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PostSubject: OMEGA WAVE Setting   Sat May 22, 2010 3:51 pm


ALL PARTICIPANTS OF THIS STORY MUST APPRISE THEMSELVES OF ALL THAT IS WRITTEN HERE AFTER. Characters require approval but more importantly one should be confident that they are able to write along side the existing contributors and maintain the style that they have set.

This scenario provides a strict structure to define the boundaries of the world but the story remains flexible. The writers are provided enough details to direct the setting and abilities of their characters but are urged to elaborate to develop their own story lines which do not necessarily have to deal with world-encompassing issues.

Please read all the information and submit your comments in the OOC topic and should you wish to participate add your character to the CHARACTER topic.

This story line is actually from a novel I attempted to write well over fifteen years ago. I have excluded other elements which you would now recognize as the popular television series, FRINGE. One would be arrogant to think that their thoughts are unique and even to imagine that the combination of these popular sci-fi ideas were thought of before me. I even developed my own theory of inter-dimensions which I called the OMINIVERSE, which is now a popular idea that the physics community called the MULTI-VERSE (also not really an original idea, the Kelts beat our current scientist by centuries) which has been embraced and portrayed by the writers of Fringe. The OMNIVERSE is far more complex, but not to worry, it does not come into play in this setting. Its interesting to think just how long some of the currently popular shows and novels might have been sitting on the shelf waiting for just the right time where they are able to reach their true apex of popularity.


It is the year 2210. The world has changed and the dominion of world power lies in the hands of a single council known only as the Chamber, implemented after the complete social and economic collapse of the Middle East and the United States in the latter half of the 21st century. North America plunged into chaos and the in the aftermath of the reformation the European Union and Japan assumed control over the continent. The Middle East, nearly obliterated by the bloody World War III (2053 - 2065) became a bio-hazard wasteland void of all life, quarantined until 2096.

At the beginning of the twenty second century a new world order had taken shape. The Chamber, a council made up of scientists and leaders in the dominant technological industry took control of the European Union, the Japanese Federation and the former United Nations. By the year, 2122 all country leaders were now part of a World Assembly that answered to the Chamber and all decisions were made in the best interest of the planet as a whole.

One major event secured the hold of the Chamber. In the year 2102, two years after the turn of century that fanatics declared would be the end of the world the greatest solar storm every recorded blanketed the planet. World wide, all computer systems and data were wiped out, even data disks were erased and all that was left of any recorded information were paper copies. The entire world fell into economic chaos and it was the founding members of the Chamber that restored the balance. Historians, economists, and social scientists calculated that 'The Great Solar Storm of 2102' set the world back at least a decade, and economically the world lost approximately twenty years of progress. It was this one event that reshaped the entire world, which the majority of society feel was for the better of the people and the planet.

Over sixty years later, approaching the dawn of the twenty third century science has flourished under the reign of the Chamber. Religious beliefs have been forever separated from politics and scientific debate, space travel is a reality and genetic manipulation is a way of life. Strict conservation regulations have reversed the demise of several species and Human populations have been restricted to designated areas under the penalty of death should they spread beyond set borders. The Human rape of the planet has been stamped out with zero tolerance, unfortunately the world is now succumbing to new threats. Science knows no bounds and now that the Human race can no longer manipulate the world around them they have set their sights and their own bodies and the off-world colonies. Experimentation, both legal and illegal has yielded aberrations.

Scientists have genetically engineered perfect soldiers and workers for off-world colonies that can survive in hostile environments for profit and progress. Modified people referred to as Genomorphs; Humans with heightened attributes designed for specific tasks. They are often volunteers that agree to the modifications for a term of service, but after that time period they are allowed to re-enter the population with certain restrictions. It is, however, basic Human nature to demand freedom. Often even when all of their basic needs are met, they still want more and it is these individuals that threaten the peace of a society that turns a blind eye to an uncomfortable truth. A truth that the very genetic engineering that allows people to live twice as long and virtually disease free is producing a new species. Some of which seeking to return the pain society has inflicted on them for being different.

