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PostSubject: DARK HORROR   Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:50 am

It was a dark night, much like any other as Bradn sped past a sign that read "Deer crossing" at roughly eighty miles per hour. The road was empty today with absolutely no traffic; just the way he liked it. It did strike him as peculiar, though, that the road was never deserted like this.

Usually, driving on a deserted road would seem like a great idea but he could hardly see anything. The dark smothered him and his vehicle like a heavy fog, his headlights not doing much to help. Then again, if it was deserted, what could he possibly run into?

That very moment he thought this, a deer jumped in the path of his car. "Shit!" he screamed, slamming on the brakes. It was too late; he'd run over the deer. He felt uneasy as he felt his car roll over its body as he continued on. No one will notice.

People will understand. It was me or the deer, right? A minute later, he felt his car jump and shift continuously. He groaned. Either this road is really bumpy or he needed a new car. This continued for a few more minutes when he decided to take a look out the window.

Littered across the pavement were dead deer, stretching on until he couldn't see the road anymore. His eyes widened as he checked the space behind him and to his side.

More deer. "Holy shit..." There were countless, dozens lay atop dozens as he stopped his vehicle in the middle of the sea of blood and fur. There was a rustling somewhere in the trees. His heart skipped a beat as he turned to see what had caused the noise. He couldn't see a thing. Brad stepped out of the vehicle.

"Hello?" he whispered, walking cautiously between the corpses of dead deer.
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