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 HEROES Chapter 4

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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 4   Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:55 am

Bronze Devil was puffing out a steady stream of cigar smoke as he made his way to the Resistance Base. He turned is old looking Dodge onto Washington Boulevard and proceeded east on the one way street while his mind wandered and made some weekend plans concerning the club. Friday and Saturday night were always busy and he had lined up some top acts, which he himself was looking forward to. He took yet another long drag on his cigar and blew out a thick cloud of grey smoke, which was becoming so dense it was actually beginning to obscure his vision. "What the hell?", thought Gabriel then he noticed that Toril, next to him in the passenger seat was sitting pretty much in a smoke free environment. Closer inspection then revealed, that there was an invisible barrier of wind currents keeping all of the second hand smoke on his side of the vehicle, while Wraith sat smugly pretending to be oblivious of the phenomena he was generating. Gabriel didn't comment, just shook his head and rolled down his window and continued to enjoy his one vice.

Eventually they hit, Carpenter Street North, and Gabriel made a left, then at about the middle of the block turned right down an enclosed lane that lead to the bay doors of the abandoned warehouse at 1001 Randolph Street West. After punching in the code and opening one of the doors, the Bronze Devil drove into the large area and parked his Carry-all beside the Armoured Security Van. It was obvious that the New York resistance fighters had already arrived, which was surprising since they had both assumed they would be in until mid afternoon, still it was a welcome surprise for Toril.

After Toril put on his mask and became Wraith, Bronze Devil lead the way through the secret door and followed the long tunnel that went under two city blocks before linking up with the passageway that lead to the Western hatch of the Green Street Resistance Base. The walk took about ten minutes and in some places the near seven foot tall Bronze Devil had to duck his head under some piping that his horns would have otherwise struck. At the door, Bronze Devil stared into the camera, smiled and waved. "Hey Seizure. Let us in." he requested. The sounds of door automatically unlocking resonated through the hallway and Gabriel pushed the door open.

As they entered, Toril spied a familiar face carrying a box of electronic equipment into the storage room. "Cassius!" he happily called.

The young man who recognized the big Norwegian even with his mask on, smiled and nodded. Then placed the box beside some others that were stacked beside the doorway and dusted his hands off on his jeans. He raised his hand high in greeting and in his exuberance Toril took it and nearly pulled Cassius off of his feet as he flexed his arm. An "Eaaazzzy Dude!" echoed down the corridor.

After the brief reunion, Wraith and Bronze Devil entered the common area, which resembled a university lounge more than anything. There were three TV's in different sections of the room each with their own orbiting clusters of furniture and along the east wall was a long table over which was mounted a massive screen used as a display for meetings and also for intense movie nights.

The first time, Toril had been at the base he had only got as far as the surveillance room off of the north entrance and was surprised how large the underground facility actually was. When he inquired what was down the hall to his left, Bronze told him that the first three doors were sleeping areas and bedrooms, but after those was a fully decked out laboratory, which certainly piqued the doctor's interest. "Maybe I'll stick around later and take a look.", he mentioned.

"Suit yourself." Gabriel responded apathetically as he lit up his zippo and ignited his cigar.

"Na-ah." Stated Ayana, standing beside the bar with hands on her hips. "No WAY you're lighting that thing up in here, Devil. Now, you know better than that!" she scolded semi-seriously.

Gabriel grimaced and butted the cigar out in his hand, feeling absolutely no pain from the heat. "Anti-meta laws, anti-smoking laws, where's it going to #%@$ing end?" He asked innocently, then tucked the unlit stub back in his teeth.

Siezure didn't dignify his question with answer, just raised her finger and eyebrows to him and proceeded on to the kitchen area.

"Damn." Expressed Bronze Devil under his breath, then he strolled over to a couch, attracted to the beautiful blonde haired woman sitting there. "Well hello there. Never seen you around here before.", Gabriel mentioned after taking the cigar out of his mouth. "Mind if I sit down?"

"As a matter of fact she does." Answered Toril as he is playfully shoved passed the Bronze Devil and shoved him into an adjacent chair into which he flopped down with a smile on his face.

"Oooo, a little sensitive, are we?",Gabriel commented.

"Don't pay any attention to Gabriel, Yelena." Wraith told her, and remembering how stand offish she was, stepped back as he reached out his hand in greeting, then sat down in a chair across from her. He knew his mask wasn't enough to hide his identity from her, but it was important for him to remain hidden from the others and not involve them in his troubles. Besides, he now had another identity and 'Devon Gale' would remain known only to the Bronze Devil. "You look well, and so does Cassius. I met him in the hall just a few moments ago." Toril's eyes then scanned over Yelena's body and found signs of the wound he suspected she had sustained while fighting with the marines on the shore of Oneida Lake. "You okay?" He asked while motioning with his finger to the area of her body where Yelena had been recently shot. "I'm really sorry I couldn't keep them off you."

