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 Chapter 3 SPURS N SIX GUNS Twisted Roads at Cripple Creek

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3 SPURS N SIX GUNS Twisted Roads at Cripple Creek   Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:22 pm

TW turned around when he heard the ruckus and Wild Bill shot a look over TW's shoulder and laffed. hahahahaa....I think you got yourself a run away calf almost as fast as lil Missy" laffed Wild Bill.

"Well I'll be... Gawd dang that woman is impossible to deal with. I can see why them other strangers got up and ran from this part of the git as far away from that one. Ahhh hell, TW took off his cowboy hat and shied a fly away. I ain't going after 'er...ain't no sense in it."

"Well now that depends TW...all the women you got around you always seems to run from ya."Laffing Wild Bill got off his saddle and to top it off, she spooked your horse as well."

"I ain't worried none 'bout that ol' gal, she'll be back in 'bout five minutes...but now that udder one...she needs a good swift kick..." stated TW

"...Or she needs a real man to give 'er a spanking!" said Wild Bill.

TW looked at Wild Bill, go ahead...make my day. I aint no loss there.

Both men sat down by the campfire and TW poured two cups of coffee. I ain't wasting no more time on 'er and I ain't chasing no more females. If she comes back I'll help 'er git her Pa...but if she don't come back then...that injun boy is gonna havta suffer and do it all himself. I got something else in mind...TW grew quiet.

Wild Bill looked at TW "...OK TW, what's this all about? You got me out here in the middle of the night and I know it wasn't fer this nasty ass black ink, you call coffee... I got your telegram 'bout something big...WHAT?"

Well...I gotta ask you a favor and it goes against everything you believe in. But that last cattle drive I was on a sheriff by the name of John McIntire...gunned down my partner, Jake Brennan in a town called Shady Gulch...'bout 100 miles or five and half days ride northwest of here.

WIld Bill listened..."that name I ain't heard before as a sheriff...he was a dirty gun slinger working for the railroad company up in Kanas Territory if I remember right. Go ahead, TW...I'm listenin'"

Well, when Jake didnt come back with good news 'bout making a deal with the bankers buying our cattle herd, I left my three cowpokes out here in injun country to watch the herd... and I went into town looking for 'im. I followed his tracks right to Sally's Saloon and a couple of deputies didn't like me poking around asking questions and tried taking me in. Bill..they drew first blood, my revolvers finished the gunfight. I took off and rounded the town back to the herd and my cattle was run off by the injuns and two of my boys were scalped. I have nuthing left ta live for and when I rode cross the Arzonia desert to Coyote Hills, I stopped at the Pony Express know where I'm talkin' 'bout...the place was set on fire."

"Sons of a bitch!...yeah I know where your talkin' 'bout...go on..." Well, that sheriff had me listed on the wall fer Murder and there were 2 other strangers and that thar crazy brunette ridin' into danger without no gun wanted fer all kinds of you know I aint stickin up fer them...but chances are they were framed too. This McIntire fella is a dirty fighter and pulls a lot of weight in these parts. He owns a gold mine in Shady Gulch and owns that town. He's got the Coyote Hills marshal in his back pocket and needs to be arrested and takin in if not shot."

"He runs a war wagon...with a new fancy gun on it..called the 'Gatling'. It shoots bullets and cuts down everything in its sight while transporting bullions of gold worth 100's of thousands of dollars."

"TW...I don't wanna know know how I feel about that..."

"Yes Sir...COL Sir...I do, but its a matter of gittin that son of a bitch , who now has that gals' father and holding him hostage in Shady Gulch so he can git her to come into town to force her into marriage to save her dad or hang them both."

"Now I aint tellin ya how ta run your show...but I got some fellas wantin to take out that wagon and I plan on gittin my share with them...if'n how I kin find them boys again. That young gal is a handful...and she needs help too. And Colonel, YOU owe me one. If it weren't fer me, you wouldn't be here and thats all I got ta say 'bout that."

"OK TW...let me think 'bout it...but ya know after this is all over you need to go west and Im gonna go northeast."
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3 SPURS N SIX GUNS Twisted Roads at Cripple Creek   Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:59 pm

Maddie hadn't gone more than five miles before she found herself on her butt in the middle of a ground cactus. A jack-rabbit had leapt out of the brush and spooked the horse she'd been on. Her mind soley on her pa and getting to him before MacIntire had him hung had her totally surprised when the horse spooked and started bucking. Without a saddle on top of that, she was off in a matter of seconds and a scream rent the air as she felt the little needles of the cactus plant go through her pants and into her rear end. She watched as the traitorous horse ran back the way she'd just come. Looking around her, she found a bare spot to brace her hands on to push herself up off of the spiny plant.

