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 Dragonlance References and Helpful Links

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PostSubject: Dragonlance References and Helpful Links   Mon May 10, 2010 10:28 am

This is a Lexicon of information regarding the world of Krynn, probably the best I have ever found:

A Great reference for those interested in Kender:

Here's a snapshot on Wikipedia, not great but gives a fast read:

And if you want to buy the books:

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PostSubject: Re: Dragonlance References and Helpful Links   Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:03 am

The following info was given to us by Zinsk


Some important things to keep in mind regarding Draconian death and abilities, they have special abilities when killed (outlined below). Also, I am putting this as information but our characters will not know the individual names and special abilities unless Myth specifically tells them to Aeolis, and even then he won't know everything, nor would Kali. To the average person they will see the physical differences but won't know the special abilities or anything until they learn them the hard way.

I am putting all this for writer reference so we know what we are dealing with when we start introducing Draconians into the story. They are REALLY fun to NPC, but they aren't the kind of NPC's we will be able to just punch through and slaughter a bunch of them at once. They are killable, and we will NEED to kill them, but it's not like we will leave dozens in our wake at any given time.

They CHARACTERS won't have all this information, I am only telling you so you can post accordingly.

Draconian Types and their special abilities

))These are the most common((
Baaz Draconians are the smallest of their brethren, made from Brass Dragon eggs, and are commonly used as ground troops. They are usually of chaotic alignment and as a result are interested in getting what is best for them individually. Baaz wear disguises often, concealing their wings and scales underneath large hoods and masks when traveling through non-draconian lands. When a Baaz is killed, its body turns to stone, trapping whatever weapon killed it within the baaz's stony corpse. After a short time, the petrified body crumbles to dust.

))Slightly less common((
Kapak Draconians are often considered the assassins of the draconian types; they use their venomous saliva to coat their weapons, which makes them perfect as assassins. Like their Copper Dragon parents, kapaks lure their targets into traps and use other means of gaining advantage over their foes. When killed, a kapak dissolves into a pool of acid.

))Slightly less common((
Bozak Draconians are possibly the most magical of the draconian subraces, with the exception of their "enchanted" Aurak Draconian cousins. Created from the eggs of Bronze Dragons, bozaks are cruel warriors, only sparing a life when it is to their benefit. Bozaks explode when killed, injuring those unfortunate enough to be near them.

Sivak Draconians are the only "true" draconians who are capable of flight; they are second to Aurak Draconians in power (among the true draconians), and were created from the eggs of Silver Dragons. They generally attack with huge two-handed swords, but can also use their claws and/or armored tails. In addition to flight, sivaks have a unique (but limited) ability to shape-shift. When a sivak kills a humanoid-size or smaller creature, it may change into the shape of the victim. Once it shifts back to its regular shape, however, the ability to take the shape of the victim is lost—until the sivak kills again. A sivak will also assume the form of someone who has slain it: the "death shape" lasts for three days, after which the body will decompose into black soot.

)) These are very rare, maybe one or two at most would be at North Keep((
The Aurak Draconians are among the most powerful of draconians, and were originally used as special agents of the Dragon Highlords because of their intelligence, cunning and magical abilities which they inherited from their Gold Dragon parents. Auraks stand approximately 7 feet tall, with thin limbs and no wings. Auraks have the ability to teleport short distances three times a day, and have shown an ability to exert some form of mind control. In battle, auraks must effectively be killed twice. The first time an aurak is "slain" it goes berserk and attacks wildly in melee, forgetting its magic abilities. When slain again, the aurak becomes "enchanted" and immolates itself and those around it, though it is immune to harm. After several rounds, the aurak explodes, injuring anything near it.

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Dragonlance References and Helpful Links
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