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 EPISODE 1 - The Dawn of the Omegapaths

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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 1 - The Dawn of the Omegapaths   Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:15 am

Faeyt leaned over the railing, watching his new found partner with an expression not unlike one bidding farewell to a friend as they embarked on a voyage. Perhaps he was about to take one, the man considered, and at that pondered his own apathy toward the dire situation. Where were his feelings? In that moment he felt for nothing; all the world could burn up around him and he could care less. He actually smiled then, despite the tense situation before him... 'so this is what it was like to be dead and alive and at the same time.'

The weight of the world once more fell upon the large man's shoulders as the call of a small voice snapped him back to reality. Sinclair's acrobatic journey across the narrow suspension bridge all at once sent chills down his spine and as he turned his eyes downward to where the call had originated he saw that odd boy. He was, standing atop a building, which also served as part of a roadway, passing beneath the immense sun-port.

Faeyt waved. "Hey, back." he shouted and unfortunately gave Sinclair a start that he really didn't need at that point in time, "Sorry," he immediately apologized to the tense man, "it's that kid again, and he's got your crate."

Faeyt looked back down to the kid and pointed to the ladder near the end of the of the edge of the sun-port under which the suspension bridge hung. At the end of the bridge was a precarious looking platform from which a metal stair case lead up to a ladder. The metal rungs climbed up a distance of approximately six stories to the lip of the sun-port and a door to what was apparently the Vauxhard building in the mid-core. "We're heading up." he told him.

Faeyt had no idea, how the kid was going to meet them, there was no way across the gap and he could see no quick way for him to readily meet up with them. The Vauxhard building, did however extend down into the sub-core and perhaps there he could make his way up to the surface... if he was lucky.

After his brief conversation with their mysterious third, Faeyt stepped onto the suspension bridge and immediately his added weight caused it to sway. He had figured that Sinclair was now far enough ahead to not suffer the tremors of his foot steps but apparently the bridge was less stable that he had assumed it to be. It creaked and swung back and forth, and Faeyt was beginning to wonder if indeed this thing was even used anymore. It was very rusty and in a serious state of disrepair, but as Sinclair was already passed the point of no return he followed.

Slowly making his way across the narrow bridge, balancing along the narrow walk way and white-knuckling the cable side guards, Faeyt considered what the security guards had mentioned about the Vauxhard building. They had said a name, 'what was it?... Albrook?' Yes that was it. The context in which they spoke it denoted that he was of some importance, possibly part of another corporate security force. CSF's ran rampant through mega-cities, just about all corporations had their own internal police forces and while most were just and truly added to the overall policing of the city, some were corrupt and existed only to serve themselves. Hopefully this was not the case, but Faeyt had his doubts.
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PostSubject: Re: EPISODE 1 - The Dawn of the Omegapaths   Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:58 am

Peter's eyes followed from the bridge where his lost comrade was and tried to see where it stood in relation to building level. He then picked up the crate again and headed towards the building that looked remotely closest. From there, he'd just have to work his way over using stairs and elevators and possibly rooftops though he wasn't immediately sure how jumping was going to go with the enormous crate.

"I'm coming up!" Peter called, the soldier coming out in his young voice. "If you can move towards me, I can get your crate back to you and then jump across!" As he said this, he began searching the seeming heavens for a place where he might be able to jump, but it was too high to really tell. He'd been trained in moving across buildings however and had a good understanding for how the cities were connected. He knew he'd find a way over, he just wasn't sure where the way was at the moment.

Lifting the crate, he gave Faeyt a wave to make sure he saw him, and then started off towards the first building.
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EPISODE 1 - The Dawn of the Omegapaths
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