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 • The Awakened - Character Descriptions

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PostSubject: • The Awakened - Character Descriptions   Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:17 pm


Elija Wood was the only son of Martha and Steven Wood, poor tenement farmers in the hills above Capitol City. Elija, eight, had one sister Muriel, six. The family was poor but happy. Elija or “L” has his sister and mother called him, worked hard at his fathers side, tending the fields. In fact that is where he was, in the fields alone when the dragons came. At first all he was aware of was the sun being blotted out, the flap of enormous wings and felt the rush of air that knocked him to his knees. Then came the deafening roar and blast of heat as the fields ignited in a wall of fire. Horrified he looked up to see a talon as large as a hut pass within inches of his head.

Elija’s watched frozen with fear as his parents small farm hut burst into flames. Jumping to his feet he ran towards the burning house, towards the screams. As he crossed the bare earth at the front of the house, his mother came running from the house, a running screaming torch. His father came running from the animal pen, pitchfork raised as a giant talon snatched him in mid stride. The snapping of powerful jaws and his father vanished down the throat of a dragon. As the dragon circled, Elija heard the cries of his sister. Looking around frantically he called her name “Muriel ! Muriel!”.

From the small lean two came her sobbing voice “L!” Elija ran to the lean two grabbed his sister and together they ran towards the forest.

For five weeks they walked towards Capitol City barely subsisting on roots, grass and small rodents. Six weeks later cold wet and starving. Elija dug a shallow grave with his hands and buried his sister who had succumbed to exposure and starvation.

Occupation: Refugee, beggar, pickpocket, petty thief, whatever it takes to stay alive

Elija’s Appearance:
8 years old ( at the time of the attack )
4 ‘ 5” tall
85 lbs.
Brown Hair
Deep brown eyes
Choir boy face

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PostSubject: Re: • The Awakened - Character Descriptions   Sat Apr 25, 2009 12:30 am

Gertrude Emma de Pontu, also known as “Gertie,” or just plain “Gert,” occasionally “Trudy,” none of which she appreciates (in fact, she detests her name altogether), is the younger sister of Andreas du Ponte. She was a late surprise to Leopold de Pontu and his wife, Emma.

Though reared in her early years in the same isolated household as Andy and their older sister, Sophia Lorraine, Gertrude was several years younger than her older siblings and enjoyed little of their society. She was kept under the watchful eye of her governess until she was old enough to be shipped off to the same country finishing school as Sophie: a near-nunnery in the northwest hills outside the capitol, where she was to learn excellence in all things befitting a young lady. Not only was she expected to be proficient in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, but also sewing and embroidery, music, painting, dancing, correct posture and using an oyster fork.

As the de Pontus were not a particularly wealthy or influential family, it seemed unlikely that Gertrude would ever need half these talents. She often wrote letters to her mother begging her to convince her father to send her somewhere more interesting, such as an arts school in Capitol City, where there might be young ladies of talent and not merely pedigree, ladies with whom she might actually have something in common.

Any possibility of such a development was dashed by the marriage of her older sister, Sophie, to Beau Bradley, a handsome coxcomb of some consequence, from an old and respected family. It seemed the finishing school was doing its job and Gertrude was expected to follow suit.

Gertie did not hold out hopes. Not only did she know that she lacked her older sister’s captivating beauty, she had not Sophie’s skill for making connections among the richer girls in the school. Rather than pretending to enjoy the company of vicious snobs, Gertie much preferred to spend her time reading tales of faraway adventure, or in artistic escapes such as writing snippets of music or stories of her own, even putting on little theatrical productions—much against the rules of the headmistress.

In her teens, Gertrude became aware of greater social currents shaping the world at large. Though she had little access to entertainments outside of the Hedgefew School for Young Ladies, over the period of a few outings, she came into contact with pamphlets and practitioners of Spiritualism and other occult mysteries. She began to smuggle books about contacting spirits and summoning jinni into the school in her sewing basket. Her romantic temperament made her easily fascinated with anything dramatic or mystical, and she soon enough had made her own ouija board and practiced spell-casting with candle, book and bell.

