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PostSubject: • BESTIARY   Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:53 pm

The following information has been extrapolated from the journals of the Explorer Connor Burton and Naturalists, Lachlan Greyshire and Muriel Wadsworth.

The Lesser Ta’kun


It has been observed that there are two species of the Ta’kun, and have been currently distinguished from one another as the Greater and Lesser; this article shall dwell on the latter.

The Lesser Ta’kun, which were originally thought to have been the offspring of the Greater, are in fact there own species and since this discovery much has been learned about their physiology and behaviour.


According to Wadsworth, the Lesser Ta’kun are born into this world from large hard shelled eggs laid in stone nests, which serve as protection but more importantly to keep them warm as the rocks heat up from the sun. Broods are only born during the hottest months, and both parents share in the duty of guarding the nest.

Nomadic creatures, they prefer to reside in caves and if none are present will dig their own underground dwellings. Connor Burton, exploring one of these caves discovered in one case, a natural hot spring that was being used to keep nests warm and hypothesized this to be the natural way these creatures prefer to incubate their eggs.

The hatchlings are helpless during their first week of life and their size is comparable to that of the common rooster. They mature at a fast rate, and by their third or fourth year, will have reached a height of approximately four feet. It is at this age, that they are made to endure barbaric tribal rites that give them passage to adult hood.


The most prominent feature that separate the Lesser from the Greater is their serpentine appearance accompanied by quick and graceful movements, so while they lack the brawn of the other they surpass them in speed and agility.

Female Ta’kun are far larger than the males and it is the opinion of Wadsworth that their society is matriarchal but we currently to do not fully support the idea of a primitive culture being ruled by females. She informs us that there have been several observations, however, of the larger females directing the males and we are still trying to conclude whether or not these larger individuals are indeed female.

They reach adulthood after approximately ten years and the average adult Lesser Ta’kun stands six feet tall and weighs 175 pounds, but specimens surpassing the height of seven feet have been recorded. The bulk of their mass is in their powerful legs; designed for speed and spectacular standing leaps. A Lesser Ta’kun can jump their own height, and have been recorded reaching speeds of up to 45 mph. Their hind claws can deal a vicious attack, but their arms have been found to lack the physical strength of a healthy man and their hands while possessing an opposable thumb are not as dexterous as ours. Thick heavy nails on their fingers also seem to hinder them, although the quality of their craftsmanship does seem to contradict this.

Their dragon-like head that rests upon a neck, somewhat longer than the human’s, and possesses jaws that lack the power of a great cat or wolf and seem to be designed for holding and tearing. The teeth are small, and slant back toward the throat.

They eyes of the Lesser Ta'kun, are closer together and more forward than typical lizards, giving them binocular vision. Larger than the human eye, it is suspected that they may in fact be able to see much further and have demonstrated a heightened visual acuity. Earlier documentation had theorized that the Lesser Ta'kun possessed the ability to see in the dark but recent studies have proven that they in fact have poorer night vision than our own. Burton's newest discovery has shed light on this misinterpretation, which he attributes to their hyper sensitivity to vibration and temperature changes. Apparently, he believes that the skin of these creatures is so attuned to temperature variants and minute quakes that they can feel the heart beat and heat of man by passing within a few feet of them.

The hide of the Lesser Ta’kun, is no where near as tough as their larger cousins and they have learned to manufacture armor to compensate for this weakness. Examples of leather and black-scaled vests of an unknown material have been recovered.

The adult Lesser Ta’kun will also develop markings on their predominantly green to brown bodies. These variously coloured markings exist on much older individuals confirmed by Greyshire to exhibit more status in their respective tribes. We have found only a few specimens to develop a hood beneath their lower jaw and around their neck, which fans out much like a parasol when the creature is distressed or threatened. Greyshire and Wadsworth surmise that this may symbolize advanced age and the growth could be stimulated by an enduring term of dominance, thus they have advised all military to terminate these creatures on sight.

Pre-adult Ta’kun are between the ages of five and nine, and range in size from four to nearly six feet tall. They are distinguished by their size and their lack of coloured markings, but they can be just as dangerous as the adults and are always included in their hunts.


The Lesser Ta’kun are cowardly beasts that in recent campaigns have been used as canon fodder or scavengers to prey upon the wounded after the passing of Dragons and Greater Ta’kun. Burton, says they are tribal and follow the strongest and has written journals on their combat tactics, which rely on subterfuge and ambush.

