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 Wonderland - Characters

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PostSubject: Wonderland - Characters   Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:25 am

Here's where characters can be posted for Wonderland starting with mine:

Name: Peter Peván
Age: 20
Madness: 5 (obsessed with hot liquids)

Appearance: (see picture) Peter dresses practically for the temperate climate of Wonderland's forests. He has a small variety of dark, long-sleeved shirts and earth-colored pants. He usually wears brightly colored socks because he feels feet are underappreciated and deserve the attention. He also wears a small golden hoop earring in his left earlobe.

Personality: Peter is intelligent and awkward but eager to accept a willing friend. While shy and distrusting at first, he becomes warm and welcoming once someone has shown themselves to be genuinely interested in his company. He is not especially talkative, often it's hard to get answers out of him, but he is amiable and willing to share his daydreams and interests. Although his habits of drifting and dreaming have been weighed by his time in Wonderland, he is still a child at heart and can come off as rather innocent and even peaceful until he is backed into a corner. Peter has learned to survive in Wonderland and can be a brutal fighter when need be.

Despite his intelligence and strong sense of self, Peter has succumbed to the effects of Wonderland and in his study of tea leaves has become obsessed with all hot liquids. His relationship with them is almost love-hate as he feels compelled to touch and explore it despite the injuries they can cause (and he has a few tell-tale burns to show for it). He also has a hard time giving up a potion he has made simply because of his lingering fascination with it. It take him over an hour to drink a cup of tea and it can become difficult steer him away from discussing it until he has finished it. While not mad by any stretch, he has become quite a bit off and may not immediately make sense when he speaks.

Fighting: While not formally trained, Peter has acquired through his own studies skills in fighting both with his bare hands and with bladed weapons.

Tea Master: Peter is a highly skilled maker of potions and an expert in the various forest plants, particularly their properties and potential abilities, specializing in tea leaves in particular.

History: Peter as born into a middle class family in the countryside outside of Hackney, London. As a child, he was beloved by most people who met him. He was happy, active, and imaginative, constantly playing, some said from the moment he woke up to the moment he fell asleep. Unfortunately, as Peter grew, his childlike tendencies didn't change and the became less and less appealing. Even when his peers were beginning to talk about girls and experimenting with their freedom, Peter preferred to run through fields, drifting into whatever adventures his imagination had for him.

By the time he was fourteen, his parents had begun to get fed up with his behavior. They demanded he put down his books and leave his fairytales and daydreams behind. While his studies never suffered, the neighbors, teachers, psychologists, etc. all seemed to decide that for a teenage boy to pretend to be a pirate and play with much younger children was not acceptable behavior. While the children around adored him, neither their parents or Peter's peers shared their feelings. As a result of his isolation from peers and growing rift between him and his parents, Peter began sneaking off, sometimes in the middle of the night, other times cutting school, to indulge in his day dreams and drift as far away as he could from the imprisoning reality that his world had become.

It was on one of these adventures in the middle of the night that Peter followed some strange tracks leading into what appeared to be a rather large rabbit hole in a field by the edge of a grove of trees. Curious, Peter crawled into the hole and found himself falling through a very strange sort of corridor. The speed at which he fell seemed to go from a gentle descent to terminal velocity and back with no particular pattern. The world seemed to twist and warp around him as Peter descended, all the while following the strange path until he was dumped out onto an earthen floor, landing unhurt in a crumpled heap.

Peter quickly found that he had fallen into a strange world known as Wonderland. Nothing seemed to make sense. Every time he thought he found some pattern of things, something would change as though Wonderland itself wanted to keep him on his toes. Friends became enemies, enemies became friends, strangers and terrifying creatures tried to kill him while others simply pestered him. Eventually, Peter fled into the forest where he studied his surroundings intensely, wallowing in this smaller, slightly more consistent part of Wonderland. Although the place terrified him at first, his search for a way back to his home in England was often sidetracked by his fascination with the magical world of nonsense he'd stumbled upon. Eventually his search tapered off in favor of adapting to Wonderland after his simple realization hat neither place was at all pleasant but at least in Wonderland he wouldn't have to "grow up."
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PostSubject: Wonderland Character Submit   Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:40 am


Age: 22 • Height: 6'0" • Wieght: 180 lbs • Hair: Blonde • Eyes: Blue
Nationality: British (New Zealand) • Ancestry: German

Fynn Kessler is from a family of German heritage, that settled in
New Zealand, and so he was raised British. His father, however,
did pass on to him his language as well as his watchmaking talents
and so one of Fynn's other positions in his unit was as a German translator.