It was all make-believe, of course, though sometimes she really thought she’d caused something magical to happen—that her spell had helped her essay win the school-wide composition competition, or that the protection amulet she’d made a friend had indeed kept the influenza away all winter, et cetera. Sometimes she thought she heard voices from the other side giving her messages. In short, she believed in the forces of magic, and in this way kept herself lively in an otherwise dreary world.

When Gertrude was 16, she had excelled enough at school to give lessons to younger students. In particular, she gravitated to teaching the artistic fields, poured all her passion into these and thus was a fair hand at sketching and painting, could play the piano forte enough to entertain, and could sing well enough not to be embarrassed. The skills at which she most excelled, however, were those not at all suited to a marriageable young lady: Namely, she had an abiding joy for theatrical performances and for writing fictions and poetry.

Soon it all meant nothing, however, because then Gertie’s brother, whom she hadn’t seen since their mother’s funeral, arrived on the doorstep of Hedgefew to take her away because the dragons were coming…

About the same time as this dramatic turn of events, Gertrude began to feel strange sensations she had never experienced before. When focusing on a séance or calling upon the Cardinal Elements, she could feel a palpable energy quivering inside her like something alive. The energy didn’t do anything, but it was there beyond a doubt. Whenever she entered a meditative state of mind, she could feel it swimming just below the surface of herself.

While fleeing with her brother, Andreas, Gertrude became deeply afflicted by the thought of their childhood home being destroyed by the dragons and their monstrous legions. One night on the road, when they were staying at an inn, she decided to cast a fire-binding of protection on the house. She took a sketch of the old de Pontu house, drawn from memory, placed it in the middle of a ring of cinnamon chips and positioned candles to the north, south, east and west.

However, as Gertrude was reciting the incantation, a draught swept into the small chamber and sent the sketch skittering. Fearing the spell would be jeopardized if the paper left the circle, she snatched at it, upsetting a candle. The candle lit the paper on fire and, as she grabbed the candle instead, the burning paper continued to blow away, now catching on the bedspread.

Before Gertrude could quite believe what was happening, flames were licking up the side of the bed. Frantic, she tore the burning bedspread off and began to stomp on it in hopes of smothering the flames. The flames shrank, but her crisp crinolines caught on fire next. Horrified, Gertude could think of nothing to do but grab the burning fabric and choke it before it could eat her alive.

That was when the strange thing happened. As she grabbed the burning cloth, the fire somehow went into her. She felt the tiny life of the fire slip into her own and the flames vanished from her skirts. In the room were only smoke, Gertrude, and the funny little thing inside her. It was a slippery sensation, and she couldn’t seem to hold it in focus.

Feeling bewildered, she tottered to the door to look for her brother. No sooner had she touched the brass door handle than the hot spark inside her flared out and the metal knob became piping hot. She snatched her hand away, blowing on the sensitive fingertips, but she didn’t seem to be burned.

Thankfully, the heat was not so great as to cause another fire, but it was several minutes before she felt comfortable touching the doorknob again.

SKILLS: Gertrude is one of the “lucky” (?) ones who has awakened to magical powers in the wake of the dragons. Her powers seem to be of the “Energy” philosophical bent, which suits her introspective and empathetic nature. As a fanciful and artistic soul, she internalizes almost everything she encounters, and in this case, the process involves not only ideas and emotions, but the magical elements themselves.

While the occult practices she was enamored with as a teenager have no actual magical effect, she finds the incantations useful tools for focusing her energy, putting her into the right state of mind, so to speak. However, in the four years she has lived with her powers, she has learned little about them, aside from the fact that she seems able to internalize and later release energies. She is not good at controlling how these things happen, and does not know the extent of her powers.