They communicate through a series of chirps and clicks, which in our opinion hardly constitutes a language. Wadsworth, however, disagrees with our position and stands firm on her belief that their language is in every way as complex as our own. We allow that they seem to be able to convey their demands to one another but we are yet to have any proof of a written language in any form.


Although, Mr. Burton is of a differing opinion, we believe all Ta'kun to be inferior primitives in comparison to men. There is no evidence that they have the capability to match our technology and thus is proof that we are the true masters of this land.

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PostSubject: Re: • BESTIARY   Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:55 pm

Greater Ta'kun - Brulgta'kun
(written by Kutsu Shita)

A recollection of a lecture by Harmond Porter, biologist and greater ta'kun expert.

“Have you ever seen a ta’kun?” A scruffy old man asked his gathered crowd as he walked towards a stool in front of them.
The crowd sat and listened in silence, some shaking their heads, others not sure what the man wanted of them, but suspecting it was mostly rhetorical. Of course, there would always be one who’d speak up.
“My uncle saw one and lived to tell the tale, just like you, Mr. Porter.” A young lad in the left centre of the large college room shared with the rest of them.

“Just like me, eh?” The man quirked a curious brow. Some in the audience could already predict what was to come next. Anyone who knew anything about Harmond Porter would.
“Tell me sonny boy, did your uncle speak of their ferocious way of ripping their opponents apart on the field of battle? Were they taller than mountains and wielded the strength of the greatest storm?” Harmond left a notable silence before he continued, “Perhaps he read a book by a certain Lachlan Greyshire?”

Mr. Porter had a small stack of items next to his stool and one of them was Greyshire’s book. He held it up for all in the Bolacian lecture hall to see. The young man’s silence told Harmond all he needed to know and thus he continued.

“Not everyone is crazy enough to prowl the wilderness in order to observe these creatures, nor has as much bad luck as I do. Some people have just taken some noticeable quotes from a book… I suggest you discard this book if you have it, Greyshire’s analysis of the lesser ta’kun is worth a read though.” Porter carelessly dropped the book behind him.

“No, my fellow students of the unnatural world of dragons and their ilk, I’ve come to some different and far more nuanced conclusions about these scaly invaders.”

Notebooks and pencils waited with anticipation in their master’s hands, their ears pointed to listen to the finest of details the professor would share with them.

“We shall start with the least controversial… Their physiology. Greyshire’s limited experience with the greater ta’kun leave him with too few interesting facts to fill his book, so he goes to describe the feeling he, and many others have felt when encountering these beasts. Instead of describing them with feelings I have been around the creatures long enough to know their adults range from two meters to about two-twenty (6’7” – 7’3”). If their form wasn’t slightly hunched they’d probably be another 10 centimeters taller. For those who did their homework, that doesn’t make them a lot taller than their lesser kind, but their form is far broader. Some sources put their weight at around 200 kilograms (440 lb).”

“Their great reptilian head often sport small bones bumping just out of the surface and past the scales, they don’t have much of a function and seem to have a hereditary origin. Some ta’kun have more and taller bones sticking from their faces, while others have none or a few shorter ones. Female greater ta’kun are also less likely to have such bones sticking out of their skin. Those who have them often decorate their bones, they might fit metal pieces onto them or use them to hang objects from, similar to earrings. Their great mouth is filled with many smaller edged teeth on the lower jaw while there are several greater teeth on the upper jaw, giving them a bite you’d rather avoid. They will often show their greater teeth when they wish to convey a feeling of dismay or anger.”

“If there’s anything one should fear though, it is not the size of their teeth, they are not likely to start munching on you before you’re good and dead, as well as cooked and seasoned.” Porter said, half joking, half serious. Though, his audience only caught the joke part and laughed willingly at the man’s joke.
“It is their muscular arms and talons one should fear. The ta’kun use a variety of tools, while on the field of battle and outside of it, and though some can be very sophisticated, they rely on clubs, maces or hammers while fighting, and to a lesser extent also shields. A good way to get an overview of a ta’kun’s standing is to look at their equipment. The lowliest and often youngest adult ta’kun will carry as good as no armor and often a large club carved out of wood. As they grow older, stronger and more respected they will improve their weapons with metal, stone or a very hard black substance, or make new ones to reflect their status, of course. Those ta’kun who have the proper standing will also sport armor, the simplest made of metal to cover their heads, torso and upper legs, otherwise made of the mysterious black substance. They never cover their hands or feet, except with war paint, preferably red, yellow or white, to reflect off their dark green or brownish scales.”

