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 The Top 100 Humanoid RPing Sites

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PostSubject: The Top 100 Humanoid RPing Sites   Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:02 pm

The Top 100 Humanoid RPing Sites

Welcome everyone!

Have you noticed that the role playing community has been spiraling downwards? That there aren't as many people out there or that there aren't as many quality sites? I believe they're still out there, we're just having a hard time finding them. I believe we need to try to reconnect back together.

This top list is very new, as you can see. This could be great advertising if we had more members. What's great is that if your one of the first members you'll get a head start at staying at the top when we do get more members. We are not going to be renewing the hits for quite some time. So you might want to take advantage. We do not accept role plays where you can ONLY create animal characters. (ex. horse rps, wolf rps) We accept role plays where your able to be 'humanoid' characters. (ex. city rps, fantasy rps, vampire rps, etc.) Humanoid covers quite a bit.

Once we get a decent amount of members we will be having contests where you can get as much as a new site or layout. So if I were you I'd keep checking back!

Does our banner clash with the style of your site or you've no idea where to put it?
This banner is very important. It's how you get votes for your site so it can stay at the top, but does it just not go with the 'look' of of your site? Don't worry, we are going to be making more than just this one banner. For now, you could put it on your enter page, or even at the bottom of your main page under all the updates. Maybe a page where you won't see it unless someone scrolls down. But you do want it somewhere people are apt to click it. Maybe on your advertising board?

Just letting everyone know: The same computer can only vote for your site once every hour. So you mught want to try and get your members to start voting once we get more sites joined.


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The Top 100 Humanoid RPing Sites
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