CURRENT STATUS: Gertrude is staying in Fort Glory under the protection of her brother, Andy, and her older sister and brother-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Bradley, who have a small child to care for in these chaotic times. She does not mind helping her older siblings, by repairing clothing and babysitting, et cetera, but she has a reclusive streak and a wandering imagination that sometimes makes her elusive. She isn’t given to talking about anything she really thinks, unless disclosing her thoughts and feelings appears to have an obvious benefit to her listener, and this includes talking about her magic, which strikes her as a rather private affair. She is now 19 years old.
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PostSubject: Re: • The Awakened - Character Descriptions   Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:15 am

Payden Parsefal Raynsford

Age: 23 Height: 6'1" Weight: 170 lbs
Hair and Eyes: Dark Brown

Two handed sword fighting: Proficient with Sabre and Dirk
Pistol Shootist - An adequate shot.
Mechanical Repair - knowledge of steam engines and railways.

Mysticism - Magic of the Mind & Shadow (A combination of the two)
Recently Payden has begun to have dreams which have come to pass. Insignificant events, which he attempts to dismiss as deja-vous, but cannot deny their accuracy. Occasionally he receives images that reveal people's inner most thoughts to him, and so secretly he has started to test the accuracy and extent of these abilities.

He wears a black coloured soft leather vest.
Carries a Sabre and a Knife for melee combat.
For ranged combat he has a pistol holstered on his back.

Elegant statues cast their long shadows over a lush field of grass bathed in the golden light of dawn and a cool summer breeze rustled the leaves of the grand old oaks that enclosed the courtyard.
"On your guard, Payden!", screamed the tall man, brandishing his saber.
Startled, the young boy lost in the beauty of the morning instinctively parried, pivoted and pressed into his father's shoulder in one smooth motion. The larger man, stumbled but quickly regained his line and lead with a heart seeking lunge, and again the young man expertly countered, but this time he retreated sensing a seriousness in his opponent's attack. Again their swords met, the sound resonating through the serene calm of the court, and the larger man pressed ferociously throwing his son to the grass.
"Damn it, boy! What are you playing at?", the man chastised.
Payden rose to his feet and questioned the actions of his father, whom he had never seen fence with such anxiousness. "What is wrong?". His words were almost drown by the loud rumble of thunder from the distant storm that was just rising over the northern horizon. The dark clouds were rolling in fast, unnaturally quick and a cold wind began to bend the boughs of the great oaks.
"You have to be strong, Payden.", uttered his father.
He turned then to see what his father's cool blue eyes had become transfixed upon, and beheld a sight that none of their world would soon forget.

Payden awoke, gripping the hilt of his father's sabre, as his father's face faded back into his dreams. Many years had passed, but every so often that day — the day — returned to haunt him, as he suspected it did for many others as well. The screech of grinding metal wheels forced him from the last of his slumber. He lay there for a while watching the shadows of the passing train move across the ceiling of his small cabin, remembering the bedroom of his manor house. Soon his mother would call him to breakfast.
"Get yer lazy ass up, already!", screamed the foreman.
Payden swung his feet out of bed and onto the cold floor. Out of the window of his train car cabin he could see a small man being hustled along the tight corridor by a larger loud man. As he passed he caught, Payden's eye and gave him a quick wink.

Above the door, a tarnished brass placard read, Raynsford Railways, his father's company and his legacy. Of course, there was no place in the fortress for a railway baron, but out of respect he had been granted sanctuary and the ownership of a cabin in one of the derelict cars that bore his name. His name alone, however, had not earned his standing; in the chaos that followed the attacks he was weighed and measured as were many of his other high born peers but he had been prepared for the test. Somehow his father had always known the day would come that he would have to fight, and though he could not stand with him, Payden's sword was guided by his father's stern voice, protecting him to the end.