"She look's fine, Studio." Gabriel interjected. He then turned to Yelena and gestured toward Toril with his thumb, "This guy's always apologizing for somethin'. So, ah, not that Studio has been blabbin', but he did it slip out that you're a...", Gabriel paused for a moment when Toril flashed him a accusatory look, ".... a shape-shifter." The Bronze Devil then continued regardless of whether Yelena, either denied or verified that what he heard was true. "Y'know, I run a club and what I could do with someone with your talents. You ever impersonate Criss Angel?"

"Enough, Bronze." Toril told his friend, "She's not a side show freak! Christ what's the matter with you? And wouldn't you think if your club was suddenly featuring Criss Angel that maybe, uh, he'd wonder what the hell is going on?"

Bronze sat there for a while. Silently contemplating his friends words, he nodded, then looked sheepishly over at Yelena, "How about Neil Diamond?" he quickly asked, then just as Toril's jaws started to clench he burst out laughing. "Ah, I'm only joking. I'm really sorry." he said to Yelena as he offered her his hand in greeting, "I'm Gabriel. Gabriel Czarnecki, in case you didn't catch the name and of course you know this loser over here." he said as he reached over and gave Wraith a shove. "You need to loosen up, son." he told him.

The Bronze Devil leaned back in his chair casually reaching into his pocket for his zippo lighter and just as he was about to light the tip of his cigar, remembered Ayana's enforcement of the no smoking in the Common area. "I need a drink." he decided getting up and moving toward the bar, "Anybody else?"

"It's not even noon, yet, Bronze." Replied Toril.

Bronze checked his watch. "It's three minutes after."

Toril shook his head and gave in. "Get me a beer then. A Sam Adams if they have."

Alone with Yelena then for a few moments Toril was just content knowing that she was okay. It had been years since he had had anyone but himself to worry about. He thought to ask her of Shinnigami, but then realized that she would have immediately told him were they in any immediate danger. He wondered what new adventures awaited them in this new city and pondered whether Yelena and her group of vigilantes would step once more into costume to take a stand against the villains that plagued the city.

(Friday, May 22nd - 12:10 pm. Green Street Base)


Scavenger pulled his stolen car back into the lot and parked in front of room fourteen of the Zanzibar Motel on Stony Island Ave. South, just underneath the Chicago Skyway. A rundown place but a least it had hot water and clean sheets, which was better than his own place on some days.

Carrying two subs, Stefan unlocked the door and found Grey still laying on the bed, obviously in some discomfort. "Are the pain pills wearing off?" Scavenger asked Grey as he removed his very dark sunglasses. Then he placed the sandwich on the night stand beside him and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a vial of blue pills and tossed it to Grey. "I wasn't , one hundred percent clear on what the name of you medication was but by its smell I think I got it right" he told him.

Grey examined the pills remembering that Scavenger had an incredible sense of smell, well beyond that of any blood hound and his knowledge of narcotics was unprecedented. He had done more drugs than the Doors and the Rolling Stones combined.

Stefan sat in a chair beside the bed, pulling up his knees to his chest, he began slowly unwrapping his sub like a ten year old girl undressing her doll. A rather disturbing image for Grey with or without medication.

"So, how did you get in those woods?" Asked Stefan then he went on to explain that after he had found Grey waited for the other meta-humans or what he perceived to be meta's to clear away. He then, flew quickly into town, ripped off a car and picked him up. Grey then recalled that Scavenger also had a molecular ability that allowed him to manipulate the structure of his body and non-living things close to and making contact with it. The ability, however, allowed him to transform into only one thing, and that was a raven. The same very bird he could could vaguely remember perched in the branches above him while he lay on the forest floor. It then made sense that, Stefan must have used his powerful sense of smell to track him down. Scavenger then continued telling Grey that they drove non-stop for a couple of nights until they reached their current location in Chicago,where a former partner who had just escaped from prison has invited he and any other trustworthy meta's to join him.

"I don't know who the leader is, but we'll answer to the Highwayman." Scavenger informed him, "I won't hold it against you if you would rather not, but the offer remains on the table for the time being." Scavenger then hopped off of his perch and placed his partially eaten sub on a table. "Right then. I'm going to get some sleep. You can let me know your decision in about six hours or so. Kay?"

Scavenger laid down on the other bed, fully clothed and flipped his back to Grey. He was asleep in moments, leaving the hit man alone to make up his mind.

