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 Rekindled - A Black Jewels Game

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PostSubject: Rekindled - A Black Jewels Game   Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:19 pm

    The Blood is in remission, recovering from the greatest purge in known history. For several millennia the Blood have been almost fabled, with the herd thinned to near on nothing but now, thousands of years after the purge things are returning to how it was in Terreille. Despite the ascension of the Blood to power the Darkness only blesses them sparingly...

    With the return of the Blood in full power the taint is returning to the land as well. Male suppression is higher than it has been in a long time and a truly free man, unbound to any woman, is almost as uncommon as a dark jeweled man.

    The male population of Hayll has long been appeased by having a male as primary ruler, but is he really what they say he is? This dark jeweled Warlord Prince seems to have little interest in the well-being of the male populace, against every expectation the oppressed males of the realm had. Hayll is not the save haven it seemed to be...!

    The hierarchy in the territory is treacherous and rife with trickery and deceit. Anything to get ahead and anything to get what is desired. Among the aristocrats jewels count for nothing and it's all about who you know, who you're seen with and how well you talk the talk.
    Politics are the game and the stakes are high as the unrest in the territory continues to grow. The rumour of a male uprising led by a rebellious underground movement has led many to believe the downfall of the current ruler is near, which means the power struggle is only just about to begin.

    Dark jewels are rarer than ever and even more concupiscible than rare. High prices are offered to those who wear them and if they decline... Well, all is fair in love and war...

    Rekindled is an original Black Jewels game based on the world of Anne Bishop. We strive for a fun, relaxed environment that is realistic and fun to play in for everyone. A setting in which a dark jewel is truly sought after while at the same time a light jewel can do the otherwise unthinkable.

    At Rekindled we focus primarily on characters and plots and not so much on the jewels or power involved. With a unique small setting there is a good buzz about the forums and a myriad of plot options, as well as room for expansion as our little game grows.

    We welcome you to join us in shaping and maintaining this world further as we unravel what possibilities are hidden in this dark fantasy world.

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Rekindled - A Black Jewels Game
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