His new life had been baptized in the blood of the very men whom his father had employed, and he took up residence in one of the midland fortresses built upon one the last remaining rail lines built by his company. He now lives by blade and irons assisting in the maintenance of the locomotives and rails that connect them to the western citadels; like a swashbuckler of the high plains, he and his men guard the trains and ensure the transport of passengers and precious cargo.

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PostSubject: Re: • The Awakened - Character Descriptions   Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:18 am

Basha Mandek
Age: 45
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair: Brown, collar length.
Eyes: A piercing sky blue.
Nationality: Vrezhnyan
(Vrezhnya - Eastern Country)

Basha was a soldier and gunsmith back in Dophir. He came from the east, an outlander who barely spoke the language with hardly two pennies to rub together and like so many ended up in the service of his majesty as a soldier. In his military career he performed his duties, above and beyond, attaining the rank of Captain. Then after his ten years of service he took the discharge granted to him and decided to make his fortune in the gun-smith trade. Over the next five years his investments and hard work paid off and his business thrived, but the joy was short lived. Two years later, the dragons descended upon the city and he, like so many lost everything, including his wife and children. So he returned to what he truly knew best, and the nearly decimated army welcomed him back and reinstated his full rank. He joined to help the survivors escape to the west but more than that he joined to kill the ta'kun that took lives of his family when they swept in to prey upon the wounded left by their flying masters. He stood the wall at Daethis Gate's last stand against the ta'kun hoards and was one of the few who lived to remember the horrors left in their wake. Beaten and broken, he made his way into the west, far from the battle grounds to settle in Fort Glory where he was able to purchase a shop with a flat above and begin anew.

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PostSubject: Re: • The Awakened - Character Descriptions   Mon Apr 27, 2009 10:34 am

Colleen Smith

OCCUPATION: Farrier/Blacksmith

Colleen was never a stand out kind of person. As a child she played with other children her age, went to school and made average grades, helped her parents out as much as she could and was thinking of following in her mother’s footsteps of becoming a seamstress, but that’s not what she REALLY wanted to do. Exactly what she wanted to do, she didn’t know.

Until she met Angus Smith.

Angus was the blacksmith’s son and like Colleen, he was never a stand out sort of person. But when Colleen and Angus met in their early teens, it was like they both connected on a level none others could connect on with them.

They lived in the city of Granger. While it wasn’t as industrial as some of the other city’s and certainly not on the cutting edge like the Capital City was, it had a pragmatic culture that seemed to deal well with both the new ways without letting go of the old ways. Life was simple. Basic. Everyone grew their own food or sold and traded at the market in the center of the city. Horses were the primary transportation, but some of the mechanized vehicles were beginning to make their appearance. They weren’t thought of as evil or bad. You either liked them or not. Those who liked them used them, those who didn’t, well, didn’t.

Colleen and Angus married the week after they finished their schooling and life for them was wonderful. Angus would help his father in the smithery and Colleen would go help her mother at her shop. When Angus’ father died, he took over the business. That’s when things began to change for Colleen. She began spending more time with Angus in the shop than with her mother. After a few months, she devoted all her time to learning her husbands trade and abandoning her mother’s, to her mother’s dismay of course.

Angus thought he couldn’t have a better apprentice than Colleen. She was eager to learn, not afraid to ask questions or make suggestions and it brought them closer together as a couple, if that were even possible since they were so close already.

They had just settled into a comfortable routine when they heard the first rumblings of these things called…dragons. Soon, tales from around the area began to trickle in on how the Capital City had been decimated by the over grown flying lizards. Soon afterwards, news of other city’s and towns falling victims to the dragons followed. Her beloved Granger became nothing more than a refugee camp and she and Angus began to feel the cramped quarters.

As the attacks increased in both time and ferocity, she and Angus knew it was just a matter of time before their own city would fall victim to the dragons wrath. And they couldn’t have been more correct. As they lay sleeping in their bed one night, they were awakened by the most hideous, spine chilling screeches they had ever heard.