“Speaking of hands and feet. They make a ‘point’ out of keeping their claws razor sharp. In case they find themselves without a weapon or in too close quarters to wield it effectively, they will rely on these natural weapons, which will cut through cloth and leather like a warm knife through butter, and they are known to leave nasty scratches even on a steel plate. Though they might use their arms the most, their legs can still be used to perform devastating kicks, especially together with their sharpened claws. They’re not much for jumping however, at least not compared to their lesser kin, and they can’t match their agility or speed either. But if I had a choice between a lesser ta’kun charging at me or its greater brother, I’d know which I’d pick. Nothing short of a cannonball will stop a charging greater ta’kun, and its speed might not be as impressive as its smaller brother, it has the endurance to at least keep up with any man until he can go no further and becomes easy prey to the large lizard.”

“Perhaps none of the above was any news to those of you who have listened closely to the tales of survivors, actual survivors, and read the small array of books written about them. But one thing I’ve never heard them speak of is the use of the ta’kun’s tail. Some noted that the smaller scales decorating the tail indicated a possible weakness for which to aim when fighting a greater ta’kun. And surely it might be easier to pierce than the thick scales covering their torso, but it is far from a weakness. The tail is perhaps the ta’kun’s most delicate tool and their most surprising weapon. It is not often a ta’kun will use the tail in battle, but when it does, it cracks like a whip and can hit with surprising power. It can also be used to latch onto arms or legs and pull people out of their way, or put them where they want them. It sees its greatest use outside of combat though, as a third hand of sorts, where it assists the ta’kun in almost every imaginable task.”

“The greater ta’kun are perhaps the most amazing when it comes to their time to mature. It takes but a few years for them to grow into full adults, given my experiences I have come to believe it takes around six years for them to become fully grown. The female ta’kun will lay between six and ten eggs, which hatch within a month given the right conditions. However out of every nest it is normal for just one ta’kun to emerge. A few weeks after hatching the brothers and sisters will commence in some sort of instinctive battle to sort out the strongest which ordinarily will leave one who will have devoured his siblings in the process. In the weeks following, the ta’kun will grow at a rapid rate, possibly in some way related to having eaten the others, and within two months the creature gets involved in the ta’kun social sphere where it will be taught in the ways of the ta’kun. Two years later it will reach adolescence and becomes a part of their hunting parties until fully grown when it may prove its worth as an adult member of the group.”

“Is it true that you have been a part of such a group?” Someone in the audience wished to know.
Porter had indulged himself into his story and had almost forgotten about his audience as he spoke, but now he was dragged back into reality.
“Yes.” He said, “That’s one way of putting it, my boy. If you call being tied to a tree for a year and a half being a part of their group, that is. I am capable of telling you these things because they decided not to kill me unlike the rest of those I traveled with. Someone from the hunting party convinced their leader to spare me for the sake of studying me. I had been severely injured and only because of one ta’kun who prevented the others from killing me am I here today to tell you these things. I lived off scraps and whatever they would throw me, and it goes without saying this was not the best time of my life. Luckily they decided when they had learned all they could from me to release me and unlike the mouse in the maze, we humans have a brain larger than the size of a pin head. For if mice had anything in their skull worthy of the name brain, even they would learn something from those who let them lose into their experiment, I know I did, and now you will too.”

“For a long time these creatures badgered me about all sorts of things, sometimes seemingly ridiculous things, things they thought mattered to us. Most of the time they speak in a strange language of inhuman sounds.” Porter always made an effort to reproduce the chirps and clicks as best he could, but they never quite hit the mark, “Something like that.”
He cleared his throat and then continued, “But some of them have taken the time to learn our own language, pointing to a greater intelligence than any previously imagined. For a long time the creatures hid their social activities from me, but as time progressed they found it useful to learn from me while I was present to the many social activities they had. I have come to the conclusion the group is lead by a female while it is her mate who leads the ta’kun in battle. Often it is the eldest female and the largest male, and when one or both fall, one or two others will quickly assert this position within the group and form a new leadership couple.”

“Unlike with the lesser ta’kun, the greater ta’kun’s females are somewhat smaller than the males, and as I said previously they often have less facial bones and a sharper defined face as well. There are some who believe some ta’kun have a more feminine form and are therefore females, but I have thus far found it hard to tell from a far which is which and sometimes only discovered their sex upon dissection. However, the older the specimen the clearer the distinction becomes, but no pre-adult greater ta’kun has clearly distinguishable features regarding their sex. And on top of that those that speak our language all seem to do so in a very low tone on top of their strange accent, giving the impression of being male while they very well might not be.”