Another serious threat to society are boosted cybernetics.

Medical science had turned to cybernetics to resolve handicaps in those cases where for some reason the normal cloning process of producing new body parts via stem cells will not work. The cybernetic industry is also mainly military funded for their contributions to 'super-soldier' projects, enhancing people with cybernetic body parts to make them more effective defenders and killers.

Rogue cybernetic technician's called 'boosters' will for a fee illegally boost cybernetic implants to give people an unfair advantage. Only those in military service or law enforcement are allowed to have heightened cybernetics, otherwise it is strictly prohibited.

To deal with these illegal cyborgs, genetic abberations and designed humanoids gone awry a special unit of police officers has been created. These officers who themselves may possess the very traits they are attempting to control and rid society of are for their service allowed limited citizenship. They are called Domain Rangers, but world wide are simply known as 'Hunters'. Specialized trackers and highly trained fighters with one purpose. To locate and kill anomalies and those who have broken cybernetic and genetic laws. They are employed by the most powerful corporation in the world, the same very corporation from which the Chamber was born — The Institution of Cybernetic and Organic Research otherwise known as I.C.O.R.

I.C.O.R. is truly the new world power. They control everything and unite the world globally, destroying diversity and merging all the nations in a murky culturally grey mass. Their dominance or that of any other powerful corporation was, however, inevitable. Human nature is inherently based upon greed and though people try to disguise it without other terms like progress and economic stability, it is still 'greed' nonetheless. All of I.C.O.R.'s humanitarian efforts to restore the Earth and repair the damage to the environment was done only to perpetuate their own rule and increase their control.



A new species of 'Human' is arising. Beings referred to as Genomorphs and Cybernetic aberrations are emerging on the horizon and demanding their place among the society, but is the world ready to allow such beings to threaten its already fragile system? Already these super-people are used behind the scenes and the corporations that use them are not willing to share their secret with the world. They will do whatever it takes to eliminate all those free radicals that are not willing to get with their program.

ICOR is battling to regain their grip of control and destroy these anomalies which are developing beyond their own laboratories. They do this in secret, hiding the truth from the media as much as possible, but there are those who attempt to expose their plans by revealing what they are. The strongest of the Genomorphs, those who have developed their powers enough to stand against modern weaponry have recently appeared. They have emerged as costumed vigilantes, using their bright outfits to attract attention and protect their identities as they display their amazing abilities. They do this to make people aware of what they are, to expose the experimentation of ICOR, to educate the masses and let others of their kind know that they are not alone.

Essentially this is a genesis story about the emergence of 'super-humans' in a future world where people are crammed into over-populated cities, supposedly allowing the planet to heal itself. Government has been replaced by corporate rule and the American society as it was once known in the 21st century has turned harsh by comparison. Eventually, these emerging Genomorphs with 'omegapathic' abilities will evolve into the specialized meta-human super-heroes popularized in comic books but for now they are view as they really are — genetically enhanced people who have developed what were once only theorized psychic abilities.


The setting initially takes place in the mega-city of Niagara. The metropolis extends from the former city of Buffalo (which is now a district) through Hamilton along the western shoreline of Lake Ontario and ends at what was once Toronto. It is the largest city in North America since most of west coast plummeted into the sea after a devastating earthquake in 2143 and New York is now ten to twenty fathoms beneath the Atlantic Ocean after the melting of the polar caps back in 2077. Most of coastlines were devastated. The popular name of Niagara was adopted in the year 2130 a few years after the new environmental laws were passed strictly prohibiting free travel across country without permits.

Your character begins as an average citizen. They work, pay their taxes and save up to purchase environmental passes and permits that allow them to travel freely outside of the cities for certain period of time. They have all seen on the news these strange costumed people demonstrating their powers, trying to make people aware that there are others like them but these days it difficult to know what's real and what's not on the television. The news has become nothing more than another entertainment show and one can never be sure what's been fabricated.