Angus jumped up, got dressed and grabbed his gun, a musket like rifle, and kissed Colleen before telling her to hide in the safe room they had dug under the house. Colleen, fearful for her husband and frightened to no end, did as he instructed, reluctantly. And none too soon either.

No sooner had she closed the thick, steel door to the hide out the dragons attacked. It was a very uneven fight, to say the least. It took the dragons a whole 30 minutes to destroy Granger. Colleen knew the outcome of the fight and as she sat and wept in the far corner, away from the heat of the door, she knew Angus and the rest of their families were dead. And there she stayed for three days and nights.

On the fourth day, people from Fort Glory came to see who, if anyone was alive and if they could aid them somehow. Colleen heard them walking overhead and rushed to the door, banging on it with her hammer. It took some doing by the men and some instructions from Colleen before the door was finally opened.

The sunlight washed in on her and hurt her eyes. As they helped Colleen from her hide out, she was immediately assaulted by the stench of burnt wood and charred bodies. As she glanced around, she saw the utter destruction of her beloved home and city. Knowing there was nothing left for her to do now, she wound up traveling back to Fort Glory with those who had come to try and help.

After she arrived, she found herself picking up where she left off….working in the smithery. And she was damn good at it. It took a few weeks for the others to warm up to the fact a woman was a Ferrier, but eventually they began to realize she was well versed in her trade. While there are still a lot who laugh at her, others are spreading the word of her quality in craftsmanship as well as her gentle hand with livestock.

Colleen is 29 years old and stands 5’8” tall, has a slim build, has long, black hair always pulled back from her face and dark blue eyes with a sadness to them. She’s got a quick whit, an even quicker tongue and always says what’s on her mind.

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PostSubject: Re: • The Awakened - Character Descriptions   Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:29 pm

NAME: Kylea the Quiet

Age: Unknown
Height: 5’7”
Hair: None
Eyes: Iridescent Blue
Skin: Blueish/Green & slightly scaly

When she is in public in the human colonies, she always wears a grey cloak over her head and body. Beneath the cloak, she wears only a thin shirt that used to belong to some man a long time ago. When ever she is near, people can ‘smell’ the ocean and reminds people of a time they visited the sea shore for one reason or another. The sound of small, hollow shells bumping into each other are heard when she walks due to the necklace she wears around her neck made of the small, oceanic jewels.

Kylea is a mermadon. A creation made by the dragon, Terrasil. They are an aquatic species that live in the water and resemble humans, but they have no hair. They have webbed hands and feet and hey have several fins they can draw close to their bodies when they are out of water.

Mermadon are used by the dragons to spy on the humans and retrieve things for them. Using their mystical abilities given to them by Terrasil, they have learned to hone in their powers and use them to gain power among themselves as well as gain favor in the dragons.

Kylea the Quiet earned her name for her knack of making her way through the Mermadon ranks with one quiet victory after another. It is her wish to please the dragons and help eradicate the planet of the humans who do nothing but pollute the waters the Mermadon call home.

Kylea the Quiet has the power over nature and is an Elementalist over the element Water.
Her powers over nature allow her to use plants and small animals to aid her when she calls to them. They will reach out and trap others and hold them or end up killing them depending on what her reason for going after them is.

Her powers over Water allow her to call upon the precious element either from a nearby water source or by creating storms to allow water to pour from the skies.

She also has powers of the mind, but they are not as strong as her other two powers. With her powers of the mind, she cannot use it unless eye contact is made with her. When someone looks into Kylea’s eyes, she either ‘enchants’ them by erasing herself from their mind so no one can describe her or she uses the power of persuasion to get them to do things for her. The power of persuasion can only work if the person’s will is not strong enough to resist her and if the deed she suggest they do for her is considered illegal or immoral to the person, they can resist her.

