he couldn't even bring it to focus. His mind expanded on a multitude of possibilities and out comes to the current situation. Questions brought themselves to the forefront of his mind and blew away just as quickly. Would she forgive him? Even if she did would he be cast out into the world? On and on the questions went some pleasant others harsh reality.

He had been lost in his mind trying to gain control of his thoughts when his ears heard her movements. He felt his heart skip a beat as her feet came into his field of vision. His breathing increased a hair as he shut his eyes readying himself for the decision she was about to levy against him. Even if she chose to cast him away he would follow in the shadows, that much he had decided. In helping him she had put herself in grave peril and he would not let her travel alone no matter what she decided. Though it would hurt he was prepared to what he must in order to keep Rayann safe.

Again time seemed to slip by at a crawl and he could feel his heart race in anticipation. When she spoke he could hear the trembling of her voice. In that moment he felt pangs of joy and dread. She did not speak aloud often and when she did it was of great importance. Whatever she had decided she was about to voice it audibly and that made the feeling of joyous dread amplify.

He listened with a held breathe as she spoke. He could think of a great many things that he could do to himself as punishment and so her words rang true in his heart. He was indeed holding himself accountable to the highest standard he could. He did not completely expect to hear what she knew of his feelings however. Though as he thought about the impression of her in his mind it dawned on him what she likely had to sift through to get to where she needed. He guessed that she took a moment to examine that last few months from his perspective. While the thought of this filled him with a sense of foreboding it was soon replaced by elation. If she looked at everything he thought she had then she knew how he felt and she knew the truth of his words. A sense of hope filled his being and he found the strength to lift his head to meet her gaze. The tears he saw forming in her eyes caused him to feel a small amount of relief.

AS the words flowed from her lips he worried how much of his past she had seen, but something told him that it was enough to understand him as a person. With each moment he realized exactly how special she was in more ways than he could count. From the perspective as a soldier he saw a great many things in her and her ability, but more importantly as a person he saw so much more. She had a level head on her shoulders which seemed a good match to his own and she was capable of a great deal more compassion than Myth himself was even able to show. He was beginning to understand why he had fallen for her.

Looking into her lavender eyes she would see the build up of moisture in his, but because of so many years of forced control they would not flow. Myth was capable of feeling emotion but his body had a hard time showing it. After the trip through his mind she would know and hopefully understand that he indeed was feeling as she, but he just couldn't let it show outwardly in anything more than a teary eye or a smile at least not right now. It was something he was well aware of and something he was currently cursing at the same time. Amidst his self admonishment he heard the words he had been hoping for. Though she had not said it directly she had forgiven him in her own way and she had no desire for him to leave. His heart soared and a smile spread across his face as she voiced in both word and mind her feeling for him.

His strength that had felt drained and non existent returned and he found himself standing. His hands slid up to her face caressing her cheeks softly as he wiped away tears. Once more he was cause for her to shed tears but this time at least they were tears of joy and happiness.

He spoke finally in a quiet voice "Rayann your words bring joy to my heart the likes of which only you could know." He leaned his forehead against hers and smiled "As long as you would have me I will be at your side. The heavens would be hard pressed to make me break this promise. You have tamed the heart of this wild beast and I could not be happier for it. You know what is in my heart but as you said, some things have to be heard."

He took a breath and focused his eyes upon hers "As you love me Rayaan, I love thee as well Rayann mel amin*" He kissed her forehead briefly before a finger rested beneath her chin and he lifted slightly. With a smile as bright as the sun his lips pressed to hers as his arms wrapped around her pulling her close. It was an embrace he found that he had been longing for and he savored the moment just as he was sure that she did the same

((I'm rusty but I believe the loose translation is elvish for "my love" can't find my old elvish dictionary file lol))
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1: Journey into the Unknown
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