There is of course some reality to the situation. ICOR is asking that anyone experiencing headaches combined with the constant electrical interference of machines around them to check into the nearest medical clinic. Apparently, there is some sort of strange condition that a few rare individuals are developing that is literally an over charging of the brain and if it treated immediately can be controlled and will not be life threatening.

Your character is one of these people developing these symptoms, among others. Only they for some reason see through the story and realize that what's happening to them is not normal and that these freaks on TV just might be telling the truth. All they know is that they can't trust going to a clinic for fear that they will contact ICOR and they will be taken away. People, are however panicked and should they encounter any people displaying strange abilities, fear that whatever they have will happen to them and will immediately alert the police when they encounter such an individual.

These powers start of extremely slowly. At first all your character will be able to is exercise abilities that are little more than parlor tricks but in moments of great stress they may tap into their true power in order to defend themselves. They will have little control over these new powers and a large part of their story is learning about what they are and how to control them.



The world is policed by an International Police Force known as 'Enforcers' world wide. Their organization has been designed to be operated outside of the corporations so they can be impartial. ICOR, the most powerful corporation which controls all others, as their own agency called the International Department of Security, or I.D.S. They can supersede the authority of the 'Enforcers' in certain situations but they have their limitations. The IDS is restricted by a integral set of laws needed to maintain the fragile 'government' structure of the constantly changing corporations.

Writers can use 'Enforcers' (Detectives, Tracers, or common Officers) as opposition, but the use of ICOR Genomorphic Agents or Sector Agents will be restricted to the moderators until writers are more familiar with the setting.



Basically just try and use the existing information as a guideline. The general idea is that all omegapath's all have the same powers at varying levels but not all excel at the same abilities and of course their are even some gifted with uncommon skills.

Everyone starts off as a novice and developing one's powers is a struggle. Even with the guidance of another, learning to use one's abilities is like searching for needle in a haystack in the dark — BUT — remember that when your omegapath is forced into a stressful situation their abilities will behave erratically. Untapped power resides in all Genomorphs but using it relies on control. The omegapath can cause far more damage to themselves than a their intended target if they cannot control their abilities.

There is no need for extensive character write-ups... this is a develop as you go scenario. Don't define your powers, let them develop as the story progresses.

Colour in the lines but use what ever colours you wish. You are encouraged to build on what has been provided. Don't be afraid to add to the history, after all what's a story with out some sort of mythology behind it to give it substance.



You have choice between starting a character that is anomalous and free in society, or a manufactured genomorphically enhanced individual who is an agent of ICOR or in training to be so. There are also Genomorphs that have worked as ICOR agents for years, but these will represent the opposition and will in the beginning of the story (until other writers become more familiar with the setting) be primarily controlled by the moderator(s).


Genomorphic experimentation actual began in 1976 but the real cutting edge research did not start until the year 2016 and even then it was not until the restrictive 'ethical codes' were lifted in 2051 that scientists made real progress.

These enhanced humans all have the same abilities but some are stronger than others and not all develop the same abilities. All of these people are endowed with what are referred to as 'omegapathic' or 'psykinetic' abilities, which are basically psychic powers that until now had only been the stuff of science-fiction.

The Genomorphic race was born in the lab. Experimentation in the realm of the mind yielded impressive results, and by employing the latest methods of genetic-science researchers were finally able to tap into the mysteries that the Eastern World defined as 'Chi' or 'Prana'. Only in the rarest individuals can these abilities be developed and often only the disciplined mind of the East could yield actual results but all that changed when the first 'Genomorph' was produced.

Genomorphs are born with an extra brain wave, called the 'Omega Wave'. It is the signature of what they are, and allows them to utilize amazing talents, but in order to use them effectively they require time and training.


Cloning has been part of society for some time but it is strictly prohibited, under the penalty of death that never shall a 'conscious self aware' entity ever be created. ICOR has, however, been breaking that rule for some time. They have been utilizing the talents of Genomorphs since the beginning but as it so often happens with those who have absolute power that the desire to do things better trumps morality.

Synthecans are manufactured homo-sapiens, physically enhanced to be stronger, more durable and more intelligent. They are more muscular but their great strength is the result of their increased muscle density which weighs more and lacks the extra bulk that Human muscles would require to achieve the same power. Thus a Synthecan will always weigh much more than they appear to.

