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 HEROES Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:31 pm

"You ever threaten me with a gun again, I'll rip your arm off. We clear?" Cassius didn't flinch, just let his hand slide casually away from his gun, his features relaxing as he settled back into his seat.

"No threat, dude, just makin' sure we're all safe." He then leaned forward and grinned at Toril, "ya gotta be careful with newbies in the vicinity," he said. With that, he sat back and crossed one leg over the other, tapping his foot idly as though no conflict had taken place. After another moment, he leaned forward again and motioned towards Shawn laying in pain in the gurney. "Oh yeah, and that dude's not registered," he added, "we checked." Lucky bastard too, considering the shit he did Cassius thought to himself as he recalled what he'd seen in the record Zoe had dug up on him.

Back at their "headquarters," Zoe was peeking through their cameras seeing only the insides of the ambulance. Several times, she regretted killing the connection on Fay before remembering it was the safest route. She could only hope they weren't harming her further.

"Take a scenic route and loop around a little," came Zoe's voice in their ears, "make sure you're not being followed before you come back."
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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:02 am

Bright yellow, red and blue flashes illuminated the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel as traffic, reduced to a single lane slowly trickled past the accident scene. Agent Jameson sat on the back bumper of an ambulance recounting the details of the crash while an EMT worked on gash on his forehead.

The assault vehicle was beginning to pull away from his car when he fired off his plasma burst. Temporarily blinded he just made sure he kept his car straight but as he regained his sight the vehicle had exploded and slamming on his breaks he had skidded into the back of the heavily armoured car. His air bag deployed and threw the plasma rifle directly into his forehead rendering him unconscious until he was revived by a first responder unit.

Jameson wasn't sure that the plasma rifle could have caused such damage to the vehicle and had for the past ten minutes been running the chase slowly over in his mind. He could see the plasma energy enveloping the assault vehicle then there was some sort of flame at the back of the car, then his concentration was disturbed yet again by the medic.

"You really should come with us down to the hospital, agent Jameson. You might have a concussion."

"No really I'm fine." Argued Jameson.

Agent Henkel walked past the wreckage of the car that he and Jameson were sharing and was thankful that he wasn't in it. Overhearing the EMT trying to get his partner to the hospital, Henkel broke in. "He looked that way before the accident." He quipped, "I'll let you know if he starts convulsing or forgetting more than he usually does." Henkel assured the EMT and they went on their way.

"Congratulations." Henkel said while watching a tow truck take away the remains of the assault vehicle. "We should have the vehicle cut open in about an hour, the doors are welded shut so I am having it moved to the shop." Informed Henkel who was anxious to have the body identified as soon as possible and hopefully find some more information that would get him closer to Beacon.

Jameson slowly stood up and began to walk with Henkel. "I don't know," He said to the senior agent, "for some reason I don't think the driver's in there."

Henkel cast a puzzled look at his partner. "Man, you did receive a good knock didn't you. The doors are welded shut." He repeated placing emphasis on the 'welded', "Even if the guy had some kind of heightened speed, there's no way he could have escaped."

"Yeah, maybe your right." Agreed Jameson as he probed the band aids that had been used to close up the cut on his forehead.


Toril really had no idea the registry was so inhumane. Yelena's story stirred up emotions in him that he had not felt in a long while. He couldn't imagine being tracked against your will for the rest of one's natural life and he feared that even at the present moment someone might be tracing her. Little did he realize that Surge had implanted a tiny silicone tracking device in his right hand when they had first met and it was he that was being tracked.

As the ambulance extended it's route to ensure that they were not being followed a silent, black helicopter with no lights followed high above them and a mile away.

"Subjects have left the interstate and are proceeding east." Alerted the co-pilot monitoring the tracking device.

"They are just being cautious." Said a man in the back of the helicopter, "Circle round until they resume their course. I want to maintain our distance in case they are able to utilize any satellite imagery."

Back in the ambulance Toril responded to Cassius after Yelena had answered his question and broke the tension. "No offense, kid. I didn't mean what I said. I just have this thing with guns." He apologized to Cassius then he looked back to Yelena. "Thanks for telling me about the registry. For what it's worth, I'm sorry."

Toril then glanced at Shawn and considered giving him some Demerol, if the ambulance had any on hand, but then without knowing his medical history or more about his meta abilities he really couldn't be sure it would be safe. He wondered then how this boy was able to apparently fight his way through R.A.I.D. enforcers and make his way to the ambulance. Was there a connection between the pain in his head and his mutant abilities?
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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:14 am

Yelena nodded slightly as Zoe’s voice came across the comm. link. Leaning forward, she looked out the windshield as she spoke softly to Takashi as Cassius and Toril spoke to each other.

“Keep eye out for anything looking suspicious. I watch from back window for us.”

Takashi took a long drag off his cigarette and nodded letting Yelena know he heard her loud and clear. Settling once more in the back of the rig, she leaned her head back against the cabinets and closed her eyes for a moment and relived everything that happened. The authorities were as thick as molasses in that hospital. More than usual. It was like they KNEW they were going to try and rescue Robert. How the hell did they know that?

