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 OFF-WORLD: Characters

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PostSubject: OFF-WORLD: Characters   Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:50 am


Human's who are still adapted for the home world are referred to as Earthlings and they are still the dominant race. Your character can be Human or one of the following sub-species:


The people of Mars have developed many markers that make them distinct form their adaption to the red planet. They are taller and leaner than the average Earthling and generally have traits which appear to be Asian. Their skin is generally darker and bears an orange or bronze tone while their eyes tend to be either green or orange (more commonly orange). These traits have developed more so because of physiologically changes carrying with them certain markers that tend to alter a person's appearance through the generations.

Because of the weaker gravity, Martians will be weaker than Earthling Humans.

MEDEANS (People of the Moon Ganymede)

These people are distinct because they for some reason developed traits to distinguish themselves from Earthlings even though they have no real physiological differences. All of them, however, have irises which are shade of purple and their sclera also have a lighter form of the same colour.

Both Martians and Medeans will have other traits that will distinguish them from Earthlings so feel free to invent some more if it comes up during a story.

These are the only two distinct peoples, but due to the extensive genetic manipulation that people undergo every year, your character can have whatever odd features or abilities you can dream up.


Biological, self thinking robots that after six years begin to develop their own emotional responses that will supersede their basic programming, which is why after that age they are either retired or outlawed in various colonies. This race is not off limits but realize that it is very restrictive.

Simularcrum are faster, stronger and more durable than Humans. Depending on their model, they may also be far more intelligent. When they are made, they are often given distinctive facial features and even oddly coloured eyes and hair to make them stand out.

Cybernetic Enhancements ('JACK' or 'Cyborg')

Genetic manipulation and Cybernetic transplants have become common place in society. In order to protect the public, cybernetic body parts are regulated with tamper proof governors to prevent heightened strength that can be used in acts of crime. People learn who illegally by pass the governors and perform black market implants are called 'Boosters' and those who use the enhanced cybernetics are known as 'Jacks'.

If you so choose your character can have cybernetic body parts but be aware that if they are enhanced they are illegal.

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PostSubject: Re: OFF-WORLD: Characters   Thu Aug 13, 2009 10:37 am

NAME: Captain Catherine “CJ” James

AGE: 33

RACE: Human

APPEARANCE: 5’10” in height with a slim, athletic build. Short, blond hair. Green eyes.

OCCUPATION: President and CEO of James Intergalactic Cargo Transportation.
Pilot/Owner of Intergalactic Cargo Carrier “Moira”


CJ is the latest in a long line of “cargo junkies”. Her father and grandfather before her were cargo transport pilots. Her great-great-great grandfather started up James Intergalactic Cargo Transportation when the different colonies settled permanently on the different moons of Jupiter. She hauls cargo and a few passengers back and forth between Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto and the big planet of Jupiter itself. She also hauls cargo back and forth to Terra, the Space City but she doesn’t like to stay there too long.

Docking at Terra, she visits the customs office to have her license renewed as well as make sure she stays within regulations. With Terra being the Intergalactic playground for almost anything you can imagine, she knows almost nothing but trouble comes from the place. Especially when the Black Label Society learns a cargo ship is around. They will do anything they can to get their black market goods to other destinations, including blackmailing the pilots of the cargo ships.

Several times CJ has had ‘discussions’ with some of the seedy bosses of the Society, turning them down flat, even with the threat of her safety hung over her head. Because of this CJ has a difficult time keeping a good crew on her ship. It never fails that when she docks at Terra, they get spooked off by the Society and she ends up leaving the place alone.

All she wants is to find a good, loyal crew and earn her living like her forefathers did before her but with each trip to Terra, it’s getting more and more difficult for her to do so.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.
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OFF-WORLD: Characters
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