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 The Grey Divide 2

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PostSubject: The Grey Divide 2   Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:49 am

    In his unending quest to discover the origin of all forms of life, the exiled Oan scientist, Krona, has travelled through many unverses, often destroying them to find the answers he seeks. During one such search, he managed to fuse two universes, and grew closer to the knowledge he sought than he had ever believed possible... However, at the last possible moment, powerful beings from both universes worked together to end his quest...

    The Grey Divide - where Krona forced the light to meet the dark in his quest for knowledge, and interlaced the universes in an unending intricacy. Fear erupted among the human race - bringing the SHRA into focus, and forcing all superhumans to register or be caught and punished by those of The Company, an underground operation. Alongside these trials and tribulations emerge another - Chaos begins his reign over Gaia and Spira, hoping to either take them or destroy them completely. With a renewed assault on the world, Geth takes its place in the skies as the Citadel attempts to find answers in this new world of chaos; The Grey Divide.

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The Grey Divide 2
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