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 OFF-WORLD: A Brief History

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PostSubject: OFF-WORLD: A Brief History   Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:34 am

OFF-WORLD - A Brief History

2016 - A Lunar Colony is established.

2022 - The global collapse of the Fossil Fuel Industry. All countries are forced to re-structure their economies and alternative fuels become main stream. This allows the world to establish new laws to protect the environment.

2025 - Magnetospheric-electro-transference (M.E.T.) is invented allowing power stations to tap into the solar winds known as the aura borealis and transfer it into electricity to power all cities for a fraction of the cost of all other energy sources. It is an endless supply of energy and the days of unscrupulous people profiting off that basic human need are ended.

2027 - Man is able to produce water via a machine called a HYDRO-ATMEM. It recombines base molecules to produce H2O, all it requires is elements similar to Hydrogen or Oxygen to work. The process is called molecular metamorphosis.

2029 - Martian Colonization begins after several successful missions.

2030 - The Lunar city Artemis was completed. It allowed Earth to establish a mining industry and laboratories for new research facilities.

2038 - The Space City, Terra is operational, allowing shuttles from Earth a rendezvous point between the home world and the Moon. It is synchronized with the lunar rotation.

2039 - A Martian base and port are established.

2042 - Robot Technology takes a leap forward. Humanoid Androids are released into the general population to perform those tasks deemed too dangerous for people.

2047 - The Martian base becomes known as Ares City and civilians are allowed to colonize the planet by moving into pre-constructed dwellings.

2048 - All criminals that are repeat offenders or convicted of violent acts are now sent to either the lunar prison, called Charon as well as the Antarctica prison, Styx, both named after rivers of hell. Charon is a prison and a labour camp where all inmates are used to carve out new mining shafts or assist in the construction of new camps and bases.

2050 - Manned deep space exploration begins and Earth sets its eyes on the moons of Jupiter and beyond.

2055 - Planetary Terra-forming on Mars is proving successful and is quickly beginning to alter the environment to become Earth-like.

2057 - Martian scientists discover proof that an alien civilization once existed on the red planet. They learned that a race existed that bore a striking resemblance to the Human species, suddenly disappearing in a mass exodus to distant system. Curiously they find nothing that resembles Earthling technology, only remnants of what resemble ancient artifacts of Egyptians, Mayans and Druids.

2063 - Geneticists begin to alter Human beings for space travel and to allow them to adapt to the harsh Martian environment. There manipulation of the Human genome creates a people that mutate quickly, able to adapt far quicker than normally evolution would allow.

2066 - The birth of Graviton technology. The manipulation of Gravitons allows the generation of force shields and the ability to travel at close to light speed, opening the door to deep space exploration. It also allows the creation of artificial gravity.

2077 - Probes verify that there is nothing in the area that the ancient Martian's had fled to and scientists find evidence that a worm hole once existed. They surmise that the exodus had used the worm hole as a gateway and determine that they would never be able to trace what many believe to be a cousin of man-kind.

2080 - The first Graviton Drive is created and implemented on a 'Space Cruiser' along with Graviton Force Shields. The ship is called the 'Odyssey'.

2082 - Bases are set up on the Galilean Moons of Jupiter (Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto) and scientists prepare to execute an experiment inspired by the popular science-fiction novel, '2010 - Odyssey 2' by Arthur C. Clarke. They intend to transform Jupiter into a star that would provide life to the larger moons.

2089 - WORLD WIDE POPULATION CONTROL - Earth's over-population is becoming critical and people are not making efforts to move to the off-world colonies so martial law is declared forcing those who do no meet a set criteria are forced off-world. This mass exodus begins to clear the planet of the homeless and poor but creates animosity in these unwilling immigrants to the planet Mars.

2095 - A chain reaction in the planet Jupiter that transforms it from a 'Gas Giant' to a Star. The new Jupiter star makes the Galiliean Moons inhabitable and terra-forming immediately begins.

2100 - At the dawn of the 22nd Century, man has established themselves not only as the masters of their own world, but the entire Solar System. Humans have spread to the Moon, Mars and the Galiliean Colonies orbiting the Jupiter star. It is from these established off-world colonies that Humans are preparing to explore beyond their own system and venture into deep space.

Genetic manipulation and Cybernetic transplants have become common place in society. In order to protect the public, cybernetic body parts are regulated with tamper proof governors to prevent heightened strength that can be used in acts of crime. People learn who illegally by pass the governors and perform black market implants are called 'Boosters' and those who use the enhanced cybernetics are known as 'Jacks'.

2110 - The birth of the Simulacrum. Biological robots are created to serve 'man'. They are eventually simply referred to as 'Sims'. Their body parts are genetically manufactured then assembled to create a superior humanoid life form capable of surviving in harsh environments. They are emotionally immature and to not develop their own natural responses until they reach the age of six years. This is usually the age, that they are retired.

Due to new improved methods of terra-forming the planet Mars is quickly developing an Earth-like environment and a new species of Humans had been confirmed on the planet, that are now designated as Martians. These people that have adapted to the new world have changed physiologically and are slowly beginning to look different from the Humans of Earth.

Powerful mining and deep-space exploration corporations begin to threaten the peace that people have enjoyed for the last forty years. Off-world battles begin, between corporate legions and hired mercenaries.

2159 - A base on the furthest dwarf planet of the Solar System, Eris is established. It marks the beginning of new mining colonies on the distant planet.

2179 - Scientists are able create and harness the power of a 'Black Hole' in order to fold space. This is a revolutionary break through allowing deep space expeditions to reach further into the galaxy than ever before. A single ship can be projected through what is referred to as 'White Hole' (named for the scientist, Gerald White and not because the hole has a neutron star within it.) Utilizing the Pauli Exclusion Principle, White modified the formula to create the Pauli-White Principle allowing him to use the gravity of a black hole to regulate the energy of the neutron star to produce a gateway that can project a primed vessel to a specific coordinate of known space.

2200 - By the 23rd century, a vast network of space ports exist through out the solar system. Every planet has been explored and colonies have been established anywhere there is profit to be made or their is an opportunity for terra-forming to produce another livable world.

Deep Space Stations have been constructed beyond the Kuiper Belt and corporations set their sights on a new unknown frontier. Space travel has taken several great leaps, with the invention of the 'Graviton Drive' and 'Graviton Force Shields' and the production of a 'White Hole' to serve as a Inter-galactic transit system to distant systems otherwise unattainable in a short period of time.

2233 - The colonization of Saturn's moons begins. Bases are established and mining colonies are set up.

2300 - The 24th century marks the beginning of a new era in colonization as the Saturn Moons become more populated. Scientists are also investigating the likely hood of transforming the moon, Titan into a livable world.

2323 - 2352 The Great Solar War - Corporations now control the Solar System and vie for power on every world. Two great houses form, 'RYOKU' and 'ARRIUS' and each forms a corporate coalition, uniting their powers to usurp the entire system and the outer colonies. The war ends with neither house gaining power and both houses are disbanded. Power is once more returned to the citizens and corporations are forced to relinquish all powers of state and new governments are formed. Corporations remain as powerful as they once were, but their governance over the general population is taken away.
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OFF-WORLD: A Brief History
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