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 Ch 20: Of Towers and Dragons

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PostSubject: Re: Ch 20: Of Towers and Dragons   Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:26 pm

Ceridwyn listened as Rayann made her proposal and she instinctually shook her head. She did not like the idea of taking risks like this, especially when the battle was inevitable. her Instincts was to place the Elves further out and have them relay back information based on the information they gathered, but that put them at risk and how was it any better than what Rayann was suggesting?

She turned and looked at Fifth, her eyes scanning the perimeter and where the warding hit the ground. She inhaled deeply and spoke, "No Pela, I will go with you, not Olwa."

She turned and Olwa was stepping up to protest, Ceridwyn gave him a look so stern he actually shrunk back and his response to her facial expression caused Aeolis to stiffle a chuckle at the young Ranger.

She turned and looked at Rayann, her face was clearly communicating her resolve in the matter, "Fifth took something more precious to me than any gem or jewel, if there is opportunity to undermine his plans then I need to be there, besides, no offense to my kinsman but he doesn't have sufficient experience to do what needs to be done."

She looked at Aeolis, he too was now showing a facial expression of protest but it was clear that she was going to get her way and he remained silent. She turned to Pela, "Well young lady, come on, let's do what needs to be done."

She turned to Rayann, "Cloak us, we need to save our energy. Pela, once we are cloaked I will transport us to the edge of the warding, from there I will breech the shield again and we will enter under the cover of Rayann's spell. I will maintain the magic over us and you do what needs to be done, got it?"

Pela nodded and Olwa's eyes went wide. He so desperately wanted to join them but another stern look from Aeolis suggested he stand fast where he was or Ceridwyn might turn him into a toad.

Ceridwyn turned to Rayann, "Alright old friend, do it."

Nol heard Kellan and he responded, "Nothing Lady Kellan, it is nothing."

One good kick to the ribs from her booted foot in protest and Nol half laughed and half moaned. "OK, ok...,"

He switched to mind speak so she could hear him better over the sound of the roaring wind, ~ "All of us are feeling traces of very dark magic. The source is unclear but it is getting stronger with each passing moment. My guess is the towers are strengthening, given how long we have been away that would not be a surprise. We are still almost two days from Heartlund and the debate to push through is coming up, but we can't risk it, we would be too weak to fight if something was going on." ~

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PostSubject: Re: Ch 20: Of Towers and Dragons   Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:58 pm

It was tricky, to say the least, but it was the only way they could see this happening. As Ceri and Pela stepped up together, Pela looked at Olwa and gave him a bright smile. She tried her hand at mind speak and was able to relay her message, even though it was only about every other word.

~Do worry I be soon.~

As her words came to an end she and Ceri seemed to fade out of sight. Rayann had successfully cast the cloaking spell. In the next instant she and Ceri were on the outer edges of the perimeter. As Ceri cast the spell that opened the warding, Pela and Ceri quickly got to work. As Ceri kept them cloaked, Pela moved around planting magical triggers that would send up audible and visible signals.

She moved as quickly and as lightly as she could to make sure she got the task completed in the least amount of time but she knew she couldn’t rush herself. If she did, she would have caused chaos of a different kind than what was on the horizon. As it was, she could practically feel the Dark Army breathing down her neck. While she was ready to engage them head on, she knew that wasn’t the way it had to be right now.

Kellan shook her head at Nol. They were flying at a bit faster pace than they had been the day before and Kellan knew it would be disastrous if they pressed on.

”You can’t, push through, Nol. Its too dangerous for all of you but especially Raju. She’s already exhausted by the end of the day at this pace if you try to go further, it would kill her before she even met the enemy. If the Dark Army is moving forward then we have to have faith in the Knights. If nothing else, they’ll hold up until they can find an advantage. They are trained soldiers. If things are worse off when we get there, then we will cross that bridge when we get there.”