Fynn entered the world of Wonderland in the year 1914.


August 17th, 1914.

The British government feels that it would be 'a great and urgent imperial service' if we invaded Samoa and seized control of a German wireless station near Apia. Seems pointless as the real war is in France and Austria but apparently our Empire feels it necessary to make a political statement. I hope they don't resist, I have never even fired my gun in real combat.

We have stopped over in Fiji to collect some translators and I have the privilege of going ashore. A few gauges were damaged during a routine exercise and apparently I can pick up the parts necessary to repair them at an outpost on the island.

It is so beautiful here and I find myself wondering why I am even on that battlecruiser. Maybe I should tried to look harder for a job, maybe if I had tried heading down past Christchurch there might have been something.

Right now I am standing before the most spectacular waterfall. I was able to sneak away from the base for a bit and found a trail that had taken me to the most wondrous place. I never want to leave here.


Private Flynn Kessler closed his journal and tucked it back into his field bag. He checked his pocket watch that he and his father had made together, his first one, and sighed when he looked at the time. Soon he would have to head back to the base then they would return to the HMAS Australia and set sail for Samoa. No place for a watchmaker he thought to himself as he leaned back against the warm rock he was sitting on and relaxed in the warm sunlight for a few moments longer.

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late..."

The words ran through his mind. If only he could make a watch that could reverse time or even just stop it. Then he could enjoy the perfect present moment for as long as he wanted.

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date..."

Flynn sat up quickly, his bright blue eyes scanning the forest. He then laughed and ran a hand through his thick blonde hair. It was a sign that he was nervous; hearing things. For a moment he could have sworn that he hear a voice saying exactly what he was thinking and it came from the other side of the shallow stream flowing from the trickling water fall.

The sound of snapping branch made Flynn jump. It came from the same place he had heard the voice and now his curiousity was piqued. He got up onto this feet and skipped across a natural bridge of stones to the other side of the stream and sought out the source of the noise as he quietly moved into the dense bushes he heard the noise again. This time he gave chase, making noise to flush out what he was assuming to be some indigenous critter of the island but as he stepped into a picturesque grove he couldn't believe what he saw, or thought he saw.

It was impossible, but there was a small white rabbit, wearing what he was afraid to describe as waistcoat, but that's what it was. The creature stopped in the middle of the grove, right into the light so there was no mistaking that what he saw was real. It paused, straightened up, sniffed around then pulled a tiny pocket watch from its coat and exclaimed, "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"

The creature. The white rabbit then turned and saw Flynn. He stared right at him with an inquisitive , human-like expression on its face and said, "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. No time to say 'hello', 'good-bye', I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"

It then scampered off and disappeared down a trail.

What happened next, Flynn would probably question for the rest of his life, but without thinking he ran after what by all rights was some sort of figment of his imagination. He was probably sun stroke, or maybe some strange island insect or poisonous plant was effecting him. All of these thing ran through his mind as he chased the white rabbit right into his hole. Crawling on his hand and knees he could still see the bright white fur and red jacket ahead. He was so close he could almost grab him and so Flynn tried. The soldier lunged, stretching his body out in the confined space and got his hands around the thing. He could feel the fur in his hands, then the rabbit jumped up and out of his grasp and vanished. Actually he seemed to fall, then Flynn was falling. Panicking he reached for anything in the darkness to slow his descent but there was nothing just an empty void and the sensation of tumbling down a very,



deep hole...
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Wonderland - Characters
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