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PostSubject: • World   Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:01 am

General Setting

The world of No More Dreams is equal to that of the earlier half of Earth's nineteenth century, give or take a year or two, or even three. It is essentially like that of the Victorian era, only the use of armour and the wielding of heavy swords is still prominent despite the fact that flint lock weaponry exists.

It has been proven that plated armour will repel, the shot from a pistol, but the impact will still cause some minimal bludgeoning. One of the reason, armour became obsolete after the invention of fire arms was mainly because it impeded the use of rifles and in general encumbered one's movements. Shots, also are, however, not as effective against the Mermadon and Greater Ta'kun, and are completely ineffective against mature Dragons. Thus many soldiers yet use sword and armour.

At the time of the Dragonic Cataclysm, scientists and entrepreneurs were on the verge of harnessing electricity, but now it is nothing more than a dream. Like so many others it was stamped out by Dragon-kind, but in cities like Hushon and Baloc the idea lives on and is slowly beginning to reform.
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