(Friday, May 22nd - 11:00 am. Zanzibar Motel)

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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 4   Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:33 pm

Morgan lay there on the floor of her 6x6 foot cage, unable to rest. Sitting up, she scooted back against the wire side, leaning her back on it, thinking about her journal. She wondered if it had been found and read. If Tim was the one who'd read it. A part of her hoped that he did, another part hoped that he didn't. If he did, then maybe he would understand her a little better.

~May 15, 2010

Tim has been avoiding me since we've returned with the armored van. I haven't told him yet what I saw through the eyes of an owl back at the armored van, when Zoe and I were getting ready to leave. Frank was driving a black SUV and I'm positive that it was one of rAID's vehicles. That means that Frank was working for them. I have to plan, take care of my father once and for all.

I confronted Tim on him avoiding me. He apologized, explained things to me and I understood, but, then he went right back to avoiding me. Am I his girl or not? Or am I just a nuisance to him and he's too much of a gentleman to say anything?

Mayt 17, 2010

Nothing has changed with Tim. My heart feels like it's breaking and yet I feel as if I have no right to feel that way. Tim hasn't made any promises to me nor has he said whether or not I am his. He treats me like a close friend half the time instead of his girl. Maybe that's all I am to him. The kisses he's given me were very simple.

I've been jogging with Lena in the mornings now that she's healed. I like her, she's nice, like a big sister I never had. After jogging with her, I practice keeping my eyes from glowing so brightly when I call the animals. The severe headaches are beginning to pay off. But, noone's noticed that I head straight to my room after I come in, skipping lunch. That's probably a good thing.

Once I get to Chicago, I will put my plan into action. First thing is I have to learn hand to hand fighting. I'm pretty good with a knife but I need more. Then I need to find a place of my choice to have Frank find me at. He won't be expecting that.

May 19, 2010

Tim is still avoiding me. He has barely said two words to me over the last couple of weeks. The most he's talked to me was when I confronted him about it. I still haven't figured out what it is I've done wrong. Maybe I should stop worrying about it. Maybe Tim doesn't want me at all and is too nice to say anything yet. Maybe all I am to him is just a friend. I don't know anymore. I'm confused and I don't know what to do about it. I will back off altogether from Tim. Maybe he just needs time to think.

My plan is finished. I know what it is I'm going to do with my father. Tim and the others won't like it, but it has to be done and I have to be the one to do it. After all, Tim told me once that I needed to become the baddest coyote on the block.

May 20, 2010

We left him out there. I don't understand it. Lena and I came across an injured man in the woods this morning. I don't remember what he looked like, just that he was injured and we left him there. I was so angry at Tim. Aunt Jackie always told me that if I ever came across a person or an animal that needed help, then I was to help them. It tore me up to leave him there.

THAT SONOFABITCH!!!! Tim just spoke to me about the importance of the group and how their safety was all important. If my soft heart is a plus in his book, then why do I feel as if I did a grave wrong? On top of that, he told me to pack his things for him!! So, now I'm his maid! Oh, I'll pack his things for him, then I'm leaving. Tim made it clear about the group's safety. I knew that I was a liability, with Frank being able to track me and now that he's working for RAID, I'm even more of a liability to all of them. What Tim said just drove it home. With me leaving, Frank and RAID will follow me while Tim and the others make it to Chicago without any hassles, hopefully.

Tim has left to watch over Cassius so I guess I should go pack his things. He'll never understand why I've done this, but he's been underestimating Frank since day one, thinking that he and the others can handle him. Maybe they could if it was just him, but now it's him and RAID working together and the group is no longer safe with me here.~

Tears were streaming down Morgan's cheeks as she sat there and thought about things, waiting for Frank to return and begin the redemption of her soul.

May 22, 2010 4:00 p.m.

Judge not nor fear that or those which you do not understand, for it or they may be someone or something that will aid you in the trials of your life.
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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 4   Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:57 pm

Grey said nothing, mulling Scavenger's proposal through his tired mind over and over. He had spent the past few years of his life in the pocket of New York's mob and wasn't so sure he was ready to drop himself into that of Chicago's. Still, he could use the protection. Thanks to his other boss, who he couldn't track down now if he tried, all of RAID and the FBI would be gunning for him and with his help, Grey would be connected to many a murder.

The one thing he had working for him as that his boss would be damned if he'd be able to give them any kind of description to the police.

Too tired to give it much more thought, he dropped off into what would be to Scavenger a very restless sleep. While his vocal tics were quiet and rasped, dampened by sleep, his motor tics would shake the bed all night.
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PostSubject: Re: HEROES Chapter 4   

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HEROES Chapter 4
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