Kylea is always quiet and reserved, even when she’s in the company of the dragons. One learns a great deal from being silent and observing all that happens around her. Kylea learned that lesson early in life and she has never forgotten how valuable that lesson was.

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PostSubject: Re: • The Awakened - Character Descriptions   Mon Apr 27, 2009 3:20 pm

Andy de Pontu – Entrepreneur (Full name; Andreas Marcus Samuel de Pontu)

Born into a family of Capitol City bureaucrats he spent most of his childhood ill or living with the consequences, even after recovering his parents insisted he was home schooled and remained in a clean and safe environment. Andy had to spend his time not playing with fellow children but with the reading of books. But whenever people came to the house he was always there, always wanting to know what was going on in the world outside he hardly ever saw. He listened to his mother’s friends yammer on about the newest fashion and his father’s colleagues discussing politics, he didn’t care, it was better than nothing.

As he grew older, no longer a sick, young, little child, his parents more freely let him go into the city where he was astounded by the miracles of the industrial city, it was more glorious than the books and more spectacular than the stories he had heard. He got it in his mind to be a part of this buzz, but of course his parents expected him to follow in the footsteps of his father, who arranged a low level job at the Ministry of Economics. He found it a dreadful place, and his job the dullest conceivable, his only solace could be found in the interesting people he met from time to time. He had little choice but to stick with it. His older sister was already married and moved out of the city, while his younger was still far from finished with her education and sent far away, he was his parent’s hope and they intended to shape him in their vision regardless of what he wanted.

It was not until one fateful morning that his father had been struck by a vile illness himself and bedridden. His fight carried on for almost a year, before his father, Leopold, passed away. His last words to Andreas he spoke of how he had been happy, and wished for Andreas to be happy too.
Be happy, he had said.
If Andreas was one thing, it sure as hell wasn’t happy. His father must have realized as much, and even though it might have been too late for him to see his son be truly happy, he at least released him from what he thought was the right path to a happy life.

It took a while before he felt he could respectfully step away from the job at the Ministry and into a more exciting, meaningful career. Eventually he stepped up to a coal tycoon who he had met in his insignificant little office for an insignificant piece of paper he required and asked him for a job. He had asked others, but at least this man was in need of someone and willing to take a chance on the young Andy. It still wasn’t quite what he was looking for, being the assistant to the assistant of the director, but he was closer to that fascinating industrial buzz, instead of being stuck in a stale old building where everything seemed to stand still.

Not much later his mother also developed a condition making her seriously ill. It took but a month before she passed away, but she took comfort in the idea of being reunited with her husband and having raised a good son. Andy, however, came to the conclusion he was still far from happy. When he got his inheritance he realized this was the time to get what he really wanted. It was a big gamble but he decided to invest in a new spinning wheel, which he had come across by accident. The competition was murderous but the new wheel was an improvement, with just the one he had acquired at first he was quickly able to buy more until he had a room full of them spinning and spinning. For the first time he felt he was a true part of the industrial age.

Still, once he got the idea he had conquered the market for yarn, and with the competition quickly adapting he sold his company for a hefty price only to put it into another upcoming technology, the telegraph. He invested heavily, but in the end the dragons came and he’d never get to see his telegraph network working as he had intended. Nonetheless he most likely owes his life to the telegraph. News of the defeat of the army and the subsequent retaliation of the dragons reached him before any courier could. He had the alarming message sent to the ministry of war and subsequently grabbed his bags and fled the city. All he knew was, if it was as bad as the message made him believe neither of his sisters would be safe where they were, and he went out to get them to take them with him to a safer place. He found his younger sister still at her school but his older had already fled with her husband before he could get to them.

He was fortunate enough to be far from the city before it was laid to waste, and though his work and wealth had been almost completely destroyed, he knew in the back of his mind he’d find new opportunities. For the past four years however he hadn’t been incredibly successful, but he managed. A little trade here, favor for a favor there. But his continual search for more brought him and his sister to Fort Glory.