Knowledge of their very existence would seriously compromise ICOR's public image. Before the passing of the anti-creation law, prohibiting the manufacture of sentient beings some Synthecans were created for deep space exploration. Their life spans are far more extensive than a Human's and some people theorize that they may even still be alive and perhaps walking amongst normal people without them even being aware of it.

Synthecans are grown and become conscious between the ages of one and three. The variation is due to the uncontrollable ratio of brain to body development during the process which scientists are unable to control due to the extensive modification they perform are their genetic code. This lack of a infant stage of growth has a severe impact on their psyche and Synthecans lack the emotional empathy of Humans. In the first trials, the Synthecan brain was actually very similar to a Psychopath, and so whole generations had to be destroyed. It took several years after to remedy this mutation, and while they were able to restore their brains to understand the consequences of their actions, Synthecans still do not have typical emotional responses.

SECTOR - Synthecan-Genomorphs or otherwise known as SYNTHGENS.

ICOR began the manufacture of Synthecans in the year, 2082. They then began trials of genetically modifying them to support the Genomorphic mutations that would allow them to acquire omegapathic abilities. The program was called Sector and eventually evolved into its own department called 'The Sector'.

Internally Sector was part of ICOR's 'International Department of Security', but their existence is highly secretive and only known to those ICOR - I.D.S. Agents with higher clearances. ICOR maintained the use of standard Genomorphs and always will, but the Sector program produced Synthecan-Genomorphs utilized for special operations.

Synth-Gens are basically designed to be weapons. They are trained in combat and military tactics while at the same time, subjected to harsh treatments in an attempt to bring about their latent powers as early as possible. When the child's omegapathic abilities manifest, they move on to the next stage of training which is honing their ability and strengthening it in order to use them as ultimate weapons, super-soldiers trained literally from 'birth'.

At the moment they are 'birthed' from their chambers the SynthGens are inscribed with a PSI-code. The PSI-code is a black tattoo-like marking comprised of nanites. A special device can reorder and modify the symbols in order to change the ratings as the SynthGens matures and they can only be removed by cutting away the flesh to the bone. The PSI-code also acts a tracking device, so SECTOR will always be aware of their location. This signal may of course in some way be dampened but the removed of the nanites would be an excruciatingly painful one and leave a scar despite any regenerative capabilities possessed.

These Synthacan-Genomorphs are different from other Genomorphs, however. While necessary developmental steps are programmed into them, their time in tanks skips over a stage crucial in social development. Thus, Synthacan-Genomorphs lack the normal emotional responses seen in typical humans and are therefore weak in their empathic abilities, should they develop any. On the other side, their telepathic abilities take over and so the Sector tends to view this as an advantage, not to mention the cold, calculating nature this seems to naturally build in some soldiers. Many also lack skills in reading nonverbal social cues but this is seen as inconsequential as soldiers are meant to merely follow orders.

At The Sector, the children's lives are closely monitored and structured from their education to their diets. Phase I and Phase II Synthacans are kept separate although Phase Is often observe Phase IIs in action for observational training purposes. Their education also consists with a series of stories, litanies, and often lies meant to brainwash the subjects into complete and unquestioning loyalty to the Sector. Individuality is strongly discouraged. All of the Synthacans wear identical uniforms bearing the Sector logo (a model of an atom with a sword going through the middle of it). Uniforms consist of black shirts, black army pants, and black boots. They are also given the black jackets bearing the Sector logo on the right side near the shoulder and larger on the back.

The facility is institutional with linoleum clad, white hallways and aluminum doors. Up to twelve children share a room consisting of two even rows of army cots each with its own footlocker where their uniforms are stored. Personal belongings are a foreign concept as all of the children's basic needs are provided from ICOR property. The facility is heavily guarded and kept at a distance from the massive city. It's surrounded by three rings of guarded, barbed wire fencing so that anyone who stumbles up to the first layer wouldn't even see the facility.