Once she was off of the plant, Maddie grimaced as the tiny needles ground into her soft skin on her rear. Her pride was shattered, which made her madder than a hornet and her rearend felt as if it had hundreds of tiny needles poking into it....literally. She knew that she had no choice but to tuck her tail and head back to TW and camp, although, it was going to be a painful five mile walk back with cactus thorns sticking in her butt.

Judge not nor fear that or those which you do not understand, for it or they may be someone or something that will aid you in the trials of your life.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3 SPURS N SIX GUNS Twisted Roads at Cripple Creek   Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:22 am

Wild Bill looked at TW both watched the mare trot back into camp less one Madison Keegan.

"Well guess thats your cue...TW" Wild Bill smirked and burst into tears laffing so hard.

"Gawd dang that woman..." is all TW said as he got up and walked over to 'Sugar Plume', the horse he rode in on loved plumes.

"Keep the coffee hot, I'll be back in a few minutes...Com'n Sugar Plume let's go lasso is that young wild mustang!"

Riding out TW followed the trail he took coming in this way.

He heard her in pain over the next ridge and stopped, waiting fer her to crest the ridge. As she walked up the road...TW sat in his saddle and said..."Look it here if it ain't Miss Maddie Keegan..." he laffed as she gave him the dirtiest look.

"Do you care fer a ride thar Ms Keegan or do ya prefer ta walk?"

Maddie looked him straight in the eye...I didn't come back cuz I wanted to.. that horse isn't like mine. If you had brought mine, I would have been long gone already. "Owww"

"What's the matter thar, Maddie walk like you fell into a catus plant..TW smirked and then extended his hand out to her to lift her onto his saddle.

When she looked at him and didnt grasp his hand...TW knew something was up.

Maddie was so embarrassed her face turned a shade of dark pink..and she had tears in her eyes.

I can't...I can't just jump on...I hurt and I can't sit down.

TW half smirked and wanted to bust into laughter but for Maddie to show a side of her that maybe only one man in her life had seen before, Maddie's eyes were real wet.

TW got off his horse..."Oh I see...well. We will... havta put you on the back of Sugar Plume lying across my saddle on your stomach until we can get back or you can walk back.

Maddie didnt like that idea but didnt have a choice.

Thats way...No way am I gonna lay across that saddle like your prize. I'll walk that rest of the way back..

"Oh OK..have it your way!" TW got back on his saddle and turned around...I'll see you back in sure to watch, for for them hungry coyotes.

TW beganto ride over the ridge, when maddie said..."WAIT" . Ok already I'll do it. Just don't you dare touch me.

TW looked at her..."Now look...Maddie I aint wantin no more trouble with ya...we are going back ta git your pa, but not without Wild Bill and if and how you do this again, running off like that ...then you're on your own...understand lamb chops...TW patted Maddies backside to drive home his point." She screamed bloody murder, kicking and swinging. TW laffed as he lifted her up and sat her down onto his saddle. He really wanted to slap 'her butt , but then he thought of the pleasure of plucking each one out and laffed again to hisself.

Heading back to camp...Wild Bill was getting ready to leave for Slippery Gulch. "TW...Ma'am...I'm headin back into town, why dont you two follow me after ahhhh you take care of business here." Wild Bill laffed as well after TW told him what had happened. TW you sure know how to pick 'em.


Sitting down, TW watched as Maddie wrapped the blanket around her lower half and then came forward...she didnt say much. TW handed her a bottle of whiskey. "Now Maddie, I want you to take a good 3 swigs of this liquor and then lay across my lap and we'll take them cactus needles out or you can ride into Slippery Gulch laying over my saddle until we can find a doctor in town if there is one. I believe were two days ride from there. Maddie took five swigs of the whiskey and tripped over the blanket onto TW s lap. She was feelin no pain just slightly embarrassed.

TW tried to act serious yet as he began pulling out the cactus needles one by one using tweezers, there seemed to be a devilish grin everytime Maddie screamed and kicked.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3 SPURS N SIX GUNS Twisted Roads at Cripple Creek   

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Chapter 3 SPURS N SIX GUNS Twisted Roads at Cripple Creek
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