He owns a horse, a case of suits (you’re not going to sell anything when you look like a bum) and other rudimentary supplies as well as a rifle he bought but a month before the dragon attack. It was the newest in its kind, and even though Andy couldn’t care less, many of his entrepreneurial fellows enjoyed the hunt and he found it a logical investment to acquire one as well. He’s not fond of using it, but has used it for food hunting purposes with quite some success. Whether it’s the quality of the rifle or he actually has a knack for shooting remains the question, but at least he knows how to use it. He likes to think his firearm is not his greatest asset, not even in an upside down world like this, but instead it will be his entrepreneurial spirit which will overcome this crisis.

And also here is his so called "Shuteye Rifle";

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PostSubject: Re: • The Awakened - Character Descriptions   Sat May 09, 2009 5:42 pm

Book 6 - Page 2

Rajinder Lasekura

Age: 32 .... Hgt: 6'2" .... Wgt: 230 lbs .... Hair: Black .... Eyes: Green .... Complexion: Brown

Race: Korvidian

Distinguishing Marks:
A large black dragon tattoo across his back surrounded by Tiannese and Korvadan characters.
He also has Tiannese characters tattooed along the insides of his forearms spanning from elbow to wrist.

Magical Talents & Fighting Skills
Tiannan Mysticism (Mind) and Korrukai Martial Arts

Raj grew up in the house of a Corithnalian diplomat who had been stationed in his village. Unable to speak the language, he hired the only man who could speak the Western tongue, Chanika Lasekura, Raj's father. They lived happily enough in the servants quarters, but Chanika was a merchant by trade and only by the misfortune of a fire had he been forced to accept the employment of a man who in the eyes of his people represented the enemy. Many Korvidian's still rebelled against the rule of Corithnal, and working for the their government made the Lasekura family a target for violence but they endured to save money so that they could escape to the far south and untold riches.

Chanika was sure to teach his son the language of the Westerners, and this allowed the young boy to communicate with the soldiers that had been sent to quell the rebellions. Among these resistance fighters, was a young dragoon, by the name of Basha Mandek, an Easterner from the steppe lands of Caevanek. He was far more receptive to the locals than the men of Corithnal and the soldier smartly learned all he could of the Korvidian language and their customs from the boy. They became good friends and eventually the young man was embraced into the family by Raj's father and Basha spent all of his free time speaking their language and exchanging cultures with the Lasekura's.

A year passed, and a great rebellion was sparked by the unjust beating of a young boy by the Corithnal soldiers and Basha had no choice but to enforce the will of his commanders and place all natives into a prisoner camp until the revolt was suppressed. The uprising was too vehement to control and the violence escalated and Basha fearing for the safety of his friends, disobeyed orders and made sure the Lasekura family were safe by taking them out of the town. The battle was chaotic, and all of Basha's unit perished, leaving him at the mercy of the rebels, but under the guidance of Chanika they fled south and followed the road the lead through the treacherous Mountains of the Golden Dragon. Basha saw the family safely into the mystical lands of Tiann, but then had to return north to face the consequences of his actions. An eight year old, Raj said his farewell to the brave young soldier and Basha Mandek was never seen again. The Lasekura family made there way into the strange new world and found a home in a picturesque town on the shores of sparkling lake. In time, Raj's father had gained decent employment in his trade and the family prospered for many years.

Their village was built at the base of a mountain upon which was built a temple by an order of fighting monks called the Korrukai who paid homage to Hao Taiya, the Black Dragon god of storms. When he had attained the acceptable age of ten, Raj made the high climb up the one hundred and forty three tiers of hand carved stairs to the gates of the temple where he had to prove his willingness to learn by waiting several days and nights without food or water before the 'Well of Tears'.

