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 SENSE OF HUMOR-Here's one for ya that happened to me

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PostSubject: SENSE OF HUMOR-Here's one for ya that happened to me   Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:45 am

OK. Here's the story. I was in a mall in Phoenix a few years with my friend, having lunch in a fairly large store. I said to her, "I'm just going to the restroom for a minute..." and walked towards the restroom lobby.

As I entered the hallway, I did notice the doors were wedged open for cleaning, but didn't take much notice. I walked through one of the doors and I remember being a little puzzled that there were no urinals on the walls... strange.

Walking straight ahead, I took up residence in the left of three toilet compartments and locked the door. What happened next could have easily formed the script of a TV comedy show!

I immediately heard female voices, and the two toilet compartments next to me were suddenly occupied by an elderly lady (next to me in the middle of the three compartments,) and her daughter in number three! The daughter called out "Mom...there's no toilet tissue in here...!" Mom replied " Hold you are.." and reached a roll under the partition of the compartment I WAS IN and waved it around waiting for what she thought was her daughter to grab it!

I stared at the roll of toilet tissue in horror, saved by the daughter who called out " I'm over THIS side, mom!" You can imagine my relief as the roll disappeared.

By now I was a little panicky. I looked out through the crack in the door frame and saw a line of women forming. It dawned on me that my lengthy stay in compartment number one was contributing to the delay in these women getting toilet compartments!

After a few minutes, the line had extended out of the door of the restroom. Having been in there for fifteen minutes by now I knew my friend would be worried about me, and so, swallowing my pride, I opened the door of the compartment and came out in true western style with my hands in the air, saying "Excuse me ladies - I seem to have made a big mistake!"

Their hoots of laughter followed me and my big red face back to where my frind was ready to call 911, for what she felt sure must have been a heart attack!

Before we could leave the place, the women from the restroom started to file out one by one past us, laughing and exchanging glances... I have never been so embarrassed.

Nor will I EVER make the same mistake again!
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SENSE OF HUMOR-Here's one for ya that happened to me
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