When Toril’s voice reached her ears again, Yelena blinked her eyes open once more and looked at the tall man as though she had just been hit with a ton of bricks. Why the hell didn’t she see this right from the start? She had been an absolute fool.

“Is you.”

Pinning Toril with an accusing glare, Yelena quickly stood up in the rig making sure she didn’t hit her head at such a sudden movement.

“You said Beacon send you to hospital. Beacon knew we were coming for Robert. I never see so many authorities in one place like that. Not without knowing what to expect. They knew….and when they see you, they knew rescue attempt was real.”

Letting loose a string of words in her native language that didn’t need interpretation for their meaning, Yelena looked over at Cassius and before the young man could stop her, she pulled his gun from the waist of his pants and pointed it at Toril. The look in her eyes told Toril she was quite angry. Even as the color of her eyes began to change to that gold, metallic color and her ‘normal’ illusion began to slowly fade away and her blue, scale like skin began to show in different places on her body.

“Beacon set us up. Delivered us on silver platter for government authorities. Now Fay is in custody, Tim is in trouble and we are now fugitives being hunted like animals. And here you sit, in middle of us, like some innocent victim to Beacon’s manipulation. Beacon knew exactly what they do sending you to hospital. Beacon never do anything for free. They want something. Tell me, what else they ask you to do? Hm? Which one of us are they wanting to get hands on now?”

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.
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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:36 am

Toril remained very still and raised his hands submissively when Yelena pointed Cassius' gun at him. "Take it easy." He said calmly, trying to remain as non-threatening as possible.

He had considered going on the attack when she reached for the gun, but some of what Yelena had said made sense. How were they so certain that there would be a rescue attempt for DiVine and for that matter, how did Beacon know? In fact he had to admit that he did seem like a mole, but what did Beacon have to gain if Yelena's suspicions were correct? What role was he expected to play in all this?

"I cannot deny that your reasoning seems logical, but I assure you I am on your side." Toril appealed, "Why don't you lower the weapon and we can discuss this rationally. I would like to get to the bottom of all this as much as you."

"Now, why would I risk my life to help you if I was against you? It really doesn't make any sense now does it? My presence worked against R.A.I.D., now why would they go to the trouble of bringing me in only to countermand their plans? Can you tell me that?"
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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:28 am

Tim , Slid the grate back in place, as he held the small pen lite attached to his keyring in his mouth. Taking the penlite in his hand he scanned the large subway platform. The small beam of light fell on a staiway leading up, slowly he climbed the stairs to a set of steel doors. PLacing his shoulder against them a pushing the stood firm. Tim pushed again and again slowly the began to creak open slightly only to stop again as the chain and loxk on the exterior of the doors restained them. Peering through the crack Tim saw only darkness, how many hours had it been since the hospital and the failed attempt to rescue Robert. Tim reached in his jacket and removed one of his Smith & Wesson M&P40's, aimed at the chain and fired.

The chain shattered and Tim pushed one of the doors open just enough to slip out, then closed the door behind him, lopped the broken chain back around itself so it appeared from a distance to still be solid. Slowly Tim made his northeast through Prospect Park way towards Prospect Heights and a group of old brick buildings. From a walkway between the buildings step two young men dressed in faded blue jeans, black t-shirts and zip up hoodies.

"Hey man yaz gots any spare change?" one of the young men said. The other said "Change hell just gives us yur money man." has he flipped open a switchblade.

Tim stopped and looked at the young men, then at the knife. "Sur ' thang pardner, jus' don' be cuttin' me." With uncanny speed Tim gave a karate kick to the young man with the knfe to the groin, spun around placing his foot on the man's throat. Tim then reached in his jacket a pulled both of his automatics shooting the other street punk in the right shoulder, severing the cardiac neve, the young man screamed in pain and fell to his knees. Tim then looked down at the young man that had been holding the knife and said "Ain't yur daddy ever tol' ya ta never ever bring a knife ta a gun fight hombre?" The young man looked up at Tim and said "F*** You man."
"Nope I recon it's you that is f***ed." Tim then shot the man in both knee caps reached down, picked up the knife, examined it and said "I recon ya ain't gonna need this anymore." Tim closed the knife, stuffed it in his pocket, shook his head, slid both of his pistols in his shoulder holsters and walked down the street. He turned the corner at the end of the block, tossing the knife down a storm drain, and walked towards an all night dinner two blocks away.

Parked outside the diner was a NYPD patrol car, Tim stuck his head in the door and said "Patrolman, I think I saw a tall man in a black trenchcoat shoot two young men a couple of blocks that way." and pointed towards the place where he had shot the street punks.
The patrol man said "You wait right here sir." he then called in for back up and ran to his patrol car and sped towards where Tim had pointed.