Over population based upon the ration of people to resources is one of the hot-topics of the day. Replenishing the environment has become high priority and now people are all forced to live within cities which are massive in comparison to those of the twenty first century. Cities have a core area and are surrounded by the greener and more desirable suburbs. The core, has three levels:

The Mid Core - The original densely packed skyscrapers, some of which have been reinforced to act as supports the platform of the city above. There a massive fans in the canopy and holes, called sky-portals to allow in light and regulate the flow of air that is restricted by the structure above. Properties within the great open areas of the sky portals are naturally far more expensive and the perpetually shaded areas and illuminated by enormous street lights that shed natural white UV light. These areas are still rather shadowy, however, despite the lights.

The Sky Core - Literally the upper crust of society. A vast landscape of platforms and landscape parts amidst beautiful buildings modeled primarily after the popular 1920's architectural styles.

The Sub Core - This is the underworld. The city beneath the city which may even extend into the suburbs. It is a labyrinth of underground tunnels but in some areas entire chambers have been cut into the ground in which entire city blocks have been constructed. Enormous grecian support columns reach up to the bottom of the Mid Core streets above and over these open spaces are giant portals that line up with the sky-portals above allowing the precious sunlight in the eternal darkness.



Identification (Commerce)
Everyone has to have it! All citizens wear a wrist band that has a 'DNA-Sensor'. This band, which has been termed the 'Life Line' works in conjunction with a person's 'credit cards' and 'id cards'. These cards are completely digitized and have computer systems embedded within them. Without them a person can do next nothing. Cash tender, however, has been making a come back. It was re-popularized after the Solar Storm of 2102 and then perpetuated by organized crime that simply could not exist on a pure credit system. A person can still get by on cash alone, although their movements are going to be restricted to the more seedier areas of the cities and obtaining passes and permits legally is impossible. Even using public transport requires identification, but there are some taxi services that operate in the 'grey' area of legality and wave off identification scans for an extra tip.

The Look
1920's are all the rage and have been for some time. Much of the world is dominated by the slick fashions of that era and the more rebellious tend to emulate a 1950's or 60's style of dress. Only athletic wear seem to exist outside these retro fashions which have more a 'space-age' modern look to them.

Public transport is the dominant means of getting around, but the personal automobile is hardly in decline. Alternative fuels have made allowed them to maintain their popularity but the giant corporations and assembly lines are no more. Now when people want to buy a car they go to a 'personalized manufacturer' who will custom make the car a person wants. Advanced machinery has made this a quick and efficient means of providing people with automobiles and they are able to get precisely what they want for the exact same cost. The only difference is waiting a week while the vehicle is made but there are still used car lots for those people who want something right away.

Cars are made to mimic the styles of other eras. Currently the most popular models look like or have styles that are reminiscent of the 1920's, 50's and 60's. Due to the use of alternative fuels and new styles of engines, economizing the size of cars in no longer an issue.

Trains. One of the oldest forms of transport is now the newest. Various forms of trains, from classic old engines to sonic-tubes have replaced airplanes and the world is thankful for it. People now enjoy taking a little extra time during travel instead of being crammed in expensive airliners. Jet travel still exists but it is so expensive that only the rich or the desperate use their services, instead most opt to travel by train or will use private air-taxis, which are small custom built air planes that are able to hover and land like helicopters so they can go anywhere.

It is not uncommon for people to own, small aircraft and the world has adapted to accommodate and regulate the air traffic. These small flying vehicles are able to convert from jet to automobile and so they are very popular and obtaining a license to pilot one is worth the freedom that they provide.

Its reached all new high. Logos are brands are everywhere. Plaster them all over your car for a discount! Sign a contract to have stylized logos printed on your clothing for discounts at popular stores. TV screens are everywhere! You can't take ten steps without being bombarded by some sort of commercial or government advertisement.

