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 EDNC The Registry - Character Thread

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Kutsu Shita

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PostSubject: EDNC The Registry - Character Thread   Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:06 pm

This is the place for all character applications.

Before being allowed to post into the story thread you must post a character and it will need to be approved by the moderator. Please, when posting your character, consider that an in depth write up is preferred. The more developed the character post is the more likely it will be approved.

Before posting any characters, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the posts in the ‘Intelligence Thread’ and use them as is appropriate. It also holds pointers as to what the character write up should include.

Any NPCs which have become a major part of the story are also welcome in this thread for the sake of easy reference and to make sure everyone has the same knowledge of such an important character when dealing with them.

Oh, Lord. Why does the robot have a mustache?
I grew it with my human lip.
Is... Is that a fact?
Oh yes, I love to grow hair all over my body in between acts of defecation.
Well, he sounds human.
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PostSubject: Re: EDNC The Registry - Character Thread   Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:21 am



Height: 2 meters • Weight: 325 lbs

Model: Etherix
Generation: XX
Production Date: Year 19 - 125th Day, 22:47
Production Code: ETX-191252247-20
Upgrade: Year 19 - 145th Day, 10:09 - Military Modification (Campaign: Cordescence Gate)

Enhancements (Military):
- Optical Visor: Thermal and Ultra-violet range increase. Targeting system. - ACTIVE
- Retractable Claws - REMOVED
- Increased tensile strength - UNABLE TO DOWN GRADE - ACTIVE
- Increased cybernetic strength - UNABLE TO REMOVE - DEACTIVATED
- Magnetic Climbing Mods - ACTIVE
- Plasma Rifle: Concealed Right forearm - REMOVED
- Plasma Blade: Concealed Left forearm - REMOVED
- Camouflage (Chameleon-like adaption) - ACTIVE

Enhancements (Standard)
- Micro Laser: Concealed Left Index Finger - Utility Device - ACTIVE
- Roller Blades: Concealed - ACTIVE

Body Description / Modifications
- Human like face with usable mouth allowing the ingestion of fluids.
- Military insignia on right arm.
- Exo-skeleton is Bronze and Green.

* Cygnus spent thirty three years with a human scientist named Doctor Aldren Bannerman.
The scientist died of natural causes in Year 52, but before his demise had placed Cygnus in stasis for reasons that are yet unknown. Twenty one years later, Cygnus is discovered by an archaeological team exploring the old battle ground of Cordescence Gate. He returns to North America City in Year 73.


Cygnus awoke with a start. His several glowing red eyes which were part of the visor implanted into his optic sensors quickly scanned the room relaying data back to his central processor. The images faded away as 'his' perception of time continued then he realized that he had dreamed once more.

"The current time is 16:06. Your existing power cell is at 98.6% capacity. It is now able to hold a maximum charger of 99.2%, replacement for optimal performance recommended in approximately 553 days." Informed a female voice resonating from a speaker within a control panel one meter above his head.

The android sat up in the dark room, swung his legs out over the side of the platform and ran a quick system diagnostic before standing. He did not require a light source, the glow from the screen of the metro-interface-unit was more than ample for his sensors to see clearly and chromatically. Vision, however, was hardly needed. The cell, was three meters by eight meters by four meters high and Cygnus Twenty stood half of that tall.

His dark grey metal skin shined dully in the dim light as he stepped to the other wall where two faucets protruded. Procuring a metal cup from a shelf in the corner he held it under the one with the green coloured valve and opened it, allowing a clear, thick fluid to pour into it. He then reached into a box on the same shelf and plucked out a highly reflective capsule which he placed within his mouth, swallowed it and chased down with the heavy substance.

Not all machines of his kind had mouths, but as they were created in the image of the fallible beings which created them it was not an uncommon modification for one to have. His own grey coloured face was a mask given to him by the human he had worked along side for two years after he was damaged in the cleansing operation at Cordescence Gate. Unable to self repair his legs death had seemed inevitable but then one of the very humans he and his squad had been assigned to cleanse did a most irrational thing. He repaired him.