Tim looked at the cook and waitress and said "Screw that I ain't gonna get my ass involved in nothin'. I tol' him all I aim ta say." with that Tim reached for the door, he heard the cook say "I don'ts blame ya man. Now Nellie we didn't see which way he went, ya here me. Those punks probably had it cumin' anyway. We ain't gettin involved. Ya hear me."

Nellie said "Damn Charlie ya ain't gotta tell me. Just yesterday Mildred, the ole woman lives upstairs of me, she was mugged righ in front uv Hirams Deli." she then looked around ad said quietly "Charlie ya know things were lot betta before that there Riggs Act took them crime fighters off the streets. Least then ya didn't have to worry so much."

Charlie said "Damn straight, Hey you mister you go out the back and don't let them cops see ya round here for a while."

Tim stopped and turned, looked at the cook and the waitress "I thank Ya kindly." he then slipped out the back through the alley and down the street.

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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Fri Jun 12, 2009 11:26 am

Yelena’s anger was rising.

“You think Beacon care if you get captured with us? Sacrifices must be made and you no more immune to that than us. Beacon not give rats tail about you. They use you to get to us. Is as clear as nose on face. Question is….did you know? I find it hard to believe you not at least suspect motives. Even after you sit and tell us how you still not really trust Beacon.”

Yelena seemed to be getting more and more agitated and she showed no signs of lowering the gun anytime in the near future. Even as Toril tried to explain himself to her. It was rather obvious she was more angry at the fact Toril seemed to let himself be used again, for Beacon’s own agenda, then try and figure out why they needed him there.

“Why? What they want with Robert? Or with anyone else? What was real reason they send you to help us? I not like being played for fool. Especially when lives of friends hang in balance. I suggest you start talking before I lose patience.”

Glancing down at Shawn then at Cassius, she turned her glare back on Toril.

“Look at what your friends did. And now, not only is Robert gone, but Fay too. And Beacon no where to be found now to help get us out of situation. You are fool. Beacon care less about you. They have what they want now. What ever that is. And we are left ‘hung out to dry’ as American’s say. I hope you are happy.”

Takashi headed off the interstate and began taking a rather winding, hilly road that took them onto the ‘scenic’ route as Zoe had suggested. The situation in the back of the rig was makig him more anxious and the more anxious he became, the stronger that odor of smoke and burnt flesh began to fill up the rig. Even as he rolled the windows down to try and keep the stench down to a minimum, he knew it was useless. Things had to settle down back there or they were all in danger of being smoked out. Literally.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.
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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:53 pm

In the docking bay of the Eden Foundation, part of the floor sunk and became a ramp into an underground tunnel. The bright high beams of the R.A.I.D. armoured transport penetrated the blackness of the corridor as it spiraled down the winding passageway several times descending ever deeper into the earth until it emerged into a large area that appeared to be a vacant underground parking lot. Dim fluorescent lights illuminated the columned expanse with their cold bluish glow and there were several large doorways on every wall, each marked with a large yellow number.

"What bay have we been assigned to again?" Asked the driver.

His partner pulled out the manifold and scrolled to the bottom of the document. "Bay nine." He answered.

The transport proceeded straight ahead to the far north wall of the complex, weaving it's way though the labyrinth of cement columns, each one also a gun turret that in the case of a security breach would be able to cover every angle in the massive room.

"This place give me the creeps." Commented the younger enforcer.

"You get used to it." Mentioned his partner, "The weapon systems have only malfunctioned once."

The younger man shot a horrified look to the older man as the fear of being in the dock area with the defense system activated entered his mind. Then his partner laughed. "Just kidding. You should have seen you face though."

The enforcer in the passenger seat gave an exasperated laugh. "You had me going there. I recently read the specs on this place. One way in, one way out and with the defense system activated this area becomes a death trap. Did you know that every surface becomes electrified with plasma field? One touch and your fried, that's if the guns don't shred you to pieces first."

"Thanks for that little tidbit of knowledge, Pete. I'll rest much easier now." Grumbled the senior enforcer.

The R.A.I.D. transport pulled in front of bay door number nine and the driver shifted the gear into park. Immediately a scanning device above and below the vehicle lit up and slowly swept across the transport and when it was done a yellow light above the bay door flashed prompting the enforcer named Pete to pull a small hand held device from his pocket punch in a code then speak a verification word. "Zeus." he said, the he held the device before his partner.

"Mercury." Said the driver, directing his code word toward the device.

The light above the bay door then turned green and the heavy iron doors slowly pulled apart.

"Guess their theme this week is Greek gods." Observed the senior enforcer as he pulled ahead.

"Mercury is Roman, actually." Corrected Pete.

"You have entirely too much time on your hands, Pete." His partner responded shaking his head.

The black transport pulled into a sealed room with a turn table on the floor that rotated the vehicle around so that it faced back the way it had come. Then a bridge automatically protruded from the raised platform and connected to the back of the van. A door just behind the passenger side door opened and out jumped four other R.A.I.D. enforcer in full gear, one acknowledge Pete with a nod then they made their way round the back of the transport and climbed onto the platform. They opened the back of the truck and retrieved the cadaver and the unconscious Siege.