Media & Entertainment
The news is still a fickle grab bag of fact and fiction and the movie industry has gone from the popular CGI resurrections of popular actors to cosmetically altering people to appear like them. People at one time paid huge amounts of money to have their fetuses genetically altered to look like some popular entertainment figure and now those children are grown and playing their roles in the movie industry. Actors with names like Brad Pitt, Cary Grant and Marilynn Monroe are back in circulation and providing a realism of flesh and blood people that CGI could just never capture.

Off-world Colonies
The world now has an international space station called Ketsukou (Japanese for 'united') Space City. It's current population is approximately 15000, and has a large community of scientists and researchers.

There is a Lunar Base, called Artemis City. It is mainly a launch point for deep space missions and contains dwellings for the many mining facilities spread across the Moon. Travel to Artemis is from direct flight from Ketsukou.

The firing mechanism of guns has changed. Guns of the twenty-first century are referred to as 'firearms' and the new models are called 'pulse-arms' or 'coil-guns'.

These weapons do not look much different than the older style of guns. They simply use an electromagnetic pulse accelerator to propel the bullet through a highly magnetized barrel. The pulse is generated by a mechanism that is built into the handle and barrel, thus the style of the common pistol or rifle has not changed.

These weapons propel a bullet at six times the speed of sound. They are quieter than a firearm and have less of a kick.

Despite the fact that they use magnetism, these guns can still fire while immersed in water and only generate a magnetic field for a split second while they fire.

Bullets are shot with such velocity that they will penetrate walls and such obstacles that would stop a normal firearm.



All powers are categorized by a Greek symbol and measured on the 'omega-scale', of 1 to 100. This measurement is a combination of two factors: the omegapath's raw power and their ability to contain that power. One may potentially have a telekinetic rating of 60, but if they are young and unable to properly control the power they can use so much of it before causing injury to themselves.

All psykinetic injuries suffered are the same. The omega-wave produced back lashes, causing cellular damage and brain hemorrhages to major strokes. All of these will heal, as all Genomorphs possess regenerative powers, but even they after an extensive amount of damage to their bodies will simply not have the energy to heal any more and die.

Below are a list of abilities that all omegapaths can tap into. All of these powers are defined by the greek symbol, Psi which precedes the code and omega rating of that ability. In the early days these were tattooed onto the test subjects without the ratings which of course could over time change. Some older omegapaths will most likely have these tattoos somewhere on their body.

Telepathy, Empathy, Clairvoyance, Telekineses, Pyrokineses, Cryokinises, Electrokineses, Psychometry, Precognition, Teleportation, and Psychokineses.

EMPATHY (Epsilon)

This is the most rudimentary power of a Genomorph and could also be viewed as Telepathy in its raw form. This ability allows a psykinet to detect danger and also avoid detection via emotional control. What is commonly referred to as ESP is a developed form of Empathy which is basic for a Genomorph and exceptional for a normal Human. The ability does not stop there though. If properly developed a psykinet can use their empathy to influence individuals through their emotions by tapping into their basic needs. It will also provide many insights into their mind without being invasive, as they will be highly attuned to all surface emotions that an individual gives off. Of course once strong enough, an empath can also be invasive and connect to a person's emotional side and probe into their inner most desires.

The more powerful an empath becomes, the stronger their ability to contain that power has to be. If they are unable to contain it, they will become a walking receiver, tapping into everyone's emotions and can be potentially influenced by them. Naturally in time, after being to exposed to the will of Humans for too long the empath will most likely go insane or even expire from the constant stress to their mind.

No one can be both a strong Empath and Telepath at the same time. If one develops their emotional region the logical side of their mind that caters to Telepathy will be lacking. Most Genomorphs do not excel as Empaths, because producing one's Telepathic powers is far more desirable, but unfortunately some individuals have a propensity for the Empathy and will never reach their full potential as they lack the logical mind to excel. Naturally, though, this is common for many Genomorphs as no one is also born a pure Empath, the two abilities co-exist and are in constant conflict.


Telepathy was original goal of the Genomorphic project and all other powers stem from this innate ability to project and manipulate one's omega brain waves. There are three basic areas of telepathy: Mind Reading, Mental Domination, and Mental Projection.