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.
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PostSubject: Re: Ch 20: Of Towers and Dragons   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:15 pm

Tynen was pleased. His portrayal as an innocent traveler who'd lost everything and everyone to attacks from the Dark Goddess' minions had gotten him into Heartlund and closer to his sister. He could also possibly attack from within. The hell with Nidhug's orders, he had ideas of his own to help his Goddess' cause. He'd spent the night over the western stables that had been set up for male travelers and had slept comfortably and even began to make a friend or two with his roommates. He'd could sense the anxiety throughout the area and people as knights, squires and rangers moved around quickly making preparations for the upcoming battle. He even offered his help here and there and was put to work with the heavy lifting due to his size. Inside he was laughing, thinking to himself how much he was going to enjoy slaughtering these idiots. He slept well that night, rising with the sun.

As he stepped outside the stable, he noticed the eerie silence and grinned. It was the quiet before the storm, little did they know but while there was a storm coming for them outside the walls, there was also one brewing inside. Feeling very good about himself yet smart enough to not show it, he headed for the dining area to eat his breakfast. Once there, he saw the one person he'd come to claim and watched her.

Keatara had begun practicing with the other archers that would be on the walls the day before after the meeting. She was proficient with sword and archery, but Trystan felt she would best serve on the walls with the other archers. She could always join the fight on the ground if need be. She'd not seen Gideon except for a few glimpses here and there and knew that he was way too busy to bide her any time as she was as well. Classes had been called to a halt so that they knew where all of the children were as they children and their parents were to stay together.

That morning, she headed for the dining area the same tingling in the back of her head beginning again the closer she got to the eating area. As she entered, the tingling got worse to the point that she was rubbing her temples, praying that it would stop. As her eyes lit upon a tall man dressed in working clothing it stopped. He looked so familiar to her, but she was sure that she didn't know him. Gathering her breakfast, she sat down, missing Tanjee and her chatter, but knowing that the healer had much to do to get ready for the incoming wounded that would be sure to come.

Judge not nor fear that or those which you do not understand, for it or they may be someone or something that will aid you in the trials of your life.
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PostSubject: Re: Ch 20: Of Towers and Dragons   Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:36 am

Myth stood in silence on the stone battlements with Rayann at his side. He grumbled beneath his breath as he tried to see through the mists that had risen. This fog would be as much a hindrance to their enemies as it was to them if it held up. If the mages were assisting the dark army then the mists would fade as they drew near. The mist was good for hiding your presence but you still needed to see your target as well. Only time would tell them what was actually going on. For now they would stand prepared and bide their time until the enemy appeared at their gates.

His mind was split between worrying for his wife, the men around him, and his daughter Kali. With Pela and Ceridwyn placing warning markers on the perimeter Myth had taken Rayann and they stood watching the towers. Myth found his emerald eyes locked upon the tower that his daughter controlled.. Her decision to let Pela and young Olwa go and with information made Myth question what was happening. Kali had a reason for doing it but Myth could not place his finger on it. He found himself wandering the older darker places of his strategic mind looking for clues.

He knew without a doubt that Fifth would use the coming battle to harvest souls for power. The best way to do that was to ensure as much chaos as possible to ensure that the encounter is nothing more then a giant blood bath. Myth's mind shifted to picturing utter chaos and the concentration Fifth would need to harvest the life essence of those slain. As Myth's mind began to plot out various scenarios a small smile crept upon his face. While Kali had chosen the robes of a magi she had the same capacity for thought as her father. Their times in the dark court taught them much about the arts of deceit and Myth could not help but wonder if his daughter was planning the ultimate revenge upon her teacher.

He thought back to the private conversation that he had with Kali before she left. He had made a promise to take her life if she ever turned knowing the towers were affecting her. She seemed certain he would not need to keep that promise. At the time he thought it might be her arrogance as a wizard but ultimately it was arrogant to think he could achieve his goal with no effort as well. However now as he processed different events in the past weeks and thought about their mutual past his mind began to paint a broad picture of what may be happening. He looked upon the tower of his daughter and for a brief time he saw his daughter watching. He had no clue where her eyes were cast but for the time he could see her an approving smile had appeared upon his face, and when Rayann noticed raising her eyebrow Myth responded without looking at her "A father must never lose hope, and right now I hope for the impossible..."
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PostSubject: Re: Ch 20: Of Towers and Dragons   

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Ch 20: Of Towers and Dragons
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