Meanwhile, in bay number five, enforcers were quickly moving DiVine out of the ambulance and down a long corridor. During the trip the man's health had actually taken a turn for the worst and medics were doing their best to make sure that the old man did not truly go into cardiac arrest. Agent Michael Eden came running down the hallway to meet them and quickly assessed everything that they had performed up to that point to stabilize the man. "Christ! He's burning up! Take him to his cell as quickly as possible everything has been set up."

Eden accompanied the medics onto the elevator as they descended into the lower cell levels.

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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:53 pm

Angela's strength was slowly returning, enough so that she was able to pull herself off of the floor and onto the legless bed that protruded from the wall just above her. She blinked her eyes repeatedly and eventually her vision came into focus allowing her to see that she was in a small room with windows, a single door and a glass wall. Through the perforated plastic wall, Angela could see other transparent cells with prisoners like herself wearing the same forest green coloured jump suits as she was.

She figured she was in prison, but no penitentiary she'd ever been in looked like this one. The walls, the floor, even the ceiling were a brushed metal and the bed, the table and single chair were all attached to one of the walls and made of metal. Angela limped over to the door, opened it and was surprised to find that it was a private bathroom, with a shower and a small changing room. Looking back over her shoulder she noticed that one of the prisoners she could see was a man and it became apparent to her that the prison was co-ed.

Angela tentatively walked over to the transparent wall and lightly touched it's surface, then pushed on it to test it's integrity. It was as solid as steel and even felt cold like metal. Looking out she could see that there were nine other cells besides hers and one wall with two steel doors. All the cells were angled toward one another in the shape of ten sided object that she didn't know the name of so she was able to see everyone, even the people in the two cells beside her could be seen if they stood next to the transparent barrier. Clockwise from the wall with the double door she could see a cell that was filled with what appeared to be medical equipment, the next two were vacant and immediately right of her own cell she was unable to determine if it was occupied. In the sixth cell immediately to her left Angela was surprised to see a blonde haired man leaning against the barrier staring at her.

"What the #$@% are you lookin' at ese." Snapped Angela.

The man seemed puzzled by her remark which might have been a question, but either way his answer was, "You my dear."

His accent was very British, so fine it sounded condescending when he spoke and Angela positively hated that. She just sneered at the man and continued her survey of the cell block. In the cell next to the staring man was another guy, then another vacancy and finally the ninth cell was occupied by a voluptuous, tall, dark haired woman.

Angela tested the strength of the transparent barrier one more time by giving it a light strike. She was surprised when she did not receive a kinetic reaction from the surface, the power that her body was able to absorb and release. Usually after striking a surface enough times the feedback charged her body enough to produce a kinetic burst, that with enough juice could blow apart a brick wall. Harder surfaces naturally yielded less energy, but the barrier offered nothing, in fact as she walked around the room and struck the other walls she received absolutely nothing. Finally out of frustration she slammed her clenched hands the barrier and stood their for a while resting her head against the clear, cool surface.

"They are all tailor made to fit us all, my dear." Informed her neighbour in his fine British voice. "Your time in isolation and the tests they subjected you to determined the extent of your abilities. There is no way for you to escape you cell using your meta-abilities." He remained casually leaning against his barrier and when he had gained Angela's attention he took the opportunity to introduce himself and her cell mates.

"You may call me Lance." He then gestured about the polyhedron cell block. He began with cell number seven, where a stark dark haired man with a permanent scowl on his face stood. "Behind me is Roulette, he's Russian mafia and despite his taciturn demeanor he understands English perfectly."

He then waved a hand to cell nine, which was across the room from Angela's cell, "She's Door Knocker."

The tall woman in cell nine approached the barrier, her cool blue grey coloured eyes peering through her thick black eyelashes as she placed her hands on her hips and nodded to Angela. Lance didn't say anything about her, other than slightly raising his brows and finished the introductions with cell number four which was beside Angela's. A pretty blue eyed, blonde haired woman with that classic hollywood bimbo look came into view and Lance announced her as, "Deirdre, otherwise known as Snow Angel."

"What's up. N-ice to meet you." Greeted Deirdre obviously putting on an uncharacteristic gangster display for Angela's benefit, which didn't win her over in the least.

Angela bit back with a, "Was' up to you 'valley-girl'."

"Hey, chill out girl. This is me being friendly."

Angela puffed out her chest, "Well —"

Lance broke in stopping the shouting match before it began, "And, Deirdre also has the annoying habit of using references to cold and ice in everything she says."

"It's not a habit. I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder, Lance." She corrected then glanced back to Angela, "You cool with that?"

Angela just rolled her eyes, "Whatever."

"Anyway, " Said Lance, "Welcome to Polyhedron, 'Gamma-Theta'. It's kind of like being back at university." he joked, "And you are?"