Mental Projection (Telepathy Stage 1 - Theta I)

Is the basic ability to literally generate and project a mass of Omega Waves and use them to overload the mind of a person. The results can range from momentary unconsciousness allowing the Genomorph to slip out of sight, sleep, paralysis or even death. It is accomplished by setting up a connection and literally firing a controlled amount of omega waves at a specific frequency into the target(s) mind(s).

The power of Suggestion which is a rudimentary form of Mental Domination is actually a form of Mental Projection. So long as the omegapath is dealing with a mind or minds that accept the reality of the situation they are currently experiencing they can influence what they see and hear as a whole. This is a blanket effect, where the omegapath expends energy effecting a mass of people without having to connect to their minds, but once one person doubts what they see the entire illusion can be quickly dispelled. Countermanding the one mind then requires the power of Mental Domination to connect and silence the disbeliever.

This minor telepathic ability also allows an omegapath to link their minds with electrical systems and manipulate them. As their experience and strength grows so to will their range and complexity of the devices they can take over. This ability will naturally grow as the telepath masters the higher stages, so long as they avidly practice the technique. A computer system is very different from a mind, and it has it's own defenses as well. Telepaths have to learn how to bypass firewalls as their omegawaves will be detected.

Mind Reading (Telepathy Stage 2 - Theta II)

Mind Reading is referred to as Stage 2 Telepathy because it requires the telepath to graduate from Mental Projection to actually connected with the mind of another being. Contrary to popular belief this is extremely dangerous because it requires the telepath to link their nervous system and mind to another individual. Regardless of whether or not they are invading the mind of another omegapath or a normal Human it comes down to a battle of wills and the home field always has the advantage.

When a brain is connected to via telepathy a latent defense system ingrained in most mammals kicks in and says, "get the hell out of here!" A series of natural defenses begin that can seriously injure the invading omegapath so their entry has to subtle so that they do not trip the built-in sensors of a person's or animal's brain. Depending on the nature of the being, they will react in one of two ways, fight or flight. If they choose flight, they react with fear but are not sure what they are afraid of, and this knocks the telepath out and causes a back lash of omega waves that may cause them injury. Even in a willing mind this can happen. If they choose fight, then the being either unconsciously or consciously reacts aggressively to the invasion and can cause the telepath serious injury. They can even dominate the telepath's mind, although they would not be aware of what they are doing, and impose their will open them, which often results in a mental push.

So to read a person's mind a telepath has to be sneaky. Experience will teach them how to by pass the natural defenses but then once they are in they have to remain hidden or finding what they are looking for is going to be extremely difficult, even deadly. A telepath remains hidden, by making their omega waves match the brain rhythm of the mind they are connecting to and this becomes increasingly difficult if the person or animal becomes aware of the intrusion. If a mental struggle develops, the telepath can still extract what they are looking for but the information will be scrambled. Even when a telepath is able to sneak in without any mishaps the mind of another is a landscape of metaphors and the information they extract has to be filtered and deciphered with through their own brain. Sometimes it is not possible for a mind-reader to fully comprehend what another mind is thinking but the one thing that remains a constant are mathematical symbols so information like codes and numbers can be easily extracted.

Mental Domination (Telepathy Stage 3 - Theta III)

The reason another being's mind reacts so aggressively toward the invasion of another is to defend itself from the risk of Mental Domination. A mind-reading telepath will eventually discover that if they push their own will deeper into the mind of another being they will not only connect their minds but their nervous systems as well. If this happens, the telepath manipulate what a person see's, make them do things against their will or even manipulate their heart rate.

As one might imagine, the more invasive the control the more concentration is required to maintain that control and there is also the constant risk that the dominated person may break the bond or the telepath may lose their hold thus causing a back lash of omega waves that could once again seriously injure the omegapath.


Also known as 'remote viewing', clairvoyants are able to project their mind's eye. They can train themselves to hold an object and use their ability to locate and view anyone who had left their impressions upon it or simply know what lurks around a corner. The visions are short at fist, mere glimpses but as one becomes more adept they can hold onto the 'view' for a longer period of time. Naturally, those with the ability can also learn to hide themselves from 'viewers' as well. Not all omegapaths will develop this ability and those that are gifted with the 'sight' must devote a lot of time to perfecting it.


