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 Ch 18: Lay of the Land

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PostSubject: Re: Ch 18: Lay of the Land   Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:22 pm

As the mixing and preparing of regents finally concluded, Pela gave a bewildered look to the other two women. Raising her brows and shaking her head, she gave the slightest chuckle and took a deep breath of satisfaction.

”Well, if that is all we ended up with, I would hate to see what it would take to make more than just that measly morsel. But if this will do the trick, then I suppose we have done good work.”

As the three women made their way into the heart of Heartlund, Pela took a good look at the knights that now occupied the Keep and surrounding property. There were so many she wasn’t sure where to look first. When they finally reached the location the portal was going to be constructed in, she was amazed at how easily Ceridwyn took control of the situation and began o have the soldiers clear the area.\

When Ceri told the guards if something went wrong the place could explode, Pela blinked her eyes and look at Ceri and Rayann. Rayann’s expression was unreadable but when Ceri shared the truth with Pela, the girl had trouble keeping a straight face.

As the area was cleared, Pela looked over at Ceri as she pulled out the parchment with the drawing of the arch on it. After a moments study, Pela looked over at Ceri and Rayann and smiled brightly, nodding.

”Indeed I can.”

With one more glance around, Pela stepped away from Rayann and Ceri. Closing her eyes for a moment to gain her center, Pela opened her eyes and slowly raised her hands. The very air around her began to chill and those closest to her could feel the cold as well. Her hands glowed slightly then a blast of sheer ice erupted from both hands. As the ice began to build upon itself the arches began to form. Slowly but surely the two semi circles formed exactly the way Ceri had drawn thick enough they would last for a long duration or until the portal was no longer needed.

When she was done Pela lowered her hands then looked at her work. Finally she blinked and turned her head to look over at Ceri and Rayann and smiled a genuine smile.

”One archway, complete.”

As Rayann stood and watched the young frost mage, she was reminded of her daughter once again. There were so many likeness in both of the young women while there were so many differences at the same time. As Pela stepped away and began to weave her magic, Rayann once more felt the pull on the magic field that surrounded her.

As the air around them grew colder, Rayann knew if this young, wild mage could definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Looking at Pela as she weaved her spell Rayann noticed it was very little effort for the young woman to make the arch. When the arch was completed, she looked over at Pela and noticed the young woman barely seemed winded.

When Pela looked over and smiled at Rayann and Ceri, Rayann couldn’t help but smile back. Nodding to Pela, she looked over at Ceri and nodded as well.

”Shall we my friend?”

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PostSubject: Re: Ch 18: Lay of the Land   Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:55 pm

Myth stood there listening to Sir Ordin's words agreeing with them implicitly. War was nasty business and he knew this more than anyone else. He lifted his hand to his chin scratching lightly as the knight spoke. To Myth it was a matter of formality to speak these words. These were truths they knew all to well, but Myth assumed that there was a point to speaking them. When Ordin finally came to the point Myth understood.

Myth let Ordin stand there in silence for several moments before he spoke. "If I were to spend each day making peace with every soul I had an impact upon during my dark service I would be able to do nothing else for the rest of my days but listen and apologize. Many are the men who have sworn vengeance in their loved ones names and many are those who have perished attempting to exact that vengeance." Myth let out a sigh standing up right facing Sir Ordin.

The elven prince managed a small smile "I make no promises... I will do what I can to ease the tension and pain of Sir Hector's loss."

Myth clasped hands with the man shaking "I also vow to not take the life of any of the more zealous knights in your employ. We would be fools to believe everyone could be placated by words. I am simply making it clear that I will defend myself but I will ensure it is non-lethal."

Myth released Sir Ordin's hand and bowed respectfully. "If you will excuse me Sir Ordin I must prepare to disembark for Silvanost." Myth smiled spinning on his heel and stopped just before opening the door. "If you would be wise to remind your subordinates just how good the hearing of an elf actually is, especially those of royal blood."

Myth said nothing more exiting the room leaving Sir Ordin to himself and his thoughts. Myth manner was pleasant but no nonsense. He would do right and ease tensions but if push came to shove he would not hold back.
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PostSubject: Re: Ch 18: Lay of the Land   Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:29 am

Sir Ordin listened to Myth and remained silent as the Elf Prince spoke his piece. He nodded and replied, “I could not agree with you more Prince, we cannot mourn the dead of our past, and I am not asking you to do that. As I stated, you don’t have to worry about Hector getting out of line, nor any of my soldiers, they are loyal to me, and if I give a command, they will obey.”

He turned and looked out the window and spoke again, “As for defending yourself…,” he turned and looked at Myth’alas and continued, “I would expect nothing less than for you to defend yourself if one of my men DOES happen to take matters into their own hands. Not only would it be a direct violation of the orders given them, it would be foolish, and consequences always follow a fool’s quest.”

He walked over to the Prince and gently placed his hand on the Elf’s shoulder, “I look forward to facing this enemy at your side.”

As Myth’alas excused himself and mentioned Elven hearing Sir Ordin smiled and then chuckled softly, “My subordinates don’t need me to tell them how sharp an Elf’s hearing is, if they are not wise enough to keep their mouths shut in the first place then you deserve to hear anything they are saying.” He noted the small smile that crossed Myth’s face and Sir Ordin nodded respectfully, “Good luck in Silvanost Prince, I pray you return to us with good news and some Elvish bowsman.”

As Myth exited the room Sir Ordin turned and looked at the map on the table once again, studying the lay of the land. He whispered quietly to himself, “What are you three after…”

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PostSubject: Re: Ch 18: Lay of the Land   

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Ch 18: Lay of the Land
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