"My name's A —"

As Angela began to introduce herself a light went on over the entrance and the heavy metal doors pulled apart. Through them emerged a team of medics pushing an old man on gurney and a man in suit quickly placed his hand over a scanning device on the wall, faced a camera and spoke his name, "Michael Eden." followed by a code, "6859 beta."

A green light flashed on the security lock and after Doctor Michael Eden pushed another button the transparent barrier to cell number one ascended into the ceiling and the team pushed the man into the room and began to hook him up to monitors and administer medication to him. About fifteen minutes later, the doctor in the suit that had referred to himself as Michael Eden walked over to the other side of the cell and picked up a syringe with a red coloured substance in it. It was then the large metal doors parted once more and in walked two men that all the prisoners recognized but Angela recognized.

Angela noted that the shorter man lead the way and carried himself as if he owned the place, so he probably carried some weight around the prison. He was an average sized man wearing a classic blue coloured suit and black shoes that a girl could put on her make-up in the reflection. Everything about him was immaculate, he suit was perfectly pressed and not one strand of his hair was out place. As he walked in he immediately inspected the floor and the walls searching for anything that would warrant some criticism but satisfied with the cleanliness of the polyhedron he nodded to the other man with him and stepped to the side.

The other man wore the grey uniform of R.A.I.D. and at a towering 6'8", dwarfed his associate. He turned and waved in two enforcers pushing yet another prisoner strapped to a gurney. This one from what Angela and the others could make out was a young girl, and they were pumping her full of drugs to keep her in a coma.

Angela moved to the corner of her barrier and got close to Lance. "Why didn't they take her down to isolation, like they did me?" She asked in a hushed tone, which seemed to carry very well though the perforations in the clear material.

Lance had been pondering that exact question himself. "They only do this when someone has a power that they are not quite sure how to contain. So they keep them in a coma until they decide what to do."

"For how long?" Whispered Angela.

"As long as it takes." Answered Lance, who quickly moved to the back of his cell with in-human speed when the man with gold rimmed glasses looked over his shoulder towards them.

The big man unlocked and opened the barrier of cell number two, and the enforcers wheeled, Siege into her new accommodations. One of the enforcers that was also pushing the I.V. carrier adjusted one of the monitors to alert them of any activity should the girl begin to awake or her vital signs require attention. They sealed her in then and left the cell block, while their larger superior officer joined the other as he made his way over to Angela's cell.

"Good day, Miss Tovar." Greeted the suited man with a Kentucky drawl, "I am Warden Tomes and this is Captain Rathbone. You are here because you are in violation of the Riggs Act. No doubt you have already met your cell mates and though I am sure I can trust them to inform you of the rules here it is best you hear it from my lips first." The warden clasped his hands behind his back and began to slowly pace before Angela's cell.

"I have only one rule, obey everything that is requested of you and you will be treated fairly. Disobey and everyone in your polyhedron will pay for you insolence. Continue to disobey and I assure you that your time here will be very brief. You are in the Eastern R.A.I.D. Meta-Detention Centre, hidden from the world because frankly, Miss Tovar the world doesn't give a damn about you, any of you. You and your fellow inmates no longer have any rights, you are subject to the rule of R.A.I.D. and I have the power to enforce that rule. Captain Rathbone is my eyes and ears of this facility, he is bound by a strict code of conduct but cross the line and you will be entering a world of hardship and pain from which you may never return."

The warden then stopped his pacing and stood before Angela. "Do you understand everything that I have said?"

Every fiber of her being, Angela wanted to tell this guy 'to go and $#*% himself', but his wrath wouldn't just fall on her and she didn't need to be worrying about the other prisoners as well the giant Captain breathing down her neck. "Yes." She answered in as amiable a tone as she was capable of.

The warden seemed to have been expecting more defiance in her, and maybe was even a little disappointed. He gave the creepy smile of a man who never truly smiled and strolled away. Captain Rathbone gave Angela a 'don't mess with me' look then trailed behind the warden over to cell number one where the medics were still fervently working on DiVine.

Doctor Eden had just did a comparison with a sample of DiVine's blood with the red coloured contents of vial marked with the name 'Perovanini'. "No rejection." He announced and there was a sigh of relief on the faces of the medics since it meant that the serum could be administered directly in DiVine without any additional genetic modifications. Eden then immediately prepared a syringe and walked over to the table and hooked up the serum to DiVine's I.V. line, "Make sure the drip is set at 5 mils per mil per hour.", Eden told a nurse.

Eden was just checking the results of his comparison one more time when warden Tomes waltzed into the cell observing the activities like one browsing a pawn shop. "I hope DiVine's quarters are suitable?" Commented Tomes.

Michael didn't respond. He knew that Tomes was just trying to get a rise out of him, since he was the one that had thrown R.A.I.D. policies in his face and forced him to see his patients needs in a cramped cell. Tomes lingered about like a foul odour and Eden knew he would eventually have no choice but to clear the air.

"So this is your miracle meta-serum?" Asked Tomes inspecting the contents of the vial hanging from the stand, his nose nearly touching it.

"Yes." Eden responded, noticeably annoyed.