The ability to move objects with one's mind, utilizes omega waves as a force. This is ability has three levels of control:

Telekinetic I - the ability to push an object.
Telekinetic II - being able to push and pull.
Telekinetic III - the third allows a telekinetic to levitate and manipulate objects.

The first two are basically a telekinetic projection of a wave of force that either pushes or pulls an object and the power of this can be increased over time if the telekinetic is so inclined. Not every telekinetic will develop the ability to completely manipulate a object.

As their strength increases telekinetics can develop the ability to generate waves of force that can re-direct or even deflect bullets. This is of course a very advanced technique.


Most omegapaths will never graduate beyond warming up or frosting a glass of water. Some will be able melt butter and ignite flammable objects or freeze water into ice, and then a rare few will develop one of these abilities to its full and frightening extent. It will be one or the other though, an omegapath cannot contain the power of both abilities.

Commonly the range of his power is very short, but it can be increased through practice and focus.


This ability is actually a form of telekinises that has mutated to utilize the power of electricity. It cannot be developed, a Genomorph either has it or not. It is a powerful ability and if developed to its full potential can be devastating, like most other abilities, however, few will ever graduate from producing a charge and arching an electrical wave.


This may be one of the most powerful of all the abilities a Genomorph can attain and master but it is rarely viewed as such. Psychokinises, is literally the power of 'mind over matter', but the matter is one's own body. An omegapath, has the ability to increase their own muscularity and even over time strengthen their bodies by regenerating their organs and tissues. They can also utilize the ability to regenerate wounds and even surround their bodies with an impenetrable barrier of psychic energy to stave of blades and even bullets. In the East, a form of psychokinetic control, is called ch'i kung. Humans have the capacity to develop this power to a point, but only very rare individuals and Genomorphs can ever attain mastery of this ability.

All Genomorph's have this ability to some degree. All have the potential to, and many do, enhance their own muscularity and extend their lives. Aside from genetically living longer and healing faster than Humans, the Genomorph can also enhance themselves further through psychokinesis. This of course takes time. The alterations caused by the ability happen over months and years, so it is not instantaneous power. The only thing that happens quickly is using the power to heal one's own body and the body of another. This psychic healing is a very advanced skill of the ability, and takes even more practice to perform on another person. Once mastered, a psychokinetic-healer can mend wounds and even cure disease, but performing these acts takes a heavy toll on the Genomorph's body. They will be weakened for some time and unable to utilize their ability to rid them of the fatigue.


Also known as 'Sensitives', Psychometrics can extract information from 'memories' that are impressed upon objects and even living things, thus seeing into the past. Inanimate objects naturally hold more information, as living things are constantly changing.

The information is relayed as sounds, visions, and sometimes both. Rarely does the Sensitive view the past like watching a movie until they are very powerful. Once strong enough they can interpret the information so perfectly that they can move through their vision and almost interact with it.


Precog's are able to foresee a possible future based upon probability. The future does not exist and thus is not set, but there are an unfathomable amount of possible futures that one with precognition is able to tap into. The shorter the span of time they look into, the more accurate they are but over time, if their ability strengthens they can more precisely see further into the future.

This is a very difficult power to use in a 'collaborative writing' environment so anyoe who wishes to portray this power must do so wisely. Simply writing from an 'I told you so' or 'I knew that' perspective gets old pretty fast and is annoying to your fellow writers so consider yourself forewarned. Remember this power does not provide accurate readings and until someone has allowed their character to evolve over several chapters can they even begin to see a significant distance into the future.


Traveling without moving is by far the ultimate ability and it is not achievable by every omegapath. Fore those who are gifted with the potential it takes years and years to master it, but of course there are unpredictable leaps and bounds along the way. This transport of ones atoms is naturally extremely dangerous. If they materialize within a solid object they are dead. It requires incredible focus and discipline to project one's self even a short distance.
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