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 Supernatural Lore

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PostSubject: Supernatural Lore   Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:48 pm


Contrary to the beliefs of popular culture nothing happens to a person when bit by a werewolf other than surviving or dying. On very rare occasions, however, when a person survives the bite under the bright light of a full moon the curse is passed to them. The person will be completely healed by the next full moon and then they will turn.

Once the beast takes over, there is nothing left of the person they once were. They become a vicious monster that despite its semblance is really nothing like a wolf. The monster, lusts for blood and death. It hungers for human flesh and during its brief nocturnal existence it cares for nothing else than to inflict pain upon the human form that contains it.

Were-wolves are extremely powerful and possess the best qualities of both humans and wolves. Though they no longer possess the ability to speak, make no mistake believing that they lack any intelligence.

Normal weaponry can inflict pain upon a werewolf but cannot kill it. Only silver will prevent their body from healing, but in reality it takes much more than a few silver bullets to bring them down. The damage itself is really immaterial, what counts is the amount of silver embedded in the wound and so a silver dagger or sword is far more lethal to the creatures so long as it is not pulled free. It is thus wise to, if possible, incapacitate one of the creatures then ram a silver knife into its heart before severing its head and burning the body. So long as silver is keeping the beast in a state between life and death the creature can be consumed by fire.

Once a person has turned, their humanity slowly fades away and is completely gone come the next full moon. After that they are as monstrous in their human form as they are as a wolf, only they lack the strength and power of the beast. They are, however, as durable and possess slightly heightened senses.

Werewolves will uncontrollably turn under a full moon, but over time the wolf can come out when their Human half is weak. For them life becomes a power struggle, the wolf ever scratching at the door, wanting nothing more than to get out to satiate its hunger.

Were-wolves are solitary creatures. They do not run in packs. They are highly territorial and will always try and drive off or kill any others of their kind, this instinct is not, however, as compelling when in their human forms. In their every day disguises, two or more were-wolves can easily tolerate one another, even be friends and in these uncommon cases the beasts will develop alternating cycles for their transformations and establish boundaries for their hunting grounds.

As lycanthropes are susceptible to silver they are also warded by certain pagan symbols. Pentacles repel them, but only when inscribed or etched in a ritualistic manner upon a surface (often a door or the ground). They cannot be carried, a pentacle pendant won't do squat, and too many etchings in one place will actually degrade their protection.
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Supernatural Lore
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