"Is it working?" Tomes inquired while dismissively looking over the fragile body of the old meta-human.

"We won't know for twenty four hours."

"Twenty four hours." Scoffed Tomes, "The man could well be dead in six. Some miracle cure."

"It's not that simple." Defended Eden. "While Perovanini's blood carries the effects of his mutation, it will only react like normal blood if injected into another person. The serum that we are able to manufacture carries but a fraction of the hosts regenerative powers and it takes time, but if it works it will greatly increase DiVine's natural healing process."

"If it works?" Questioned Tomes.

"The serum reacts differently to everyone. I can't predict the precise effects it will have on it's recipient." Explained Eden, realizing he was being back into a corner.

The warden processed the information and with a disappointed look on his face he said "Typical", and walked out of the cell, satisfied with the amount of anxiety he had brought to Doctor Eden. He had wanted only to affirm his power over the man, and he done just that. He proceeded out the doors of Gamma-Theta, with Rathbone on his heels like a well trained guard dog, leaving the good doctor to stew.

Angela looked to her left and was startled to see that Lance was leaning comfortably by his barrier, near to her. She would have swore that not even a second ago the spot was vacant, but there he was checking out the new fish like the rest of the inmates. Angela looked over at the handsome englishman."You think the old guy will make it?"

Lance nodded. "A Doctor Frakenstein, Eden may be, but he is second to none in his field."

The young women could see the concern in his face for the man, even though he didn't know him, she had to admit she felt it to. No matter what they were all meta-humans and seeing one of their own battling for his life made them all aware of just how vulnerable they all were.

"My name is Angela by the way." She quietly announced.

"I am very pleased to make you acquaintance, Angela. I am the Highwayman." He replied.

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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:14 am

Toril's mind hung on every word Yelena had said and it suddenly became very clear to him that Beacon didn't give a damn about DiVine. If anything he was a prize that R.A.I.D. had been focusing on and Beacon often hid their agenda behind the plans of other organizations, striking where it was least expected. But what, if not DiVine were they after? Toril's eyes darted about, trying to determine which of the meta-humans they might be after. He immediately ruled out the shape-shifter, although she would be an excellent asset he knew they already had a chameleon in their service and he doubted it was the one driving the ambulance. The kid perhaps? Toril couldn't explain it but his instincts told him that Shawn wasn't target. Then it became apparent to him.

"That old bastard." Toril said aloud as he replayed certain events through his mind, "He knew that if he came in person, I'd take the bait." He laughed at his own stupidity, then noting that both Yelena and Cassius were staring at him with inquisitive expressions he expressed his revelation.

"Recently I infiltrated a facility that was working on cutting edge technology that would allow a single scan of a person's eye to determine if they were meta. I verified the data myself after I stole and destroyed every trace of the research. Certain lightwaves will reveal certain physical markers that are unique to the irises of all meta-humans, making it extremely easy to expose those that can pass for human.

"My so called friend, Vacily had said something in conversation that stuck in my mind. 'They who control the information are God.', but controlling that information is becoming increasingly difficult. I am sure that Beacon is searching for a way to control that information and I think it has something to with you, Cassius. I believe that R.A.I.D., was specifically after you. Do you have any talents with computer systems? Are you some super-hacker by chance?"

Toril's attention was then drawn to the smell of smoke radiating from the front cab. "Do you two smell that? Is the ambulance on fire?"
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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Mon Jun 15, 2009 3:12 pm

Yelena watched as the wheels turned in Toril’s head. He was beginning to understand what she was saying and connect the dots, just as she did a few minutes before. She could tell, by his reaction to everything, he was clueless about his involvement in the whole ordeal. Now the real question was, if Beacon had gone to all of this trouble, where were they now?

Slowly lowering the gun, she listened to what Toril. The instant he asked if Cassius was good at computers and the like, she knew exactly who the target was then. Zoe. And it seemed as though Cassius had realized it as well. He glanced at Yelena then back to Toril.

“No, dude. All I know about computers is that they get me my porn on the ‘net and I can send nekkid pictures of myself to chicks all over the world. Afraid they barked up the wrong tree with me. Sorry about all the work they went through for nothin’...Looks like you REALLY got shafted, dude….”

Yelena could smell the increased burning smell and knew Takashi was close to erupting if they didn’t get things calmed down and let him take a break outside. Looking out the windshield, she saw a pull off picnic area coming up.

“Takashi…pull off road at picnic area. We take break there.”

Looking back at Cassius and Toril, she explained as best she could.

“Is not ambulance that is causing smell. Is Takashi. He is unable to control abilities right now. We not have time to show him properly before we headed out for Robert.”

Takashi was more than happy to pull off the side of the road and park the ambulance. He was the first one to barrel out of the rig followed quickly by Cassius, Yelena and Toril. Shawn was still pretty much knocked out n the gurney and instead of taking the risk of jarring his head, they left him in there but kept all the doors wide open.