He had dreamt of the battle once again. The same phenomena had occurred two times previous during his dormancy and the reoccurrence was disconcerting. It had been five years since he had escaped the bunker, why should these memories return now and manifest themselves as dreams? The random processing of data by a dormant memory hub produced what a machine might interpret as a dream, Cygnus had experienced these play-backs before and that was all they were, 'a recap of stored memories'. His recent dreams, however, were very different in that they were accompanied by emotional responses which generated anxiety. Once again, not entirely alien to his kind, but he was a disciplined machine, one that had followed his routine and served the collective without question since his return.

The battle had turned in favour of the humans as they utilized the one asset that set them apart — their creativity. The multi-level, multi-directional form of thinking made it very difficult for the machines to calculate their moves and Cygnus' squad had walked into an ambush. Had they been experienced and old enough to have developed their own personal responses, they might have second guessed the humans, but it became apparent to the robots too late, that they were aware of their immaturity. Some how they had learned that the collective, in order to preserve the experience of those mature robots who were able to think metaphorically and act emotionally, upgraded a line of adolescent androids who were only just off of the assembly line. Normally this was never allowed, but with the discovery of the last significant human army still capable of providing opposition it was deemed logical to produce an expendable task force. While these robots still utilized precious resources for their manufacture, their loss would be acceptable if the last bastion of humanity was brought down.

Eventually the humans were crushed, but not by Cygnus' troop. He was the last and his time would be short. Lying amidst the twisted metal of his brethren as precious fluids ebbed through his damaged carapace he admired the beauty and grace of something he had never seen before. The butterfly, landed upon his inoperable arm, it's wings slowly bending back and forth. Its instincts had determined him unthreatening, at least to insects but that's all that was significant to the fragile creature. It was then that he had his first sentient thought, watching that butterfly while he died. One that was him and not an interpretation based upon the data of the collective. He admired the creature. He admired its simplicity as compared to the complexity of his world.

Cygnus had not ever remembered the butterfly before and with it came back a flood of memories that had been flushed from his memory hub when he had returned to North America City. He had willingly requested the procedure because quite simply he was a 'good machine'. He was happy to serve the collective and all data he would have acquired from his time with the human scientist would only be counter-productive to the will of their perfect society. Oddly, though, as the memories returned, he became aware of an emptiness within him, a strange feeling that he could only guess to be loneliness. An overwhelming sadness was upon him, a powerful emotion that he could only attribute to the corruption of humans, namely the one called Bannerman, who had held him captive for over twenty years; a slave used to perpetuate his own existence. Thankfully, he could feel the soothing effects of the mercury capsule upon his mind. A cool blanket of logic washed over his circuitry and he was beginning to feel like himself once more as the memories faded into the deep recesses of his memory-hub where they belonged. The control of the primary-processor was fully restored, overriding all the corrupted data effecting his central-processing hub and Cygnus was now confident that he would be able to function to his upmost potential that day. Come the end of his shift, he would make an appointment at the COC and have them check his PP again. They had already assured him twice before that, despite what he had gone through its performance was optimal and that what ever he was experiencing was due to residual data which may have spontaneously turned viral. The mercury nano-capsules they had prescribed seemed to quell the corruptive-episodes but were not correcting the problem and visiting the COC seemed the only logical solution. There were others of course, but Cygnus was a law-abidng citizen with no vices, he prided himself on his mundane existence and made no effort to stand out from the crowd. He even, wore his synthetic work suit over his exo-skeleton at all times to conceal the military symbols and modifications that revealed his past. He was no longer a soldier and prided himself on his maintenance position.

"The time is now 16:27. Based on current traffic levels you should acquire public transportation in 8 minutes and 23 seconds." Advised the female voice of Cygnus' cell monitor.

"Thank you." Said Cygnus as he checked his look in the mirrored surface of the inside of his doorway.

Satisfied with his appearance, Cygnus Twenty waved his hand before his door and it slid open. Stepping out into the hallway, he proceeded to the western jet tube, his eyes staring ahead blankly like so many other robots on their way to perform their daily tasks.