“Mr Porter?” A concerned female voice spoke up.
“Yes, m’lady?” The old man said as he took the opportunity to look through some of the things he had taken with him, trying to remember at which point in his talk he had intended to use them.
“Did the ta’kun… Well…” She hesitated.
“I’m not a mind reader you know, I’m just a scientist!” He said like only a teacher can.
“Did they make you eat human flesh, professor?”

Harmond Porter’s eyes left the little pile next to his stool and quickly found the woman who had asked this question. They peered over his glasses and right into the woman’s for just a moment. Some snickering had started as a reaction to the question. Porter promptly stood up and headed for the nearest door.
“That’s all the time I have.” He said and waved his arm as if he had more important things to do, leaving all his things behind.
“Thanks a lot, lady, I believe you made him think of lunch.” One of the boys said. He and his friends left the room laughing. But at least some of the gathered people had gotten a chance to learn about the greater ta’kun this day. Another day, another place and Mr. Porter would tell the next congregation of students or those willing to listen of his experiences with the complicated ways of the greater ta’kun.

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PostSubject: Re: • BESTIARY   Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:57 pm

'Taerjen (Ter-zhin) were uncommon creatures that looked like a cross between a lion and a wolf. Powerful animals adapted for the cold, they were only sighted on the tallest mountains of the Pargomoot Range. Their sure footed paws enabled them to cling to the sheerest rock face and their broad muzzled canine head could take a man's arm with a single bite making them desired by hunters not only for the challenge but for their magnificent skin. The Taerjen, were a rich dark brown, grey or black with pale brown to white coloured stripes decorating the length of their body right down to the end of their long bushy tail. Surrounding the heads of the males was a dark mane of soft luxurious fur highly sought by hat makers and their tails were commonly used as ladies stoles. Most people were aware of these beasts, but few had every seen one in the flesh and even fewer knew the truth of them as most believed the creatures to be the stuff of nightmares. Vicious and malevolent monsters stalking the night and stealing defenseless babes from the cradles, but the people of Meirathal knew better'.
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PostSubject: Re: • BESTIARY   Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:18 am

The Mermadon
(written by Kutsu Shita)

The dragons are their masters, of that much they are certain. Terrasil would not want them to turn their backs towards those who stood at their cradle and the Guiding Light, Koldarris, was merciful to those who served the dragons well. He steered them straight and allowed them to prosper in the water which they call their homes. No dragon would bring harm to a mermadon as long as they remained on the side of the Guiding Light.

Mermadons have a great ability for obtaining magical powers as they are allowed to age, much like dragons. Though their abilities are nowhere near that of a dragon, they seek to better their position in all possible ways. They will seek alliances and break them at their own convenience, knowing little to no loyalty, except to themselves.

In many ways they follow the way of the dragon. For they too are only interested in power, magical power of the greatest possible magnitude and dominion over all that is. The mermadons however cannot compete with the dragons. They aim to grow as powerful as they can except they know it will never be enough and will more often take a safe approach in the hopes of remaining alive for one more day.

Their size is oddly proportional to an average human as soon as a mermadon reaches adulthood. It takes several decades for a mermadon to reach this stage however, before which their magic is most unimpressive. Only once they have grown all they can physically will their magical prowess begin to grow. Though their magical power increase tends to level off after the first century of their lives it continues to develop. Those several centuries old are not to be trifled with for they are both knowledgeable and magically gifted. Those who manage to get even older quickly become part of the mermadon elite, the elders. Their names are known by all mermadons and their deeds are the things of legends. Regardless, they are either worthy of a fellow mermadon’s respect or quiet loathing.

Mermadons are not a very prolific people and their joining for reproduction is rare, but once in a while a male and female will meet and fall in love. Or at least, that might be what it is, though it usually does not last. Perhaps it is rather a chemical reaction between two fertile mermadons which lead to the eventual mating. They seek out a nice and quiet beach for their reproduction where they will leave their eggs which will hatch on their own without their parent’s supervision. They produce batches of two to four eggs which will hatch over many months, often brothers and sisters will never even know of one another as all of them hatch at a different moment and have moved on before their siblings rise from their shell. The hatchlings will crawl out of their shell and often need to dig through a small amount of sand in order to emerge onto the beach where they were left, they are born with two arms while their lower body is merely a tail which slowly grows out into legs.