Takashi walked away from the others and fired up another cigarette. Yelena and Cassius stayed close to each other while Toril cleared his head and tried to figure out who Beacon was after if Cassius wasn’t the one they wanted. Yelena turned her back on Toril and looked to Cassius as she whispered to him.

“We take chance of exposing Zoe to Beacon if we keep going. But..,…I not know where to go. I not familiar with area. Do you know what we can do?”

Cassius was puffing just as hard on his cigarette as Takashi was and he shook his head.

“I have no f&@%ing clue. I mean, I have an uncle that has a lake home, but it hasn’t been used in…..a long friggin time. It’s on Lake Canadaigua. About 3 1/2 hours from where we were headed. I’d rather go there then risk letting those f@#$ get their hands on Zoe.”

Yelena nodded in total agreement.

“Then we go there. You know how to get there?”

Cassius nodded.

“Yeah. I can get us there.”

Yelena was about to say something when Takashi walked over.

“Look. I don’t mean to be a party killer or anything, but….I think it best I go on my way. I’m not cut out for this….hero stuff. My abilities aren’t something that can be used for any sort of good. I’d rather just stay on my own then risk doing anything to someone again. I think it’s better this way. For everyone.”

Yelena knew the young man wasn’t happy and while she would have liked for him to stay with them, she knew he had to do what was best for him and if parting ways was best for him, then so be it.

“I understand, Takashi. Take care of self.”

The young man nodded.

“I will. Thanks for trying. I rellay appreciate it.”

Yelena nodded again as she watched Takashi turn and head out through the woods near the picnic area. It wasn’t long before the vegetation of the trees swallowed him up and she couldn’t see him anymore. Looking to Cassius, she nodded again.

“You drive now. Is important you get us to lake home. We figure out what to do when we get there.”

Cassius nodded, threw the butt of his cigarette down and crushed it under his boot then looked at Toril.

“Dude? Feel like rising shotgun with me?”

Yelena glanced over at Toril, giving him a deep frown before she climbed back into the back of the rig and closed the doors letting Toril know he had no choice but to ride in the front with Cassius. With no other choice, Toril decided to climb into the front of the rig with Cassius. As Cassius checked the road to make sure all was clear in the side view mirror, Toril looked over at the young man.

“So…where are we headed?”

Cassius looked over at Toril and gave him a lazy grin.

“Canadaigua, dude. Up where the air is fresh and the lake water will shrink your nuts to the size of peas when ya jump in.”

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.
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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:47 pm

"They're moving, sir." Informed the co-pilot.

The man in the back of the helicopter came into view and Toril would have recognized his old comrade if he could see him. "Good. Stay on their tail, soldier." Commanded Vacily.

"Yes, sir."

The pilot, wearing night vision goggles proceeded and a high powered camera on the nose of the helicopter cast an enhanced image of the ambulance on one of the many monitors in the back of the chopper.

"What are you up to?" Vacily whispered to himself as he watched the ambulance pull away from the picnic area. Hitting a button he turned on the thermal imager, and could see that they had left one of their group behind and was walking off down a woodland trail.

The co-pilot had just spotted what Vacily had discovered. "Sir, should we pick him up?"

Vacily shook his head. "No. He's of no concern to us, concentrate on the ambulance."


Toril watched the 'smoking-man' vanish into the darkness as he strolled back to the ambulance only to have the back doors slammed in his face. He wasn't too surprised to be shunned by the shape-shifter, and truthfully he was glad to be riding up front where he could see the danger coming. He buckled up his seat belt and smiled at Cassius' response to his inquiry and though his mind was a buzz trying to figure out what Beacon wanted he couldn't resist giving the kid a little a jab.

"Y'know, I've never had that problem." Toril then laughed at his own remark and continued to decipher the events that had transpired.

Toril assumed correctly that Canadaigua was a lake. 'Nice spot for a hide out', he considered, then he continued to wrestle with his theories for another quarter of an hour before he was satisfied that he covered every possible scenario he could for the moment. He then decided to get some sleep and the big man was appreciative of the fact that the cab of the ambulance was roomy, allowing him to slump down and rest his head on the seat. He closed his eyes and drifted off to the sound of the motor and motion of vehicle for the moment forgetting about Surge and Beacon while all the while they surreptitiously followed.
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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 1   Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:07 am

Yelena needed to rest as well, but she didn’t dare until she relayed to Zoe what they had discovered. When Cassius sent her a hand signal pointing at Toril, she peered into the cab of the rig and saw the blond had closed his eyes and was resting. Nodding to Cassius, she sat back in the very back of the rig and contacted Zoe.

“O, we run into problem on road.”

Zoe’s monotone voice came over the ear bud comm. link.

“So I heard. Sounds like we’ve got issues we didn’t know we had. Just keep going where you’re going. I’ll try and figure out what the hell we need to do.”

There was a pause before Zoe spoke up again.

“I’ve lost contact with Cowboy. The armored vehicle has been destroyed. Not sure if that means bad new or what. I’ll continue to try and reach him. As soon as I do, I’ll let you know.”