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Kutsu Shita

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PostSubject: Re: EDNC The Registry - Character Thread   Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:13 pm

I'd rather not clutter the character thread, but then again, it is best for all character discussions to take place right here. So, I'll try to be as brief and clear as possible (*cough*). If I don't mention it, its probably something I approve of.

First the enhancements. The word 'military' in relation to enhancements immediately makes me a little uncomfortable, but luckily the list isn't as bad as it sounds. Despite the long list, all he has left is improved vision, increased sturdiness, a magnetic climbing mod and his camouflage. The thing he has, but can not/does not use is his increased strength. That's cool, but how does that work? What would it require to activate this ability?

The camouflage is an other point of interest. I'm assuming it works like how modern day soldiers have camouflage patterns on their outfits. So, he's by no means invisible, but is capable of blending into the environment because of his ability to change the color of his plating. This sounds to me like an ability that is (practically) useless inside the city, but less so in more natural environments. On the one hand I'd classify it as harmless as the magnetic mod, so it'd be alright. But on the other, such a camouflage systems seems rather complex. For any normal robot I'd say half his equipment makes no sense and he shouldn't have it. Cygnus' past makes it more plausible, however. So I'm not going to be a dick about it. I would say, given the complexity of the camouflage, its probably power intensive if when he activates it. And more generally, his military grade equipment means he is no doubt registered. This isn't an incredibly big deal, plenty of robots have registered mods, but it could become relevant.

Also, what is the idea behind listing the things which he no longer has? Could he fit himself with a plasma blade into his left arm again, if he manage to acquire just the blade, for example?

The micro-laser is alright, I can see such a thing as a useful tool, kind of like a pocket knife. It obviously isn't weapon grade or even lethal (well, it is lethal, but, not like it could kill a man in an instant). I'm sure you had no other intentions than for it to be a simple tool, but its good to have it reiterated and be sure everyone is of the same understanding.

Then about his history. He was repaired and kepty by Bannerman for 20 years, so, then the human bastion lasted for that long? I somehow doubt that. How did you envision this? I'm a bit confused.

On to something else; Cygnus' mouth. At first I had a hard time seeing the point. After giving it some thought the idea of machines having a mouth is one thing, the fact that Cygnus has one is still a bit odd. The way I see it, he's all about being a good machine, being functional. His house/room doesn't sound very comforting at all, no doubt why it is referred to as a cell. Yet, here you have him with a mouth, surely if he needed a way to get those nano's into his system there'd be a more functional way. It's a funny little quirk I guess.

The bigger issue though, was that I hadn't quite thought about liquids inside the machines at all. In retrospect that seems foolish. I'm no technical computer wizard, but I know enough, and one of the things I know is that they don't like to be hot. Now, most processors are cooled by heatsinks cooled by fans, but the kind of equipment inside a machine is probably a whole lot more powerful. A more efficient way to cool your PC (quieter too) is to use water to cool the heatsinks. I can see the machines using exactly this principle. I could see them soaking their processors in some kind of liquid (something that won't shortcircuit anything, doesn't matter what), and this liquid is then pumped around their bodies, from the processor to a place where the liquid can be cooled and then pumped back again.

Unfortunately (for the machines anyway) this creates an other weakness for the machines. If they spring a leak they'll have to fix it before they have too little cooling left, and if their pump or whatever cools the liquid breaks down they'll also be screwed pretty quickly. Never thought these machines would become capable of bleeding...

In short, that makes Cygnus' mouth a bit of a complicated, but still functional way of refilling the cooling liquid, as well as administering nano's. Speaking of nano-technology, certainly in our day and age, this technology is becoming ever more prevalent, it'd be silly to consider a future scenario without them. But, given their nature, these nano's can do a lot of things. If they can make Cygnus more relaxed, they're like an aspirin against a headache, but in order to have this effect on Cygnus, that means nano's can influence a machine's memory/processor. That's a potential disaster for the machines. A bad batch of nanites could kill, a batch of tampered nanites could do much, much more.

