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PostSubject: THE PIONEERS OF WAGON TRAIN   Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:30 am

Post your character descriptions here for approval
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PostSubject: Buck McDaniels Wagon Master   Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:42 am

NAME: Big Buck McDaniels

AGE: 40

APPEARANCE: 6’3” in height with a muscular build. Short, graying dark Brown hair. Clear Hazel eyes. Big Buck has scars from being tortured by the Kiowa Tribe. He is a fur trader, hunter and guide. Tough as buffalo leather, a weathered veteran and mountain man. His close friend Jake 'Whip' Duggins.

Started in New York at an early age. His parents were missionaries and headed to the uncharted Oregon Territory when he was seven years old. His father was known as Preacher Bob McDaniels and his mom was the preachers' wife and mother of six children. There first crossing, they were not ready for the rough winters months and had to stop for supplies. The land in the high priares was barren and still untamed, uncivilized and largely unclaimed. Heading westward to the last outpost of civilization, they began to cross the wild Elk river north of Independence, MO. It was there that Preacher Bob found he wasn't at all prepared for mechanical things like wood wheels falling apart or mud so thick that the wagon had to be emptied and the children and mules pulled and pushed the wagon free. Going into the trading post for supplies brought on trouble and a fight broke out. When it was all over Mrs McDaniels stood and looked over the three grave sites of two sons and her husband Preacher Bob. She was forced to make a decision that cost the family their savings and put the family out to work in the rough winter air to make it through to Spring. Young Buck McDaniels liked to hunt and as time went on, he learned to trap.

At the age thirteen he left the home Wandering into the forests and mountains of the Rockies. He survivved the hash winter and by Spring had enough furs to come back to the trade post. His family long gone. Buck ventured south and joined a cattle ranch. His life skills as a mountain man, scout, hunter and fur trader led him to new adventures. On one of the many expeditions across the land, he would be on the mountain by hisself chasing down spooked cattle from a thunderstorms. On the way back to the ranch, he met up with 'Whip' Duggins another young trapper who also worked as a Scout on leave from the Generals Army. The nickname Whip was known for how he wielded the whips he carried with expert accuracies. There friendship grew as did time. Big Buck went with him and joined the US Army. Three years later he was at the Battle of New Orleans and helped General Andrew Jackson move his men into position to overtake the blue coats in a decisive victory with little bloodshed. Buck was shot in the hip that ended his career as a scout for the army and was medical decharged. On his eighteenth birthday, he went back to Indian Creek Trading Post to make a small fortune of the pelts and skins and met bak up with Whip Duggins. Whip invited him to go with him into the Oregon Territory and see the Pacific coast. Their friendship grew over the next two years as did his friendship with Andy Jackson who kept in touch him, after the war.
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PostSubject: Re: THE PIONEERS OF WAGON TRAIN   Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:27 am

NAME: Hanhepiwi Wiya (Lakota Sioux for Moon Woman)

AGE: 35

APPEARANCE: “Moon” as she is called by the white people, stands roughly 5’7” in height and
weighs 110#. She has tanned skin, inky black hair she wears in long braids and dark brown eyes that are almost black. She wears Native American attire consisting of beaded, tanned animal hides and moccasins.

BRIEF HISTORY: Moon is her tribes Medicine Woman. She is called upon for sicknesses, healing
of wounds, and birthing babies. She uses herbs and plants she finds close to the tribes village to aid her. Her knowledge was passed down from generation to generation and she follows the footsteps of her mother and grandmother before her. Her husband, Ten Bears, is an accomplished warrior and hunter and has brought great pride to his People.

Moon has a strong dislike for the white settlers. She has litte compassion for the white people trying to make it across the harsh plains as they use the Oregon Trail. Moon knows they must be strong or they will die and if they die, then they were not meant to survive the journey. Like her People, she doesn't like the fact these white settlers are tresspassing on the Lakota lands. She will try anything she can to get them to leave without resorting to violence.

Moon carries a 6” blade knife in her right moccasin and a 3” blade knife tucked into the underside of her belt. She carries a small pouch of herbs on her belt as well.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.

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PostSubject: Re: THE PIONEERS OF WAGON TRAIN   Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:17 pm

NAME: Paterson Sullivan “Sully” Savage

AGE: 42

APPEARANCE: Blue eyed and dusky red/brown haired, Sully is thickly muscled. Six feet tall, wearing a worn brown suit, long leather duster and carrying his customized Hawken rifle.

BRIEF HISTORY: A veteran of the fourth Cape Frontier Wars, Sully had lost his wife and children when he retired and took to giving his gifts to the highest bidder as a soldier of fortune. His current job is through a pro-eugenicist who wishes to purge these American territories of undesirables specifically Indians.
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