Never before had they accepted a foreigner but the Hierophant had a vision and readily accepted the boy. The training was rigorous but he was able to every five days descend the steps to visit his parents and socialize with the villagers as the monks had learned long ago that seclusion only lead to stagnation. From them Raj learned their fluid art of combat, he trained his body to withstand pain and generate 'Chi' in order to perform supernatural acts. His mind was trained as well in the art of mysticism, where the world of magic was revealed to him, and as he grew he learned how to harness his powers to manipulate the world around him, but he was sworn to only use these abilities in dire need as their use could upset the very balance of nature.

Life changed for Raj Lasekura when the Dragons came. When their forms loomed over the land the Tiannan believed their gods were angered, but it seemed that the invaders were not the Dragons who had offered their society guidance and wisdom but a malicious and evil weir bent on conquest. The Dragons of Tiann awoke from the slumber only too late to prevent the massacre that ensued but once they entered the skies they drove off the intruders and there after stood watch over their beloved land and people. It was not long after the Dragon War of Tiann that Raj traveled westward with a purpose.

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The Coven of Meirathal

William Kallend (Age 312) is the Marshall of Meirathal. There is no mayor, only a council of Aldermen that make political decisions for the community, while Kallend makes those decisions necessary for defense and keeping the peace.

He is a diplomatic and kindly man, able to be stern when needed. He is open minded and wise, believing that the future of their world relies on taking action and teaching a new generation of magic users how to use their talents to oppose the Dragons.

He is telekinetic able to move massive objects with his mind and generate psionic attacks that can disorient and cripple.

Gwyndolyn Primrose (Age 145), the Herbalist is a head strong woman, who is Marshall Kallend's opponent on most matters that concern the well being of the Coven. Deep down she is a caring and loving person, but all her years have taught her to never unravel in the face of adversity and least of all, men.

She does not believe they should meddle in the affairs of normal people and only believes in fighting to preserve the small sea side town.

She specialized in the Elemental Manipulation of Fire, but like all of her kind can dabble in the all elements. She is also very knowledgeable with herbs and know a variety of other forms of magical incantations that require their use.

Edith Primrose (Age 150), is the older sister Gwyndolyn, but while her sister is forward and fiery, she is cool and reserved. It is fitting then, that she specialize in the Elemental control of Cold and Ice.

She is a Seamstress and works out the same shop as her sister. She believes in remaining hidden, and while she seems easily swayed by her sister is in fact the wiser of two. She will always do what it is best for the Coven, but she also believes in Marshall Kallend.

Bran Winston (Age 153) is charismatic man who is always immaculate in his appearance. Keeping up appearances is his mantra, but beneath his facade is a troubled soul who struggles every day with the power of Shadow within him.

When he speaks, it is well thought out. He believes in Marshall Kallend and in fact they are the best of friends despite the fact that they are at often ends of the table during discussions. He appears only to think of himself, but in fact would readily give his life for anyone in the Coven.

Bran, believes in preserving what they have, but also secretly wants to take a stand against the Dragons and their Kin.

Maeve Wright (Age 236), the second oldest next to Kallend, but appears even older than he. She is a wizened, grandmotherly figure who is deceptively powerful. While she pretends to be unobservant and absent minded she in fact is able to fore see many things that have and will happen. She also is able to create illusions, making people see things that aren't really there or even hiding things from people's minds and eyes, as large as the town of Meirathal itself.

She remains neutral most of the time and tries to keep balance in the Coven. She tends to discipline the others as if she were their mother, but the group has learned to tolerate her chastising, even appreciated it.

Doctor Allistor Mayfair (Age 188) is a noble and kindly man. His small stature and soft features make him a warm and inviting person. He dislikes confrontation and always tries to end things on a happy note.

His power is Healing, to which he has developed to an extraordinary level, but it is an ability that must be used sparingly. He can also reverse the power and wound if he had to.

Allistor always goes with the majority, although he himself is still a wise individual on his own.
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Shoddy End Gang:

Elija :

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• The Awakened - Character Descriptions
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