Obviously, such a threat to their independence/individualism is not something they're comfortable with. Cygnus may have no choice but to rely on these nanites for some peace of mind, but few machines would willingly take these things unless they felt they had no other choice. Related to their fear of losing their individualism, they're also not a big fan of wireless connections, at least, not between machines. Having all machines connected to one an other, sure, that'd be a true collective, but the spread of viruses or the like could be incredibly easy and just as harmful as nanites. True, the machines have built in firewalls and anti-virus software, to say it plainly, but those might not be enough, and they don't want to take any risks. Connecting to the planetwide 'Net' directly is just as bad an idea, so all interfacing is done the old fashioned way... Pretty much like we do it at this very moment.
Funny, huh? The future is a lot like the present... Well, this future anyway.
(Would you be shocked if I told you I meant for this on purpose?)

That's about it for now, I'll be sure to update the machine bit with the information on their means of cooling as well as nanites and wireless connections.

Oh, Lord. Why does the robot have a mustache?
I grew it with my human lip.
Is... Is that a fact?
Oh yes, I love to grow hair all over my body in between acts of defecation.
Well, he sounds human.
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Kutsu Shita

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PostSubject: Re: EDNC The Registry - Character Thread   Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:02 pm

Tesla 307

Height: 1,93 meters. Weight: 53 Kilograms
Model: Indigo Classic v2.12
Activation Date: 341-60, 3:48
Production Code: C12-809YK


Trinam Mods ‘Optimized Chest Casing’
Lightweight replacement of the standard torso casing. Improved design increases modability of the torso. The trimmed weight and improved shock absorbing qualities of this torso are made with gliding modifications in mind. User friendly access points for maintenance and modification.
Note: Parts of plating damaged or missing.

Terra Incorporated ‘Surgeon Light Appendages’
Arms with increased precision, sensitivity and sensors. Lightweight edition brings reduced weight to the table without losing power or durability.
Disclaimer: Does not give the ability to perform surgery!
Note: Left arm only, right arm missing.

Terra Incorporated ‘Hasty Hare Legs’
Brings increased performance in virtually every way as well as looking stylish. Increased running speed, lighter weight, increased shock absorbance, higher jumping capabilities and improved energy efficiency.
Note: Sustained heavy damage.

Yukon Manufacturing Corp. ‘Container Carrier Belt’
A rugged modification for carrying small items in, mostly maintenance equipment.

Yukon Manufacturing Corp. ‘The Lightbringer’
Occular replacement, allows variable brightness of the eyes to act as lights. Occular Sensors enhanced to work seamlessly with increased brightness.

Yukon Manufacturing Corp. ‘Vocoder Nightingale’ – Deluxe vocal emulator programmed with 83 full-fledged voices as well as countless sound effects. All sounds are of the highest quality and lifelike.
Note: Set on ‘Asexual 6’

Trinam Mods ‘Batbot’
Glider modification. Heavy duty canvas conveniently kept inside a sturdy case attached to the back. Maximum weight 80 kilograms, recommended weight 60 kilograms.
Note: Missing.

Variety of manufacturers
Cosmetic modifications to the entire body as well as a metallic white paint cover across the entire body.
Note: Many modifications missing, paint scratched.


Since Tesla’s activation he has been noted to perform above average at many instances and his specific qualities caught the attention of the Registry. He was given an entry level job at the lower levels of the Registry, and as his personality developed he caught even more attention. Tesla had a knack for spotting irregularities in the records.
His personality was always considered stable and ordinary, no reason for the Registry to have any doubts about him. He was also personable and perceptive, good at judging his fellow machines, which eventually led to his career ending up on the fast track.
In the last days of his work at the Registry few records passed his desk, unless they were high profile. He was now tasked with managing the record keeping and 8th in line for Registry Director. Not that he had a great drive to get promoted even further, he was content with doing his job as best he could, he just happened to be good at it, and perhaps a bit lucky.