Mermadons are purely herbivores and prefer the plants of the sea but can sustain themselves on land grown crops as well. They have both lungs as well as several small gills under their jaw on both sides of their neck. Like other dragonkin they have no hair though they do grow tendril like fins on top of their head as well as on their extremities. Most of their fins are for little but show, while they carry a few larger fins on their back and limbs which they use for swimming. All of these are neatly wrapped around their body when they come to land.

Mermadons appear in many colors, some have shiny silvery scales while others are dull, their colors ranging from light blue to a darker green and a feint red. Many have differently colored spots covering their body in a somewhat random fashion while others are plain. In general the younger the mermadon the brighter their coloration. Most mermadons are not very skilled with weapons and those who loathe the dry usually are not very fond of tools either. Regardless of being somewhat clumsy when on land mermadons can and do adapt, becoming proficient wielders of both weapons and tools, though most will choose to wield magic instead of hand crafted tools to accomplish their goals.

In general they clothe themselves in simple and light garments while swimming the world’s oceans. Not so much for any kind of functionality, besides perhaps for holding a few precious items, but mostly for appearances. On land these clothes are barely functional, they won’t bother changing into something more practical for short durations, but those who intend to stay on the dry for a longer period will not do so without getting their hands on some human clothing. Mermadons are adapt at telepathic communication with one another while underwater, but this power is useless whenever they want to speak to a dragon or other species unless they happen to be powerful mind mages. Their vocal cords allow for a reasonable variety of sounds, though they find the use of “English” most pleasing and often refuse to speak anything else even though they could (they’re like the French... Cocky bastards!).

All in all mermadons are a secluded and mysterious people, and they prefer it that way. They have learned that in order to stay alive you have to make sure you know more of your enemy than he knows of you and that includes holding many secrets, conjuring up a great variety of lies and using distractions liberally. Preferably they do so through magical means, but they have no problem with using any other trick they can think of to remain hidden behind a veil of mystery.

The Master, the Pupil and the Asurper.
A passage from the Book of the Everlasting.

It is like magic.
A universal constant.
To those who can’t fathom their intricacies both are an enigma.”
“To those who have mastered them they are an art.”

“One is nothing without the other.
From this it is but a simple matter to create life from magic.”
“Just as magic flows from life.”
“But after so many eons everything seems so simple.”
“So clear.”

“It seems odd now, why it has taken so long for them to come into being. There was no lack of life or magic but there was also no need.
Or, actually, there was.
What was lacking was the realization.
What purpose could they fulfill that dragons could not?”

“They had nothing going for them but a lack of things.
A lack of near infinite power.”
“Power that would drive others insane.”
“Power that would drive some to commit crimes against life.”
“Life AND magic.”

“Sometimes, less is more.
And so they are the result of that sad realization.
Whereas the earlier products of life and magic alteration had created others.”
“A near endless variation of lesser and trivial servants, snacks and play things.”
“I strive to create something with grace.
Aspire to produce those with a great spirit.
And a sense of humility in the face of the universe and all that is.”
“Their presence will be a blessing to a cursed land.”

“The others must never know.”
“They would defile what is pure.”
“They would twist it.
Twist it until nothing is left but a twisted land.”
“Filled with twisted creatures.”

“The web is almost spun.”
“Their shapes are becoming clear.”
“We are done.”
“My work has just begun.
And already you seek to undo it?”
“What brought you here?”
“Begone serpent without a soul.”
“My twisted, twisted ways know no bounds.”

The mermadons have several stories regarding their creation, the above perhaps the most controversial. Mermadons of today can only guess, as their god is dead and only the “Guiding Light” remains, his stories regarding the mermadons however are known to be cryptic and veiled.
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PostSubject: Re: • BESTIARY   Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:21 am

Lord Yassun

Hgt: 6'4" • Wgt: 230 lbs (more bulky than the average Mermadon)
• Light blue skin with green colourations • Red eyes

Yassun is a Mermadon Lord and leader of a great Ta'kun army. He is bent on breaking the yokes that he believes the Dragons have imposed upon his kind, as well as ridding the world of the filthy Human-kind.

His main power is of the MIND CLASS, specifically telekinesis. He is a master swordsman and excels at many other weapons, plus he possesses many other magical talents which he does not make a habit of utilizing.

— Yassun bared his fine pointed teeth angrily. "I am no messenger, ape! I seek the relics for myself and once I have acquired them all, even the mighty Dragons will kneel before their own creation!", he growled. "I am here of my own accord! I need not permission to take what I want!"