Yelena felt as though someone had punched her in the gut when she heard Tim’s vehicle was destroyed and he was missing. Since she returned to the States, it seems as if her friends were dropping like flies or being kidnapped by corrupt government officials. America, in her eyes, was just as bad as the other countries when it came to the way they dealt with the meta-humans.

Nodding, she could barely get out an audible reply, but some how she managed.


Knowing Cassius heard the conversation, she knew he was aware of the situation. Reaching up to take the ear bud out of her ear, she held it in her hand as she let her emotions take over. Tears welled up in her eyes and she didn’t try to make them stop. They day had been emotionally, physically and mentally draining on her and she gave way to all of that now as she sat in the back of the ambulance.

Thankful Shawn was deaf and unconscious for the most part, Toril was sleeping and Cassius couldn’t hear her over the noise of the engine, Yelena allowed herself the time she needed to grieve for the loss of both Robert and Fay and now, apparently Tim. While she knew Robert and Fay were alive, she had her doubts she would ever see them again. At least, not without being captured herself.

But Tim. While she and Tim had always had their differences, they were both able to find more common ground than not and to think he was lost, Yelena just couldn’t bear the reality of it. Pulling her knees to her chest as she sat in the backwards facing seat near the top of the gurney Shawn laid on, she wrapped her arms around her knees and bowed her head so she could sob silently.

It was a while later when Yelena lifted her head. Her eyes were puffy and blood shot, the only evidence she had been crying. Standing up, she rummaged through the compartments in the ambulance to find a bottle of sterile water and some gauze bandages so she could wash her face. When she was done with that, she poked her head into the cab of the ambulance to speak quietly with Cassius.

“How much longer?”

Cassius sighed then pointed to a sign that stated Canadaigua 50 miles. Yelena nodded.

“Good. We need to get some real rest.”

Cassius nodded.

“You can say that again, dudette. My ass hurts in places I never knew it could hurt.”

Yelena couldn’t help but chuckle softly at what Cassius said. The young man had quite a way of stating the obvious. Her smile fading, she glanced over at Toril as he still rested. There was so much about the man she didn’t know and yet it seemed as though they had shared a lifetime already.

Slipping back into the patient area, she checked on Shawn once more. The young man was asleep or unconscious. Which one she couldn’t tell but she was glad he didn’t have to suffer any pain on the ride as the rig bumped and bounced on some of the roads.

About an hour later, Cassius had taken a narrow, winding, dirt road that lead along side a lake and after about three miles on the rut filled road, he pulled up in front of a dark, two story home. Peering out the window, she looked around then pulled the ambulance around to the side so it wasn’t visible from the driveway or lake.

Turning the rig off, he reached over and tapped the front of Toril’s shoulder with the back of his hand.

“Rise and shine, dude. We’re here.”

Yelena peered out the windshield when Cassius pulled up in the driveway and looked around. Like Cassius she didn’t see any life or signs there had been ay here for a while. When Cassius pulled the ambulance over to the side of the house, she opened the door and eased out of the back of the rig, closing the door quietly. Moving to the front of the rig, she looked all around, paying particular attention to the house to see if any lights came on. As Cassius got out of the rig and joined her, along with Toril, they knew they would have to take it careful until they were certain the coast was clear.

Looking over at Cassius, she nodded towards the house.

“You take back. Toril and I take front. Meet you in middle. Da?”

Cassius nodded and actually grinned.

“Da, dudette. The key is under the flower pot next to the door. Happy hunting.”

As Cassius took off towards the back, Yelena looked up at Toril and furrowed her brows.

“I hope large men can be quiet.”

Without waiting for a response, she headed for the front door. AS she walked up onto the porch, the wooden planks creaked softly. Kneeling down to retrieve the key, she tipped the flower pot back and pulled the key from under it. Standing back up, she placed the key in the lock, unlocked the door and slowly pushed it open. The hinges squeaked and creaked, but so far, no indication there was anyone home.

As she and Toril moved in they could see the cloth tarps still over all the furnishings. Even as the moonlight illuminated the room, they could see the dust was quite thick on the tarps. Moving through the house, they met Cassius in the kitchen. So far things were going well for them. All they had to do now was check out the upper level. Cassius and Toril took on that task and when they came back down, they weren’t trying to be church mouse quiet.

“Well….we’re good. Not a soul around for at least five miles. My uncle owns just about all the property along the shore of the lake on this side. Nobody will bother us here.”

Yelena finally let out a sigh of relief. At least, for now, they were safe. Or so she hoped. About an hour later, with Cassius and Toril’s help, they had Shawn off loaded and resting in one of the beds upstairs. The tarps had been removed from the furniture and Cassius was able to get the electricity and water turned on from the main valve and switch outside.

Yelena could feel the exhaustion catching up with her and as the sky was just starting to get the first streaks of light, she practically fell into the bed in the bedroom across the hall from Shawn’s room. Her head had no sooner hit the pillow before she was asleep.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.
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HEROES Chapter 1
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