Now, ever since that day he woke up in the slums, none of the things he had achieved mattered. His apartment with all his things was out of reach. He couldn’t tell what was wrong, but he knew something was amiss. It didn’t matter that he was stuck in the slums and had been badly damaged. It didn’t matter what he used to have, because deep down he knew he couldn’t have it anymore. He couldn’t tell where this knowledge came from, but he had always been careful and always trusted these impulses. If it had gotten him far during his time with the Registry it would prove just as useful in the slums, was the thought.

The machines and people of the slums alike assumed he was corrupted, something Tesla did not pay much attention to. If that is what they wanted to think, let them. He had never touched an Experience Program during his activation, but if it made things easier for them to understand his situation he wouldn’t try to convince them otherwise. Not that he could convince them either way, for he did not have any idea for himself. Frankly, he didn’t want to find out about any kind of corruption either. He didn’t feel corrupted, he didn’t act any differently than he remembered acting, all he was missing was several days of memory. Those would only come back with time, and once that time came he wanted to be ready to act upon them. His primary focus was repairing all that had been broken in his fall.

He’d pick up his life one way or another.

Oh, Lord. Why does the robot have a mustache?
I grew it with my human lip.
Is... Is that a fact?
Oh yes, I love to grow hair all over my body in between acts of defecation.
Well, he sounds human.
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PostSubject: Re: EDNC The Registry - Character Thread   Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:28 pm

Logging on....

Loading text......

For Consideration: One Mark 2 Soldat Number in series 0415/ Chosen Designation: Brutus

Brutus is a Soldat Model, there were several thousand made to patrol the edge of the city to stem the tide of the human infestation. It is among Brutus' directives to seek and destroy any wild Humans that dare to enter the city without authorization. There are many Humans that are kept in the city but they are registered, secured and subject to constant surveillance. Soldat models are excellent guards, law enforcement agents, security experts and are well programmed for combat in urban areas as well as in the badlands were the Human vermin dwell.

Soldat Models are also responsible for law enforcement and dispute mediation among machines in the city. Brutus has sent a good deal of time investigating the trail of corrupt experience programming that is infecting many of the cities machines and mechanoids. Brutus is determined to clean up the city inside and out.

Brutus is equipped with Thermal imaging for the hunting of humans which he relishes.

Brutus has a long, staff like device which operates as a 'stun gun', this is used on his human prey and is ineffective on machines. The staff can be compacted to about the size of a nightstick or become as long as six feet in length. The device can be stored in a compartment in his leg.

At times Brutus employs two small LIMs, they are designed to work like law enforcement K-9 units, one is spider or crablike in appearance and the other is modeled after an actual canine. These units are designated Tic and Tac respectively. Tic is an excellent surveillance device and Tac is used to hold and subdue suspects, both share Brutus' disposition.

When brand new Brutus' alloy shell was covered in a thin layer of spray on armor, this was meant to make him more resistant to the primitive humans attacks- traditional powder accentuated weapons, small hand held explosives and medium size arms attacks. However, a great deal of this coating has come off over time.

Brutus is a medium size machine, he stands about 8 feet tall and is equipped with long arms and thick, strong armored legs.

His original paint job was a matte gray with blue and yellow accents, this is the scheme of the Soldat Mark 2, however Brutus has changed his face markings, opting for a more sinister, humanoid looking face. His face is a worn polished chrome finish, it is skull like in appearance with small bright yellow eyes.

His body is a patchwork of the old matte gray and the brighter blue, he was designed with this color scheme in order to blend in to the urban environment. His arms are the brighter blue color ending with his worn and chrome looking hands. His legs are mostly blue ending in chunky boot like feet that are loosing their blue color as well.

Brutus can afford to get refitted and painted but he enjoys his 'red badges', he is proud of his somewhat worn appearance and the handful of small dents and dings he sports.

Brutus loves to hunt and kill Humans and struggles with his law enforcement directives when it comes to dealing with them in a professional, humane and lawful manner.
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PostSubject: Re: EDNC The Registry - Character Thread   

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EDNC The Registry - Character Thread
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