The furious lord then waved to Ta'kun warriors to remove the King from his sight. He spoke to them in a strange language, different from the guttural growls and screeches of the dragon-like humanoids. As he turned to them, the throne room was permeated by haunting tones that resembled the whales songs experienced by sailors. Llittle did the humans yet realize that the beautiful sounds were an effect of their own telepathic language that allowed them to communicated with both the Ta'kun and Dragons.

"Take him away!" Sang the Lord and as the warriors easily hauled the writhing man to the dungeon, the Ta'kun Patron entered the chamber, his guards ushering ten men and women bound in chains. Still communicating in Mermadonian, he thanked, Blood-Spear for carrying out his orders. Then he walked before the Humans, scrutinizing them as a one would inspect cattle or horses.

— Once he possessed the knowledge of the relics he would use it to bring his creators to his feet. He would force them to recognize their importance and regret ever making them in the image of the Hairless Apes giving their own semblance to the lowly Ta'kun! His only foreseeable problem was finding those willing to battle the Dragons. He could not depend on the Ta'kun, he would have to rely on those who had for so long sought there vengeance on their destroyers. The Humans, armed with the proper weaponry could provide him the time he needed to annihilate them once and for all.

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PostSubject: Re: • BESTIARY   Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:34 am


Hgt: 6'6" • Wgt: 240 lbs • Green skin • Milky blue eyes • Long sea weed like tendrils like hair

Mallethden is a loyal servant of Lord Yassun. Tall and graceful is like his lord his exceptional with a sword, but he prefers the cloak of darkness and a dagger to a straight fight. He is an assassin and scout, utilized by Yassun as a tracker.

He is a master of illusion and able to become invisible when required.

— A tall dark skinned man with the look of one descended from Kombura, and land far to the west, strode down the docks of Meirathal. People of his race were not often seen in the small port, yet no one turned his way nor even noticed his passing, at one point he moved between two fisherman conversing and neither paused their words or broke eye contact. A dog whimpered when he caught the strange scent of the man, but could not make sense from where it had originated. Mallethden moved, amongst the Humans and their animals protected by a suggestion that did not allow them to perceive him as he was. Instead his presence, the sounds he made, even his smell was attributed to something else; a crab scurrying across the dock, a shadow, anything but what he truly was. It was just one of the ways he prevented people from seeing him, but once in a while someone caught a brief glimpse of his form out of the corner of their eye, but when they turned and directly faced him saw nothing. None of the peasants around him possessed the skill or wisdom to break his 'suggestive-masque' but unknown to him one had when he had first arrived that morning. Bran Winston had seen him, and knew what he was despite his Human guise, but unaware of his discovery the Mermadon walked with impunity to the end of the dock and leapt into the water. There was a loud splash but those that took note of it where not too concerned when the saw that it was only a fish jumping out of the water, or at least that's what they believed it to be.

Some time later, a Mermadon rose from the sea, many leagues East of Meirathal, and walked out onto the beach where a horse drawn coach and five black cloaked figures, huddle around a partially eaten carcass. As Mallethden approached them he disappointedly groaned when he recognized that what the Lesser Ta'kun were eating was one of the horses. "Fools!" He roared in the common tongue, "Those beasts are our transportation!"

"We have three more." Hissed one of the Ta'kun, springing to his feet in the presence of his master.

Mallethden grit his small pointed teeth and angrily grabbed the Ta'kun by it's throat. "Leave the horses!" He commanded to them all then focusing on the squirming snake within his grasp with his pale, milky blue eyes tossed him to the ground and handed him a scroll case. "You! Take this message to Lord Yassun and make haste, else I decide to add you to the menu!" He ordered and the Ta'kun took the scroll and ran East as fast as it legs would carry him. Mallethden then retired to his coach and awaited to hear from his Lord.

— Yassun tossed the shining blade to Mallethden who inspected it carefully. "What do you see in it?" Requested the Lord.

Mallethden held the blade before him and moved his hand across the blade. He closed his eyes and let his mind seek out it's maker. It was difficult, as the properties of the metal began to counter his magic but then he could see her. A woman! "She has long black hair and eyes dark like a storming sea." The Mermadon seer described, "She traveled west away from the fray." He opened his eyes then, thrust from his trance. "I am sorry my Lord. The woman who made this blade possesses the ability to enchant iron. She can create that which can destroy the Dragons!"

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