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 Heroes: The Breakaway - Rules

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PostSubject: Heroes: The Breakaway - Rules   Heroes: The Breakaway - Rules Icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 3:51 pm

Greetings my friends. Eric (SubBear) and I (Scott) will be creating a spin off of the Heres thread.

This storyline will be a gritty, slap and punch, duke it out fest.


1. There will be NO comic book type super heroes allowed. What I mean is, no summoning of weather, the ability to destroy city blocks on command, etc. Our heroes will be more dependent on wit and cunning to evade capture than elite super abilities. Yes, they are super heroes, yes they are above normal humanity, but they are not the Marvel or DC style "cape and tight" superheroes.

2. No safe houses or teched out "super" vehicles. These heroes are on the run, and as such they have no permanent place to lay their heads nor do they have the resources to purchase multi-million dollar facilities to stay in.

3. All villains will be played by Sub-Bear or Zinsk (exceptions can be made on approval).

4. To keep it simple we request only one character per person.


Thanks, and happy writing Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes: The Breakaway - Rules   Heroes: The Breakaway - Rules Icon_minitimeThu Jul 15, 2010 9:40 pm


This thread is about a world where government and law enforcement have grown very invasive and overstepped their original mandates, it not quite 'big brother' but this is a world where the government and it's agencies have become almost fascist. In the recent past the government had relied on 'meta-humans', people with extraordinary abilities as covert agents and operatives, but many of these metas have been burned by the government and some have been imprisoned after serving their country, a few have even been assassinated or vanished in federal custody. Upon using these uniquely gifted people to further their vast agendas the government became aware of how powerful many of these metas were and began an attempt to limit their freedoms and control their lives. After this major shift in direction many metas left the employ of the government and returned to civilian life, this did not stop the government from trying to maintain control over them. In addition to that they sought to locate and identify any and all unknown metas and passed many laws requiring metas to 'register' themselves. In this thread fighting crime is the job of the trigger happy police and federal agencies. Any metas that pop up on the radar and are not currently registered or not currently co operating with the authorities are subject to arrest by the highly trained agents and troopers of R.A.I.D. This branch of law enforcement was specifically created to deal with metas and they have the training and weapons to do just that.

There is a great deal of anti-meta sentiment in this world, the gov and the media has spent years painting metas as dangerous and psychologically damaged, most people believe this and fear metas and the fact that there are many meta villains running amok has not helped. In a world where cameras and camera phones are everywhere the 'heroes' in this thread struggle to live their lives and stay out of prison while using their abilities to help those that cannot help themselves.

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Heroes: The Breakaway - Rules
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